Benoit Has A Proposal For Clare | Bachelor Winter Games

unfortunately you left winter games
without finding love but you are in love that’s true what a fantastic and
beautiful surprise the timing was a little off for television that’s okay it
happened and it happened in such an unexpected way after the show was done
hmm as fantastic what happened when you got home the second I got back to
Sacramento checked my phone and I had a message from a guy timing was so off but
it was so perfect for me because it was a man that just cared about if I was
okay well that man is here tonight sitting right here so fellas if you are
the mystery man in Claire’s life would you please stand up let me see welcome Benoit hi Chris she can be
stubborn you just had to wear down oh I know this
is amazing so Benoit tell me from your perspective what happened the last talk
we had on the balcony before I left she said I think there is more for the two
of us this words kept running into my mind for the entire time that she was
still on the show and when she come she came back home I was like I need to talk
to her I need to see like if she’s okay because I was I cared about her like you
have no idea and like one conversation led to another one and it felt like each
and every day we were spending hours talking to each other facetiming we’ve
seen each other and we tried to keep it secret because it’s between me and her
and not anymore I know I’ve always wanted a man that
wouldn’t give up on me you truly have changed my life because I didn’t even
believe in myself and there’s so many times I want to throw in the towel and
say am I crazy for holding out for something that’s amazing
and he has always had my back and he puts up with my crazy and I just look
and I mean to talk to you maybe outside here yeah
the first the first day I met you I didn’t believe like love at first sight
but at that time I I was shocked you’re the strongest women I’ve ever met
in took my entire life okay and I know you have been through a lot and we had
there’s gonna be issues everywhere and whenever like these challenge you’re
gonna face those I want to be besides you
because it will be like a lot stronger together right you never give up on love
and this is the best thing about you and I would never ever give up on you I feel
like there’s someone up there that is watching us right now
and you agree what I’m about to do je t’aime she’s your partner hasn’t me
go back to her so resume marry me I suppose oh so we have to go out and party
tonight guy Benoit Has A Proposal For Clare | Bachelor Winter Games

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  1. Like they always say never give up on love you never know where you might find and if it's meant to be it will happen and these two proved it love can still exist. I love them so much

  2. Haha anyone notice when Claire says I got a message from a guy you see Ashley looking at Kevin at 40sec and she says do you know who it is and she laughs lol. Sucks that Kevin and Ashley broke up recently so sad

  3. Oh my, I cried as if I got the the proposal and the ring. This is unbelievable. Happy for Claire. Finally she found the "One". Hopefully this is it for her.

  4. I love how Benoit said "we have to go out and party tonight guys." That's a great bond they all created with each other.

  5. It's crazy how she can't stop crying, you can tell she has been hurt so much and she finally believes she deserves love now. Such a sweet woman.

  6. "“Ç'est Magnifique!" (That is French for “It’s Magnificent”). Congrats again to Benoit and Clare for getting engaged a month ago tomorrow. All the best for them both. They deserve one another, after her challenging past and his heartbreaks also. His care and growing love saved the relationship and got it back on track and thankfully, leading to his terrific proposal a month ago Thursday.
    Congrats to them both with hopes, prayers and wishes for real marriage forthcoming later in 2018 or 2019, relocation, etc. etc.

  7. Now they called off the engagement and broke up. Clare needs to stop going on these bachelor shows, she’s tried too many times.

  8. One month, the engagement lasted! What happened? I will tell you what happened…Real life! This is a flaw with many who say they are looking for love on tv. Benoit and Clare had some great chemistry on tv, perhaps if they could have stayed on the show the rest of their lives, they would have gotten married. My advice to these two, if you are truly looking for love, leave reality tv, find something else that you're passionate about and find love in real life. Yes, some have found love on tv and it's an awesome thing to find love even on tv, but it's so rare. Most who are on that show are trying to make careers or further careers for themselves. And most importantly, you have very little time to get to know the person which is one of the reasons why many engagements on that show fall apart. I always liked Clare, I hope she finds what she is looking for off camera! 🙂

  9. Im glad she came to her senses to realize she deserves someone like benoit. He seems like a good man. A man whos able to put aside his crushed ego of hurt feelings, glad he is stromg enuff to forgive fact that clare sent him home. In life when things get rocky must have relationship skills to cope and grow stronger thru the roller coaters in life. They seem good for eachother. Im sure her father gives his blessing in heaven, for clare. Idk if shes shown him yet the dvd her dad made for her future husband.

  10. Think this girl is to addicted to reality tv , every moment is planned and scripted, the moment she gets a call from the producers of bachelor for whatever, she’s done with him

  11. It saddens me that they are no longer together. She waited all this time to find someone. He looked like a real sweetheart.

  12. They ended up breaking up, and never got married. In my opinion, Clare does want a relationship, she wants a guy to jump up and down. When she says jump they have to ask, "How high?". She was terrible to Juan Pablo on his Season and was responsible for a lot of backlash that he got for merely choosing Nicki over Clare.

  13. Oh my god, they had everyone crying and so happy. I think this is the best of all Bachelor show. I am so happy for Claire finally gets her a decent guy. I wonder if they are still together.

  14. What the heck is Beniot doing on the Bachelor in Paradise? He just got engaged to Claire. He is making me so much mad.

  15. So dramatic! I don't understand why she thinks she only deserves someone who care about she is " Ok." Now this guy is in the new season of BIP… 😓

  16. Clare is a narcissist. She thinks the world revolves around her. I got the vibe from JP's season & Winter Games that she is both shallow & high maintenance. She needs to stay single. She doesn't appear to be a gal that's up for compromise or meeting on the middle.

  17. So beautiful.i couldn't stop my tears from rolling down . can see the love they have for each other.its pure and undying love.

  18. Don't like Claire very much, but Benoit to me is one of those people who fall in love with someone REALLY FAST, BIP he fell in love with with two people really quickly, and when they broke up with him he was a POS to both of them.

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