all right you guys so she birthday it was on Saturday the 28th but it was a crazy crazy day hold on baby it was a crazy day and with his schedule we really weren’t able to do much we did actually go out with her friends on Friday which was so much fun there because of his busy schedule we didn’t actually have a cake and we didn’t give it to you we give him is good so we’re doing it today and then so here I’ll take your things so you can walk later you can put your hands that one [Laughter] [Applause] [Music] hold on guys hey guys Shane has been asking for this for a year actual years and here we go look at all his growing info look at that there’s a game you don’t want to get you oh so you hurry up so you y-you look inside nice thanks Gil oh my god you love it are you nothing hey you Shane what ever forget what I posted picture frame that your camera frame of my beloved family rover you gotta sit down we’re gonna sing it okay make a wish [Music] you’re the bestest lady so cute look you ribbon huh buddy excuse me boy yeah happy birthday happy birthday puppy Oh [Laughter] dinner this is actually a hellofresh recipe that I made before so I just recreated it and then roasted some potatoes and we’re having them yeah yeah oh yeah oh oh are you okay there good morning y’all it is October 2nd and it is my birthday and wow it’s been a morning I actually woke up in very very intense pain I’m not really sure actually what it was but it was in my lower back and all the way around like around my waist like this so I got really worried but thank God it actually started feeling a lot better and I took some medicine and stuff so anyway Shane’s actually here for a couple of hours which he never ever ever is and he wants to give me something so close I feel that What’s it feel like well I was gonna make it but patient privacy I can’t talk about yeah Shane couldn’t make yeah he really wanted to make me avocado just this morning that’s a surprise this really is a surprise me with avocado disappointing but I had so much pain like it was intense so there was just no way I was eating oh yeah here’s your second piece oh there’s more close eye hands up oh I know that’s why I’m gonna do it have fun what’s wrong with you like it like wake up no you gotta look up before you open it what do you think it is laughing is it upside down I don’t know this is so pretty this is so cool I always wanted one binky I got it right thank you I’m so excited do you like the coloring oh you know it’s pretty it’s freaking cool I love it I just it’s definitely big like it’s like off my thing oh no yeah no that’ll get resized that’s okay but I love it it’s so cool and I’ve always wanted just like a giant stone rug wouldn’t you said it wasn’t big the Thursday that’s not no is it clear look at that [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] like I’ve always wanted this and I never would have gone there [Music] [Laughter] the shade just got home and we’re gonna set up the record player and I’m so excited I feel like I can’t touch it because I’m like it’s a record player Jamie yeah we’re gonna have a party so grace said that her grandma had one of the same brain like an old old old one so this is just like I guess a modern version of that not cool to have turntable you had turntable oh how that turntable well well well all the turntables in one of your faces of your hobbies Filipino culture oh no limits of hip-hop that’s everything oh my oh oh wow we are having a dance party oh that’s so exciting for those of you who don’t know Shane is uh what do they call it addressed Jack the ball tree a jack of all trades is knowing you know how to do it yeah yeah but you know it like subpar yeah lady yeah no Luka you can’t just put it up there on all my Manta okay let’s put it down here and then we’ll let’s have to nervous oh wait Oh March is that too loud I don’t know how I guess where work I think I think that might be too loud sorry I know right oh yeah [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] was that me did you like it yeah I can see no no more cookie I think that was enough okay did you share your cookie with the couch the couch like it oh oh oh I think the mosquitos here have a little bit of a of an ankle finish look at this this is crazy this is so many of them and all of these like dark spots they used to be bites where are your bug bites I think your I think yours are gone right now do you have any baby not anymore huh you have some on your on your leg last week but I think they’re gone – yeah oh that’s like the best part of summer ending oh they go back to where they came for hey Jenny what the dinosaur says hey no the dinosaur says [Music] that was a fun-filled weekend I think it was definitely like the most different birthday we’ve ever celebrated because it was it was in like pieces because our schedule and life but it was just so special and I can’t believe that we’re 30 like this is 30 you guys people go out and party and post all the fancy pictures and then there’s us celebrating our 30th birthday right here this is this is I really but I wouldn’t change it for the world we had so much fun we had fun with our friends last weekend and we got some fun fun presents but you know the best best gift one taking a celery with you this is the best gift for you guys look at these look at these little precious baby these are my favorite gift huh hey can you come here you’re my favorite gift you guys are the best present ever for me and puppy I might I might change my mind by the time this vlog I know he’s literally trying to like rip little crumbs off his cookie every time a boy becomes close to her boy no no Julian Judi you already ate yours bud mr. Don Yoon Hey no cookies for you you oh yeah yeah thank you guys so much for all our well wishes all over Instagram and stuff when you guys are just a sweetest so thank you so much for being there and for just supporting us and loving us I think the thirties are gonna be good all that all that figuring it all out comes into place this yeah this decade I think it’s gonna be a good decade so we’re gonna go finish celebrating this day and just being with the kids oh I knew so much for watching don’t forget to love one another and see you in our next video got for your name’s sake you will lead me back oh dear

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  1. It's been a rough couple of weeks.. but here are a few clips from our birthdays! 🙂 Thank you so much for sending us so much love and birthday wishes! Xo

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  25. Hi… Mel and Shane , I just want to share something interesting to you guys, Have you ever heard about the Fertility Spring? A lot of couples who can't have children actually went to this spring, and turned out to be positive, most of them are foreigners just like you,.. I mean The couples would just go and take a bath in that Fertility spring and their feedbacks are positive, like they're so happy because finally they can have a baby.. now if you're wondering where that is, It's located in the Philippines, Lubuagan Kalinga… Most of the couple who went there Had twins of their own ☺️… Hope you read this and Help you guys 😄

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