Berkeley College Foundation Inaugural Scholarship Dinner

My name is Dario Cortes, I’m the Executive Director of the Foundation. Well I think it is an opportunity to raise funds for something very noble, which is to help students be successful And be able to provide financial support so they can undertake their undergraduate career and be able to have less debt, more persistence to graduation and be successful. They don’t carry the burden. I applied because for me it was one of a longshot I wasn’t really expecting to get the scholarship. After I applied, I kind of like forgot about it and then I got an email saying that I received a scholarship and I was so happy because I wasn’t expecting it and I’m the first person to go to college of my home. My parents can’t really afford to pay for college So I was just really happy and grateful and they were happy too. I am Doris DeLucia and I am a Legal Studies major. I heard through the school website that there was a foundation and that they had a scholarship So I said “Oh well, I’m gonna try my luck and and apply” and to my very surprise like I got it So this huge help. With the scholarship I no longer had to concern myself with coming up with the extra money out-of-pocket per month to pay Residual balances for tuition and I didn’t have to come up with another loan that I’d have to repay later on. Financially, it just was a huge help and I couldn’t be more thrilled and honored. I think Berkeley does terrific work. I think we work very hard to educate people and students who might not get another opportunity were not for Berkeley. My name is Brittany Fraser And my major is Health Service Management. I was in the store with my friend and I kept getting this call you know, not gonna is because I don’t know the number and so a voicemail was left on my phone. And I looked at the voicemail and I was like “Wait what?” I was like I had to play the voicemail at least five times and I was like, “Oh my God” I can truly say that this scholarship is going to get me to the place where I want to be. It’s gonna help me not only reach my goal, but my goal is to help others. My goal is to actually open up my own company and I can say that Berkeley College, the foundation, the scholarship it helped put me through school that I am able to achieve this goal and That’s like the best thing ever!

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