Ben’s Surprise Birthday Food Tour!! #spon

Now we’re starting our day at the Chicago
French Market. And because Ben is classically trained in French cuisine, we thought we’d bring you
here to celebrate your birthday. The plan for today is Italian Beef dip sandwiches.
When we asked you guys online where we should be eating in Chicago, so many of you said
that we had to do it that Mike and I are going to do it. Meanwhile… I’m taking Birthday Boy Ben here on a culinary
tour of Chicago. Which basically means I get to stuff my face with great food! Eat your cake. Eat my cake. Put it in your face! Eat it, don’t make out with it! Jamie and I set off to find out what an Italian
Beef Dip sandwich was and landed at Tony’s, a neighborhood hotspot. The sign says, “when was the last time you
had a great sandwich?” I might not be the average customer… It’s packed! Turns out,
having talked to a couple of people, we’ve travelled the least far to get here… Other
people have travelled 45 min to an hour because they know how good the sandwiches are. Do you smell the aroma? Did it not just suck
you in through the doors? That’s what it is. I’ve been coming here for years and once you
taste a good sandwich, you always come back. Even though Tony’s is a small place, they’ve
got the best beef sandwiches in the whole city. Meanwhile, Baz has taken Ben to check out
the Revival Food Hall and Ben wanted his present early. This is my birthday. Do you fancy a Furious
Spoon? What! That relish is amazing. That is seriously tasty. Good broth. Is there anything more comforting
than ramen? Can we have a sandwich? So Italian beef sandwiches
in Chicago, why are they so popular here? I think we’re the only ones in the country
that make ’em… that’s for sure. What makes a great Italian beef sandwich? The spices. Definitely the spices and the
natural gravy… I mean anybody can get a piece of meat and cook it in the oven but
it’s what you do back there how you slice it, how you prepare it, how you heat it, how
you cool it, everything. So essentially, Italian beef sandwiches are
thinly stripped roast beef served on an Italian roll with cheese, and then the roll is dipped
into the juices that beef was cooked in. I know. Yeah, I think I get it. Stick with me when
I say soggy bread… But the reason the bread is soggy is because it’s full of all of the
gravy and all of the juice from the beef. The beef is so tender. It’s got this spice
to it, a little bit of a kick, it’s herb-y, stringy cheese in there… That is fantastic. Don’t open in London, Tony. My waistline can’t
take it. When was the last time you had a great sandwich?
5 minutes ago! Baz and Ben’s next stop via the stunning Chicago
River Walk was Giordano’s, for the stringiest pizza cheese we have ever seen… Even the prep in the kitchen was a work of
art. That is so much more than what I expected…
A really crispy base It’s almost so buttery, it’s almost like a
pastry… more like a pie. It’s good. Taylor Street. From 1850 onwards, this was
the hub of entry for tens of thousands of Italians seeking a new life in Chicago. And
by 1927, Little Italy had 500 hundred grocery stores, 257 restaurants, and numerous other
food related businesses. This explains the huge Italian influence on the amazing food
in the city. Italian ice. That makes your eyes go like this And it was here that we found Al’s, the home
of the very first Italian beef. We got talking to Chris Pocelli, the owner
and nephew of Al Pocelli who created the very first Italian beef in 1938. Chris explained
that the creation of the sandwich was due to the lack of meat in the area during the
Great Depression, and that’s why it was sliced so thinly. Oh, and there’s an official stance
you have to have while eating it. So we got Ben and Baz down to try it all out. Hello! That’s good. You look like a good juu… The sandwich just disappears. You eat it and
the bread just melts in your mouth. Do you know what wins for me? It’s the bread to beef ratio. There’s a lot of beef in there. When the evening came, it was only right that
we experienced some authentic Chicago Blues. And then, more pizza. Pequod’s was so highly
recommended by you that we had to try it’s infamous caramelized crust. And it is GOOD! At the beginning of this trip, we set out
to find game changers and we thought they were going to end up being iconic experiences,
iconic dishes in each city. But… for me, the city has been a game changer. The people, the music, the place… there’s
something about having a beach and a city and a skyline. Game changing birthday? Your birthdays been pretty good… isn’t it? Well, it’s pretty nonstop and I don’t think
I can tell you which one bit was the best. Collectively, game changer. I wouldn’t have
wanted to celebrate my 30th birthday any other way. With anyone else? With anyone else! And Mike you get a hug,
a virtual hug too. Come in for a hug! Yaaaayyyyy

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  1. This is why Chicago is one half New York and one half Los Angeles combined to bring you one world class City that will never disappoint.

  2. @5:00 thought there was some weird guy in the background just staring at the boys eating sandwiches. Embarrassed to say it took a minute to realize it was a Mike Ditka cutout.

