that doesn’t sound as fun is when we
went down to the Ferrari show talking about buying cars and the two of us are
getting ready to head home in Ryan’s new Ferrari I bought today without him
knowing about it Ryan just wanted to say thank you for being the best friend a
guy could ever have for over 30 years thanks for everything you’ve done for me
gods bless me ever since the day I first met you you don’t know how much
everybody appreciates everything you do for them you put everybody else first
and all you want is everybody else to be happy so we have everything we could
ever ask for a life full of good health good family good friends we sure don’t
need anything else to make it any better but if you’ll forgive me for sneaking
off with a company checkbook of ours I went on a little shopping spree for your
birthday you’ve bought me a lot of presents they’ve been really good so
it’s time to one-up you finally so hope this is something you can enjoy it’s not
gonna make our life any better but it sure is gonna be fun so buckle up happy
birthday good morning man you didn’t waste any
time I was actually thinking I want that done more than I wanted being clean yes
it’s just so underwhelming without it yeah without the sound that’s like half the
game right and she’s got like the voice of what’s that one woman like Franny
Frazier or whatever Joe gave MA yeah the way it’s supposed to that make sure the
hair stand up on the back of your neck yes good morning YouTube back in the
garage it’s the next morning it’s cold I do not
have equipment for this kind of cold I’ve lived in Texas long I find no
longer own winter clothes we will suffer through it for Ryan’s sake yeah that’s
what she said Carrie just got his first lesson in Ferrari ownership which is
they are really really low so we put the ramps on there and his floor jack his
floor jack won’t fit the actual lift won’t fit so he’s have to advise with
new ramps a new jack well actually this is Ryan’s problem so you know screw it
you have to buy anything well as long as we’re here that orange is beautiful all
right so he’s pulling the vacuum line and plugging it we’re mechanic I can’t
even I think he underestimated how low these are I gotta wash it for Ryan
oh man must be ceramic-coated that’s nice sorry ceramic-coated that’s crazy
nobody’s that honest Tuesday Oh didn’t really you got lunch at the in-laws
today Oh after church yeah all right bye he’s so easy he’s just making it happen
for us Oh church is right down the road from
his house he’s gonna stop at his new garage where he’s building the house and
garage five miles away we’ll just give him a call right then
you know anything view a picture yep yeah we know where he’s at we know how
long it’s gonna take him to get there perfect and we’ll all be set up oh be
great this is brilliant yeah his new Ferrari well he’s on the
phone talking about how excited he is that he saved $30 buying some $30 is
such a screaming deal he’s way to go Ryan thank goodness but you need to save
a lot more $30 to get this thing tell you Ryan $30 won’t even fill up the tank
yeah we’re not gonna get far on that 30s Miller keep saving money do it alright we’re on the way to drop
off the car or hide it I should say in the garage we’re kind of sneaking
through some backcountry roads because we don’t want anyone to see us and
accidentally tip them off so that’s our biggest concern is that
it’s a small enough town that everyone knows everyone’s stuff someone sees this
thing they’d be like why is there a Ferrari in Ryan’s driveway so we’re
trying to hide it so we’re gonna get there quick and shove it in the garage
oh that’s not being real real incognito there Carrie we almost had a disaster
that was the closest thing there was three deer on the side of the road one
of them jumped across the road it must been 2 feet in front of the car oh my
god that was so scary watching that unfold I saw the deer I couldn’t do
anything I god he can’t hear me wow that was so lucky
easy watch you watch when we get there he’s gonna be like I was I saw the three
deer running I was like oh my god oh my god oh my god that had have been inches this my dear
for the friend Meredith said he breathed on the front end because I mean how
could that happen two days of work eighteen hours of driving and we’re
three miles away and Meredith and I slam on the brakes two dead stop and deer
just two foot in front of us run right for us almost if the other deer if the
other deer would have gone they would been hit
there’s two more Kidder and they turned around all right she was crying and my
heart was racing my heart was racing because I was listening to it and then
it switched to sheer absolutely retainer and I was in tears even after it was
over nothing happened the panic didn’t stop because I still
kept going what if it would happen what if I almost there what if the front
bumper was busted when we got I kept thinking oh that’s just our luck we
would make it this far just a wackadoo everything off yeah Wow Ryan your garage
is awesome I am jealous all right we gotta push the shovel up shut the door
don’t smash it there it is how nervous are you I am
really nervous more so than about anything ever I
really like yeah worst worse than your wedding day I was gonna say I didn’t
have any worries about that uh well good recover yet yes it feels like having a
child day getting married day it is about like that is really you want it to
be perfect you’re just wanting to be overwhelmed and have a great time
because and with me that’s all he ever does for everybody it’s been a lot of
