Bendy Birthday in 360

sorry I’m late for your birthday son
apparently the studio is not wheelchair friendly. What are you laughing at Boris? did you eat Bendy’s birthday cake that’s going t o be your downward fall don’t worry son I’ll have Alice fetch us up a new cake. thanks dad, you’re the best this place makes boot
camp seem like Disneyland yo man this birthday party back on track but Alice needs to get the cake. Alice are you getting the cake [meatly yells] I’m on it but the candle keeps falling off it’s Pinata Time. No Fisher we got a
have cake first. Alice bring out the cake just give me a second it’s Pinata Time. No we still have
to have the cake it’s Pinat NOOO! happy birthday to you happy
birthday to you happy birthday dear bendy happy birthday to you. Norman would you do the honors and light the cake all right. here I go make-a-wish bendy. well technically we
didn’t eat the cake.. but that would be too hard to animate
did somebody fill fisher with candy. yes [Fetty] Then I say it’s pinata time pinata Time [cute fisher] filltilton not associated themeatlygames
creator of Bendy and the Ink a machine Fetty downward fall by zeroknucks map by minifigjoesfm voice fisher razz dreamurr rendering other stuff by me but most of the
animation by CT 3000 so if anything you don’t like blame him again I am NOT theMeatly

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  2. I have so many questions why is the doodle guy in a wheelchair why am in a table why is boris obese what is happening

  3. So hyped…

  4. С днём рождения бенди С днём рождения бенди

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