  3. and by 2018 it had the most shootings out of any us city every year. so sad how democrats ruined it…

  4. WHAT IS THE INTRO SONG? I’ve tried to find it for 20 minutes. Shazam nor Siri knows it so I guess it never existed

  5. I've had that sandwich from Tony's, it is delightful. I was stationed at Great Lakes Naval Station just north of Chicago.

  6. "45 minutes to an hour" Ya'll really don't understand how little time that really is for Americans. I drove 45 minutes to school everyday for 6 years when I was a kid. It's totally normal for people to drive 2+ hours every day to work. That's just how long it takes to get places around here

  7. as a Chicago born now living in Nashville for the past 3 years this made me miss home so much im booking a flight to go back next week for a little vacation

  8. I know I am late / early but that looked like a blast. Happy Birthday.

    BTW our whole family including our kids love your videos and the authentic relationship you guys have.

    Keep up the great work!

  9. That's all you have to say about Giordanos??? "the crust is like pastry" lmao that's literally considered the best deep dish of Chicago

  10. Happy birthday, Ben! Glad to hear you had a wonderful time in the great city of Chicago. If you are looking for any type of food, that the best place to find it.

  11. Pretty easy. I was one of maybe 100 or 200 people a year to see Margaret Lake in the Glacier backcountry of Montana + an incredible guide who just also happens to be a biochemical engineer. Amazing food. Packed in. Incredible people who know how to laugh and how to live. Crossing the glacier-fed lake to chill on the island. Margaret Lake is magic.

  12. awww Chicago style "deep dish" "pizza"? …Not pizza…merely an above-ground marinara swimming pools for rats… Congrats on the Italian Beef sammiches though. Those things are the real deal.

  13. Holy Crap! i was halfway through the video just itching to post "Man you really should go to Pequod's, No one does better" and then at 5:30, !!! Love them so much. Cant wait to try Tony's. I've never heard of that one.

  14. I've made a similar mistake in word usage, but, "infamous" equals "having an extremely bad reputation" (other def, too, via Not sure, if the British def is diff than the American def. Love your show, guys!! Be Safe!

  15. Come to Philadelphia lads. Not for cheese steaks, well, those too. But for southeast Asian cuisine, Dutch Amish fare, water ice, and Italian pastries

  16. I have to say I am surprised that French Dip sandwiches are not common in Europe. Honestly, I have no idea what the origin of the name is but a lot of states including Louisiana, Mississippi and Georgia all have really good versions of french dipped subs.

  17. If you ever come to Philly, STAY AWAY from Pat's and Gino's. Find a really great pizza joint: get a slice, get a cheesesteak, get an Italian hoagie, and live it up.

  18. This had me grinning like an idiot, because I live in the suburbs of Chicago. It's kinda beautiful to see people enjoy the sights, sounds and flavors of this place.

  19. OMG, I grew up in Chicago and I really miss all the great food there! It's much easier to not get fat in California. 🙂

  20. It's nice to see your home city from a different perspective and see some of the stuff I grew up with showing up in the episode. Although now I'm really craving an Italian beef sandwich.

  21. So cute! Ben plays too? Or was that some look-a-like on stage ?! If he does play he’s just becoming more attractive! Lol

  22. ive been trying for over an hour to find the song at 5:44 , i feel like i recognise it or the singer but i cant find anything. someone help!

  23. Barry being too short (& standing too wide) to eat his sandwich at that bench 😂 … also doing a food adventure with you guys would be amazing 😍

  24. i know this video is old. however, i have a very heart warming game changing experience. Im Mexican, my great grandmother on my dads side was fresh from the border and she got me into cooking in general. Before she passed, she made me fresh pan dulces and what we call in my family Sopa. Sopa is actually Fideo, however, her secret recipe her mother taught her, that i learned right before she passed, was phenomenal. simple yet it is the definition of comfort food. simply insane.

  25. 6:35 I feel like I was in a group hug with the lads… It was nice, a little awkward, but nice. Happy birthday Ben.

  26. According to the net the Felony Franks that you featured 2 years ago is now closed permanently, no reason given.

  27. Do they not know what a beef dip is? We have it with the beef and cheese on the bun and a side of au jus to dip it in..

  28. I love this new Game Changers. It’s so nice to see you guys out and about bringing light to people doing amazing things. Hope you guys can make it to Kansas City for an event sometime.

  29. I'm just now finding these videos and I've been a fan of Achievement Hunter and the slow-mo guys for years before I even found this channel so when I heard "Soggy Bread" (2:56) I instantly thought of Gavin throwing up.

  30. did noone send you to Lou Malnatis? omg great pizza. I used to work at Giordanos, The second place sounded great, I never heard of it. and when I was a vegetarian, I used to get pepper sandwiches with beef juice mmmmmm I still almost prefer it to the beef.

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