planning and a lot of work everybody’s helped make it happen that
he’s done so much for so I hope it just lives up to it well let me show you here
we go look at this how epic is that look that we were just getting ready to head
out and didn’t know I’ve got something for your new garage I know you got
everything you need for we can’t buy each other anything anymore
you got everything you want but I got something too the new garage you gotta
have a lot of space you got a lot of stuff to decorate right so I got you
some of your birthday and you always end up at my birthday or Christmas and
sneaking in your my garage but I’m gonna run it over there to the garage can you
run up here before you go to lunch we go to your garage okay thanks all right my
plane is complete congratulations oh my gosh wow are you kidding I just
couldn’t wait till Thursday this is our that’s unbelievable it’s hard to believe that sounds better that’s our thing we always just talk
about but we never do remember we all saw with this talk to each other off
they would do something else give a car back he’ll find it he’s been
on all of it wait till you hear what we’ve been through yeah it’s on tape she
kept her mouth shut and let me do it Florida we bought it and drove home we
were talking to you Dean’s garage with the car while you
were talking on the phone Saturday morning you’re working you didn’t answer
the phone call he went home early maybe Janelle well thank you very much oh wait
you missed another first a second for you don’t make it piece of carbon fiber
that’s not on it because that’s the way here old man when I start say I’m just yeah it is this every time the black
wheels the carpet fibers around here you need to see the ceiling oh my gosh it’s
even got the rid yeah how was the drive walk getting up did you know when you
rev it out it’s you are driving an f1 racecar thank you oh you know you drop
supported in no I thought we just drove for two days in it having an absolute
blast feeling guilty that you didn’t know about it but we were it was all
about this moment rather than you gettin to go drive it yeah it was yeah I
flipped soon as I saw up your car okay did you think I bought me one I’m
showing you yeah yeah oh I was just thinking you got me a sign yeah you said
well I got something for you new garage didn’t lie I said decoration for the
garage it is some nice jewelry the garage I think you should probably
get in it move it and listen to it feel it hang on there limber up turn the key
all the way forward didn’t start with the key search push buttons no brake
pedal and start button Hebrews did you hear it
No so excited about it man I know one thing
around that curve I got a little dip pit which sounds like a hobby and some skate
guards yes thank you very much hey when me it’s all him yeah cuz he’s
playing so cool called me several times he’s a Florida when I was in Orlando I
was in the window all right this is probably one of the
most epic things ever participated in my life so I have to say thank you Carrie
Thank You Ryan for having me be a participant in your guys’s lives it’s
it’s an honor and just having so much fun it’s very emotional I’m almost teary why you guys taking apart a brand new
Corvette we go we can that’s what we just said so
she walks back out and we put my pro charger on it I think Billy both exhaust
with the front end off of it because we clocked everything down and Kerry’s just
ripping the bottoms you can hear it forever echoing so I’m going home and I
get pulled over analytic in it and they said she’s gonna pair up so what me sir oh well so you’ll go really fast right
will you take her but I won’t be in trouble do you get shovel
let’s see if you got any black guys and get home weird cars on 5th yeah that was there at
the car show yep your kid yeah and then someone took the picture of a saint to
jewel I said this is the car I want because I had everything but it wasn’t
for sale no it was not for sure owner just had it then right at the show yeah
and they had told the dealer told us it was at the show and I didn’t remember it
yeah so you texted your wife three weeks ago a picture at a car show the car you
multiplexers yes mom – picture dates in your garage to be oh yes Holy Grail how
cool is that I had no idea I had no idea in that and then he goes and trades it
in I called at 10 o’clock in the morning they just listed it that morning they
trade that he traded in on an Aventador we immediately paid for it for the end
of the day and flew him to inspect and he’s like it was it God it was there at
that place mean you went to be in there back yes at the Gulf Coast
unbelievable we went there they didn’t have it I can’t believe it you know and
they had another one that I was calling but the only reason I got on the phone
and saw that was they had one that was close but it really wasn’t perfect what
and I got on the phone I’ve slipped on the phone app just to get their phone
number and when it came up I thought well it
was the exact same picture white sitting the same way at the dealership and I
thought well that’s weird it had 18,000 miles that says eight and I flipped up
and it had both of them I immediately called him he said yeah we just put it
up this morning says that’s a different one he immediately sent me the pictures
I got off the phone and called and I said I think we got another one in line
see about inspecting this one and then it just snowballed out of control that’s
shocking do you still have the TEL announced – got the tape right yeah
