Benee Talks First Performance at Birthday Party, ‘Stella & Steve’

Stella and Steve is the latest EP from
Benne who joins us here at the Fox Theater in Oakland California thank you
for your time welcome to Oakland yeah you’re laughing
because just a great time it is yes Oakland 510 history here never been here
before when I say welcome to Oakland is that
one of those exotic places that you’ve thought of as a young child yeah yeah I
and the division you is kind of a wanderlust for some particular reason I
don’t know if it’s because of the video for soaked were you in the middle of the
ocean and got this hat no you’re stranded in a boat and singing songs
about find an island yeah like that are you wanderlust
yeah yeah other places of the world that you want to visit and tackle I play why
don’t you pass really yeah and Greenland though the two places that I’ve been
wanting to go for for ages it was a very to different place I know why Greenland
Greenland because it just looks freakin cool it just looks really cool no but
Greenland’s the one that his ice and ice lenders the one that doesn’t have ice
and that’s where I just figured out I was going I was like I want to go to
Iceland but then so I was like you know that’s not actually it doesn’t have any
ice so I want to go to Greenland okay and then Japan just because like I just
want to go there and buy a bunch of stuff because I feel like this look so
cute like a little bit automated and say all of the cool sides but definitely
when you say buy stuff like anime little just like Hello Kitty so I can just fill
my room with like just dang right my whole room with cute stuff I’m
envisioning it Pokemon and all ha ha ha ha you know Pikachu was it hard for you to get on stage that
very first time what was your first performance like um I was like the room
was pretty much like filled with my best friends it was a very small venue and it
was kind of like friends of family maybe like a few people I didn’t know so it
was it was it was good l was freaking out before I went on but I mean it was
the boom it was probably like the fuzziest feeling ever just like having people
there to watch either for my music you grew up playing saxophone and you had a
penchant for doing covers and things like that but performing your own music
is a totally different story completely different – I would think playing in
front of friends and family is wor nerve-wracking instead of I mean in
front of people you don’t know because who cares what they think
yeah whereas mom and cousins and aunts yeah I guess that’s kind of true yeah
but you had no concern about that killed it I mean I don’t know did I not really yeah I mean now kind of thinking about
like family and friends that those will be the people who I would be like more
scared of trying to impress if they were to come to a bigger gig now with a bunch
of Rando sorry to plant that seed yeah I just try not to think about it because
when I overthink things i freak out is there an image that Benee embodies that
Stella I think so yeah for sure I think definitely being am like it’s
like almost energy and it’s kind of out there from good old boogie and I’m kind
of like this I don’t know definitely a lot more kind
of like cool then Stella who can say nice be a little a little bit more quiet
and chill yeah so when you recorded those covers of like gnarls barkley at
home you weren’t thinking I’m gonna go out
do this oh no no no no I had no idea I was like nah I was in my room with my
little bad mic I had no idea those were just my friends on soundcloud but had no
idea I was gonna and then I ended up playing from one of my mom’s birthday my
mom’s friends birthdays playing the covers live and I was like this is so
different and this is not all what I expected but like I loved it you know
the attention time I mean I know if it’s the attention it says weird kind of like
rush that you get when you’re performing which I just is like I don’t know it’s
just crazy to be able to go into the stage and kind of perform I feel like
that for me was just like this newfound acolyte Warhol moment
yeah yeah these two EPs that you have are just amazing thank you obviously
Seok was door opener for a lot of people but this latest EP Stella and Steve has
a lot of hangers for those that want to dance yeah have you sad yes
super lonely super that’s my jam is that you Jam that’s my jam I’m so glad
what is the origins of that well I mean I went to LA in August on like a riding
trip and I bought Josh the producer with me and I had broken up with my boyfriend
like five days before I left so I was feeling like lonely and everything that
follows a breakup and I kind of got to LA and I was by myself what mom was
there oh no you were there at the start she wasn’t there at the start so I was
just by myself with my manager and the producer and I mean I won’t super lonely
in the first session that I did and I worked with this girl called Gina
Andrews and I mean I know I was kind of like obviously sad but like wanted to be
super self-deprecating and I was like I’m just gonna make a song that takes
the piss out of myself for however long does like four minutes and whatever
but I just wanted to kind of be playful with the idea of being sad hmm and I
think that’s exactly what it I shed a tear and dance at the same time mission
accomplished yeah trying to keep a heavy you’re also not like completely pushing
aside the fact that I was sad yeah yeah is that how you are you wear your heart
on your sleeve and just yeah word vomit yes I think so yeah yeah when
I go to when you’re said my mom my mom I mean yeah definitely my mom and my my
friends but I like to cry alone in my room a lot of the time yeah yes there
are a lot of crying during the writing of other songs like find an island boy
no vital island but what with super lonely that was a first issue and then I
had blue the day after and that that was the kind of complete opposite side Oh
see that sounds sad that you yeah I was the same feeling yeah
writing about the songs I was completely in the same kind of zone and like he’d
space but I was like wanting to show to kind of sides of it yeah I get it
so how much your sadness do you have do we have an album work so you have
something in which you’re kind of pontificating about I do have a lot of
music that I am kind of working towards releasing a bigger kind of body of work
next year okay definitely big fan of your music
thank you very much looking forward to the show tonight and appreciate your
time thank you it’s Benny and you’re watching b-sides on air

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