BEST Christmas Party Decor EVERrrrr! | DIY Balloon Christmas Tree

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home holiday event wedding and DIY decor today I’m gonna show you how to make a
balloon Christmas tree for your coming Christmas party here we go if you were looking for something
different for your Christmas party this year then you’re going to love this lone
Christmas tree let’s get started all right guys so I’m going to start off
by making the frame of my balloon Christmas tree and I’m going to be using
a half an inch pipe and this is half an inch by five feet and this is actually a
piece of pipe that I have leftover from my last project so I’m going to use it
and I thought 5 feet will be perfect because once you place the start on top
able to give it a few more feet and it’s going to be about six-and-a-half feet
tall when I get done with it and I’m going to also use a round
cutting board from Dollar Tree and I’m using a coupling half an inch on top and
3/4 at the bottom and I already blew this together last night because I
wanted it to you know bond fully so all I did was just you know use e6000 place
it at the bottom and then I added hot glue inside so you can keep it intact
while 6000 us is magic ok so um yeah and that’s it so that’s not going anywhere
so all I have to do is just place my pipe right aside now I’m going to start
placing the balloons on the frame and the balloon sizes are going to decrease
as you go up and I’m going to start with my 12 inch balloons and I’m going to
blow them up but you don’t want to over inflate so you want them to still look
round not extend it you know so and I’m going to start with 6 balloons at the
bottom and I’m going to pair them together so you’re going to need three
of these and then I’m going to glue them together from the end to each other with
my low temperature hot glue gun okay so here’s my first layer of six
balloons and I’m going to Butthead and do the second layer and I’m also going
to use six balloons but I’m just going to blow them up slightly smaller for my third layer I’m going to use five
balloons and I’m going to glue them all the same size as my second layer and for
this one you’re going to have to cut the excess balloon in order to do it
together with the other balloon so go ahead and cut it off and make sure not
to be too close to the knob because it can be flayed but after you have done your three first
layers who are going to put away your hot glue gun for now and now I’m going
to make pairs okay and I’m going to make them or put them together into fours
okay and then you’re going to wrap them around the frame and you’re going to
notice that once you start placing the balloons on the frame the balloons at
the bottom are going to move well that’s okay because they’re not secured yet I’m
waiting to secure them after I’m done with all of the balloons in case I have
to move them around um yeah so don’t worry about it okay it’s perfectly fine
for my next layer of four I’m going to make my balloon slightly smaller than
the ones I just placed on there now I’m going to move on to my nine-inch
balloons because if I make this 12-inch balloons any smaller they’re going to
lose their roundness so I’m going to go ahead and make my next set 9 inch and
they’re lightly smaller than the balloons that you see right on top now I’m going to move on to my five-inch
balloons since I cannot make my nine-inch balloons any smaller okay so here’s what I have so far and I
am going to be replacing that right there there you go right there I’m going
to make that a little bigger so it can be a little bit more well proportioned
and there it is and so basically all you have to do is stop for your first two
layers you are going to pair six balloons together and you are going to
glue them together with your low temperature hot glue gun and for the
second layer you just have to make sure that you blow it up a little bit less
than the one at the bottom okay slightly less and then you are going to
for your third layer you are going to blow up five balloons and it’s going to
be about the same size and then you are going to blow up four balloons and then
once you get to the four balloons then you can tie it to your frame okay and
then you are going to blow each layer slightly smaller until you cannot blow
it up any smaller on that size once you start losing the shape then you move up
to the next size and then again you slightly blow it up smaller until you
get to the top now you should take the time to move around some of the balloons
to make sure that everything is straight and then you can go ahead and start
securing the balloons at the bottom with your low temperature hot glue gun now I’m going to start decorating the
tree with my five-inch balloons gold and transparent balloon and I’m going to be
adding go confetti to the transparent balloons and I’m going to be blowing
them up very small they definitely have to be smaller than the other balloons
but make sure that they don’t lose its roundness all right that’s enough because I can go
on and on and on with more balloons but I actually think it looks pretty great
the way it looks right now and I’m going to go ahead and move on with my star and
this is a gold foil star that I got from Party City they actually have this one
at Dollar Tree as well but they didn’t have gold so I ended up going to Party
City instead and it looks kind of big right now but once you blow it up he
gets a little smaller and then I’m just going to go ahead and place the straw in
there blow it up and then I’m going to tie it with a transparent cord so I
ended up tying the fish in like you see it
right there and then I’m just going to wrap it around some of the balloons so
he can stand straight okay guys this is a this is my balloon
Christmas tree and it is absolutely adorable I love it’ll pieces so cute
this Christmas tree is definitely perfect for any big Christmas party or
any small gathering for Christmas it will be totally perfect and it is so out
of the box it wasn’t really that hard to make it is a little time-consuming
because you have to blow up all the balloons and by myself it took me about
what I did this in a split of two days for the white balloons that took me
about two hours and for the little ones another two hours today and that’s
because I had to place the confetti inside the transparent balloons but
other than that very easy to make and if you can make this with your kids or with
any friends it will be a fun activity to make you can also choose to make the
tree in a more traditional color like green and you can use ornaments like red
and all the other colorful colors that you will use in a traditional tree that
shows white because in Georgia it doesn’t snow and although I don’t miss
the snow I decided to make it white and I loved it I hope you guys enjoy this
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  1. Awesome unique ideaβ€”tfsπŸ‘πŸ½πŸ‘πŸ½πŸŒΈπŸ‘ΈπŸ½πŸ™πŸ½πŸ’—πŸ‘πŸ½

  2. That is so amazing. Who would have thought of making this, only Tyra, the ballon lady! TFS, and Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  3. I love love love how this came out!!! 😍😍😍😍 you always amaze me with your creativity. You are truly blessed. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I Thought your design was very creative and easy to do for something different at your house or church event for Christmas

  5. I don't comment often not because the diys are not amazing,I'm just speechless. You always putting out beautiful and amazing contents😍😍

  6. Just a little suggestion. Instead of gluing your balloons together. Purchase Link-o-loons or quick links. They have a small tail that doesnt inflate and that can be tied to the end of the balloon in front of it.

  7. Just WOW! I love this β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈ

  8. Just in time for our office Holiday Party. Thanks Tara, I love your step by step instructions. Happy holidays to you and your family.

  9. I’ve been waiting for you to post something spectacular…. I’ve also thought to self if I can do a balloon tree. NICE WORK

  10. Can you put the product list for this project in the details of the video? I am struggling to pause the video to get the exact name and size of each product I’ll need. Please and thank you!

  11. Ok soooo, I decided I wasn’t getting a tree this year. This is a great idea to try out, thanks so much. I’ll share a photo when I complete it. I know Christmas is only a few days away but better late than never lol!

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