Best Christmas Celebration in Philippines! 🎅🎄☃️🇵🇭 Travel VLOG | [English Subtitles] | [4K]

It’s Christmas time, and everywhere it’s Christmas here in the Philippines. We are here at another attraction in Baguio. There’re many retail stores around. We can hear a very beautiful violin performance. Let’s see what’s happening. Here’s a coffee shop. We can try a coffee later, but let’s find the violinist first. There’re so many chocolate stores. They give special Christmas discounts. It’s same here. People are gathering there to try out something. Let’s have a look. It’s a good perfume, and it is “anti-mosquito”. There are more outlets over there. Several book stores here. With various stationary items for sale. A cactus store. Cactus, which grows in wild back in Sri Lanka is a room decor here in the Philippines. This costs around Rs.1000 (USD 5.00) T-shirt stores are here. “Baguio City” mentioned t-shirts are available in a range of colours as souvenirs. It’s important for a tourist destination like this. It’s now closing time for the shops here. Already past 10 PM. It’s much colder now, than earlier. Those who want to have beer, you can try San Miguel here. There are further more to see over. Let’s go. This reminds us a similar look as how we celebrate Vesak in Sri Lanka. There’s a reindeer. There are more souvenir items and children’s toy items here. This is the same road we visited in the morning, which was full of artists and dancers. But it completely looks different at night. As a catholic country they celebrate the Christmas in the best way they can. This road is well decorated with Christmas lanterns and lights. And many stores throughout.

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