bring your phone’s you better go have lunch yeah no I really got me like you
think you go for Drive today and yeah summer what’s your mother
I’ll get Julian later just be nice but you hate her hi Meg
hi Ryan happy birthday hon you deserve it happy birthday Ryan hey Ryan how’s it
going have an awesome birthday today okay enjoy it live it up take care of
man my hands hey Ryan its Richard happy birthday congratulations on the 4 or 5 a
glad you’re joining the elite elite drivers of 4 or 5 aids you got the right
color at aint Corso red oh yeah of course the Reds don’t dan you know that
nice I think they discontinued it hope to see you on the road Cheers
Ryan how’s it going brother man hey congratulations on your birthday present
it looks fantastic now get your butt on down Austin Texas
so we can engage in some nefarious activities happy birthday we hope to see
you soon oh yeah there we go I hate yellow yellows gross they’ll come
at me with yellow anything how did it go today did it go as good as you wanted it
it went it went as good as I had ever hoped it would go yes it was fantastic
he was as surprised as ever it was a as good of experience as I can imagine and
it’s gonna last a long time it’s just gonna keep on going keep on going even
the smiles today were hard not to smile the whole day yes it was so fun allowing
other people to go on rides allowing other people to drive it they were just
overwhelmed my daughters are laughing while they’re driving let’s say how many
people got their first fried and first break dry gosh both my daughters drove
it and rode in it their friends rode in it his rode in it and I’m getting oh you
just made his whole year you know he just can’t believe it happened it still
doesn’t seem obtainable to anybody so it was just awesome it just I think it’s
gonna keep giving a lot of fun for a lot of years oh yeah we need to get you one
you you Nina Ferrari it just as soon as we
have time I can talk you into helping me out which I don’t think that’s hard no
yeah so as soon as I can free up some time and hopefully it’ll just be a
matter of a couple months here so I do consultation services and what that
basically means is people who for example like Kerry Kerry clearly knows
way more than I ever could possibly hope to know about muscle cars and working on
muscle cars even though he’s got some experience with muscle cars froy’s kind
of have their own little weird thing and I guess supercars in general kind of
have their own weird niche kind of different world and so I help people
learn more about it make the right decisions and buy the right cars and
find the right cars or even sell their cars so all those things are certain
things I can help you out with if you have any interest in doing any of those
things go visit my website normal guys supercar comm check out the shopping
section and go check out the consultation services and when we
started talking about this I mean it was literally 20 years ago in 20 years it
didn’t seem like I was able to learn much of anything about real ownership
from real owners and real experiences at all I mean I’m in a little town in the
middle of Indiana and one person that I’ve known in 20 years that had won and
there’s not a lot of stuff we can get into clubs or things that aren’t
hundreds of miles away so there’s no way to get any real experience and if you’re
thinking you’re going to get what you need out of watching YouTube channels of
just people that’s racing or driving around the street and things like that I
mean no that’s there’s no value yeah I can’t thank you guys are nothing and you
being able to provide the services because you know there was a lot of
comfort in being able to get what you know over all these years and you’re so
close you know in the area that you’re in have so many owners and you hear so
much stories and so much experience and what they went through and ownership
what they’ve dealt with on service and honestly what they have learned not to
be afraid of yeah because all you get is the stories the bad stories you know
being able to hire you to go through this experience was a huge little level
of comfort you know we always tease don’t go car shopping that your wingman
so you definitely fill that in it was fantastic to have that level of comfort
that you gave well thank you and by the way I
to give the most sincere thanks to you Carrie because participating in this
sort of thing was I mean honestly this was emotionally touching it in
incredible like truly I just posted on Facebook a little while ago and I said
this was perhaps the coolest thing that’s happened since doing this YouTube
stuff to see your friendship is it’s it’s amazing in the world I’m in right
now I see so much crap on YouTube to see true friendship and true caring and
compassion for another human being to the point where you would go this far
out of your way is just so touching and it like it almost gives me hope that
like they’re still good people out there so like don’t lose hope on people yet
right they’re still awesome people out there like Carrie so so thank you so
much for allowing me to be a participant frankly and Ryan I know you’re enjoy
your car so you need to come down to Austin I’m gonna do some fun stuff Meg
go say hi alright you guys thank you so much for watching I genuinely do
appreciate it and share this video please do that that does help up my
channel but you guys are amazing we’re gonna do a lot of car stuff it’s
gonna be sweet you

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