Ben Platt’s Rugrats-Themed Birthday Party Scarred Him

-I feel like
something’s changed about you since last time I saw you. -Really?
-Yeah. -Hair’s a little shorter? -No, I know exactly what it is.
-Mm. -At midnight, you just turned
26? -Yes, I did.
-Happy birthday. [ Cheers and applause ] It’s a live birthday
on “The Tonight Show”! Come on. That’s what you want! That’s what you want!
That’s what you want. [ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪ Aha. That’s an exciting thing. Happy, happy, happy birthday. -Thank you. This is a pretty
crazy way to spend it, I will say,
live on television with you. -I was talking to you earlier, and I said,
“This is an exciting birthday. What was your
favorite birthday?” And you told me a story
that was pretty interesting. -Oof. Okay, well, I don’t know
if it was my favorite. I think it was just probably
the most remarkable. When I was a kid,
we used to have a lot of character-themed
parties. Aladdin came to my house once.
Hercules came. And it’s usually, like,
these guys dressed as these characters. It always goes pretty well. And then I had an obsession
at 6 years old with “Rugrats,” the show,
which is all babies. -Of course.
[ Scattered cheering ] -Yeah, “Rugrats”! [ Cheers and applause ] Crazy “Rugrats” crowd. And so I asked my parents to have the “Rugrats”
characters come, and I figured there’d be babies
that would come, But it was these very —
I mean, I kind of want to let — I think you have an image,
and I kind of want to let it speak for itself,
but there were these sort of zombie giant babies. [ Audience laughing, groaning ] -Now, were you —
-Yeah. -This must have — Did you go right to therapy
right after this? -Uh-huh. Straight —
-Straight into therapy. -I took a shuttle. Yeah. I mean,
you can sort of see the scarring happening
in real time. -Yeah. -And they’re also holding,
like, actual versions of the kids, as well. -So the whole illusion’s weird.
It’s even weirder. Why would they have themselves? -Just gets worse and worse.
Yeah. -I was lucky enough
to see you perform on Broadway, “Dear Evan Hansen.”
-Mm-hmm. -And I got to say — [ Cheers and applause ] You won the Tony. But I got to tell you —
I think I have told you how amazing
your performance was. -Thank you so much.
-I felt so bad going backstage
to say hi to you. -No, we love it,
’cause it’s such a sad show — I mean, I felt bad
for making you cry. I think you came
on Valentine’s Day, right? -I did. Well, I didn’t know
what the play was. I thought it was, like,
a romantic play. I didn’t know it was
a real emotional — -There’s some romance to it,
but it’s mostly, like, sobbing. -Yeah. Dude, we were — I was there with my wife.
We were crying. But then you just put on this
performance that I was like, “How do you do this every night,
every show? Must be exhausting. And so I almost, like, didn’t go
backstage, because I’m like, “Hey, you just worked for me
for two hours. Like, what more do I want?
Can I have a selfie?” “Let’s go. Yeah, Jimmy,
get over it. Let’s hurry it up.” -I was very happy
to take that selfie with you. -I just want to say
that was phenomenal, and I really am impressed. You can sing,
but you can also act. -Thanks.
-It’s great. When you’re doing
those live shows, does anything ever go wrong? ‘Cause we’re live here tonight.
-Of course. Well, you can tell. Yes. I did a show
called “Book of Mormon” for a couple years,
which is very funny. Very, very funny show.
I’m sure you’ve seen. -Of course. Absolutely. Love it. -And I played Elder Cunningham,
who’s kind of, like, the “F” up Mormon, if you will. I know we’re on live television. -That’s right.
Thank you for editing yourself. -Of course, of course.
And he has a big number at the end of the first act
called “Man Up” where he finally, like,
comes into his own, and he becomes, like, kind of
a rock star for a second. And the whole number begins
with this, like, huge knee slide down to the front of the stage. And it’s, like,
a great Broadway moment. And I slid down
the front of the stage, and my pants ripped from like
top of crotch to back of ass. So it was sort of just like
tighty whities and chaps. -Just were like
two pants not connected. -Exactly.
-One leg and another leg. -And, like, show underwear,
which is not the underwear I would have chosen to be
in front of all these people. I would have worn my cool
briefs, you know what I mean? But I just went with it. Luckily, it’s
a Trey and Matt show, so it’s super funny
and ridiculous, and it was fine,
but it was an experience. -People probably thought
that was part of the show. -Exactly, yeah,
anything goes on that show. -Yeah.
You have a very big weekend this weekend coming up for you.
-I do. -Just to name a couple things, one, your show “The Politician”
is launching on Netflix. -On Friday, yeah.
-On Friday. -Binge it.
-Good buzz on that. I want to talk about that. But then what’s
happening Saturday, and what’s happening Sunday?
Is Saturday Global Citizen? -Yeah, Saturday, I’m singing in
Central Park at Global Citizen Festival,
which will be awesome. [ Cheers and applause ] Like, you know, just a couple
of washed-up pe– Like Carole King, Alicia Keys,
like, Pharrell Williams. -People you’ve never heard of —
Pharrell Williams. -Then it’s just, like, me. And then Sunday, I’m playing
Radio City with my own music. -How exciting is this, man? That’s a great weekend.
-Thanks, everyone.

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  1. When you realise that Rugrats was first aired in 1991… Meaning all the kids are now full grown adults dealing with mid life/adult crisis…

  2. Happy birthday Ben! Thanks for the wonderful music and all the inspiration you have given us throughout the years. Have the best day ever!

  3. You know that rugrats r returning with new episodes and not just that but they r also making a live action version that is coming out next year

  4. "YEAH RUGRATS!" "You could sort of see the scaring happening in real time." I honestly didn't think I could love Ben Platt more than I already did…

  5. I watched The Politician in one go yesterday but it's when he sings Joni Mitchell's River that is the most outstanding, look it up on here, it will send chills, his voice is incredible!

  6. It was so sweet of Jimmy to remark how much Ben's performance meant to him. I really liked that part of the interview.

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