I Just had the longest weirdest day or a couple hours ever so Basically what happened is I woke up left Ellen’s apartment they were both sleeping I go to my first meeting at 9:30 hanging out having meetings Okay, so I’ve made it I’m here I’m so excited I’m texting Ellie right now to figure out everything but I’m out of breath because I just went to bed I’m gonna go meet up with Ellie and then head to the area be surprised you Know doesn’t know that we’re going to LA I can’t wait to see her. Yeah, I’m gonna get it on this sign Yeah, I’m actually I was really nervous and we’re over top of Lake Michigan right now and I literally hate going over water we started Our descent so we’re going to land soon forget Ella taking over. It’s our turn now. We’re the creators now We never explained why we were going to LA so early Panda doesn’t know we’re coming shout out to Don’t respond, sir again sending us here and you know what? yeah, because I Guess college and the handles are best friend and we out here to celebrate reveal that we make the content better Happy birthday, you know we love you We swear we mean it. We love you Yeah, we did Emily’s bag we already went through the whole it’s broken face okay, I’m gonna be a so every time she puts this like handle thing down It doesn’t come back up unless I open up my suitcase and going to it underneath all my clothes and we have like two hours Here until our flight exciting. It’s it’s moving. I Feel like when you look down it doesn’t look like it’s moving. This place is kind of like I’m kind of like He’s changed a lot though So, okay, I made it safely to the air B&B basically all the other girls are out getting stuff right now, so I’m alone Why did I want to film this because I know Hannah Would like that and plus it’s super fun and kind of funny what we’re doing. So we’re planning her blowing with summer Say hi. And what? We’ve been planning Hannah surprise 18th birthday out here for the past couple weeks So she thinks she’s just out here for meetings and stay with me But we really have her hometown Friends and Ava and people flying in and we’re gonna stay at an Airbnb and we have like a limp or not Limo, we have like a party bus for tomorrow. I’m so dinner a brunch ruining our hair done I was helping us out with it. So it’s gonna be super fun She doesn’t know any of this right now and the issue is we’re trying to go to party city to get Balloons that say 18 cuz they’re cute and trying to get like snacks with Airbnb But she’s like tracking both me and summer right now and we have her friends flying into trying to figure out like when they’re gonna be here and like what time we surprise her her meetings are over at 2:30 so we have to kind of rush and then oh my oh, we have like 40 minutes We need to meet the Airbnb lady for like the key now. We gotta catch up. So we’ll update you guys. We’re gonna party Basically we have been driving up a mountain. We’re like in the hills. We’re like on top of LA Basically that was the funniest drive ever and I couldn’t even talk it was like dangerous one way Hannah’s annoyed because and I would be too but she’s like stranded at the Grove because She thinks she’s it’s confusing. No one has landed Mackenzie’s here, but we don’t the Airbnb This is terrifying. I’m alone in a house on the hills had the sketchiest uber ride of my life This is just terrifying but I’m gonna give you guys a tour anyway So I just almost okema Kenzie’s Coming really soon summers gonna drop her off and then we’re all going to be here to surprise Hannah Yeah, the plans changed around a little bit just because the timing kind of got messed up But I wanted to give you guys a little tour. That’s where you enter There’s like this huge long staircase, but then you come down here And basically it’s just this big huge free house The kitchen is right here and you walk in and it’s a super open floor pet I don’t know why I’m talking like I’m giving you a tour of my House because I’m scared It was like a bedroom back there. And then this is the living room I guess I don’t freaking know basically the whole house has like a huge balcony and then more balcony over here This is one room then the balcony is over there And then if you like walk through this there’s this other room which I parked myself in and yeah It’s really it’s really cloudy and rainy outside but the pools right there and this is the room that I just left my stuff in and then just Waiting on McKenzie, but the outside would be so pretty if it was sunny outside But it’s like all rainy and cold this little overview. I think that’s a good jacuzzi or something And then this pool supposed to be heated. Let’s see Okay, that’s not heated. Wish me right here when it was sunny hopefully it clears up tomorrow, but I think usually I feel like you would see all of California but it’s just so cloudy that you can’t see anything. This is so weird I just gave you guys a house tour in a house. That’s not even mine. I’m home alone, and I just Hope you enjoyed that really awkward and weird house tour. I’ll see you guys next when the girls get here Like it nervous made it You got we got a little boss but we’re doing well. These stairs are so steep I’m gonna fall and slip, but I’m wearing sandals. Probably not the best choice We did this so fast Anyways, it rolls around for the worth meaning of the day Hi, buddy, oh my god. No, no God I’m nervous I know she’s got I thought she’s gonna cry. I hope she cries It is so pretty here look at our view like Kay Okay, and then we have a pool and a hot dog over there so we are living our best life we Truly are Louie Like what like what is look at that? What is this? It’s so pretty that’s downtown LA The world welcome to That Ariana Grande’s house. No No, that’s not bigoted. It’s not big. Good morning. You guys shallow. What’s the date? I’m trying to vlog It’s February 16th Ok So it’s currently like almost 9:00 and I didn’t vlog at all last night just because like I was in shock and I like wanted to spend my time with my Friends, obviously, but freaking a balloon from Hawaii Literally Emily and Jenny blew in from Michigan and Honestly, like I was surprised too. I was like still really surprised to see like Ava and like kind of summer Mackenzie But they like live in, California Then I was like wait what because Emily and Jenny were here and I was just like so surprised I’m sure like, all the clips are back there and stuff ever like everyone vlogging and getting ready for the day Like I literally had no idea I had like such a like a long day And I thought that we were going to a photo shoot and I was like I get to get some Pictures and like it’ll be fun and she was like just bring your whole suitcase cuz it’ll be like a long night And so I just like packed up my suitcase I did really didn’t think anything of it because like he said it’s like kind of how it works in LA like you just like Kind of like do random things all the time so I thought like we were going to like a mansion in the Hills like with like some cool like chandeliers and stuff and like Taking all these pictures and I was just like so surprised I just wanna say thank you to dope for making this happen seriously like you guys have been that and also of my mom and Ellie for layering this out and then Literally everyone else for planning it and like making the time to come because this is like crazy I don’t know what we’re doing today besides Brunt we’re getting ready. I think we’re going around 11:00 like bro all-star game There’s no Post mates like an hour to have to get here. So there’s just like you just don’t do it Yeah, we and there’s no food when we got here. Yeah. No, there’s no water Yeah, I like open the refrigerator this morning this will come smell like oh whatever Whatever that’s just like a minor inconvenience. Oh, yeah I don’t really know what we’re doing today besides the fact that like we’re going to get brunch and then like getting our hair done And stuff, but see me fun. It’ll be so fun I’m gonna probably are you guys packing like different outfits just in case I think maybe what we should do It’s like take pictures here first over the morning and then change For when we go out to brunch do it like really trying to maximize the time and like everything here because that plate looks crazy Okay, so I’m gonna shower. Let’s see if I factor Can I wear your shoes? Guys, look at the pool hot tub. There’s downtown LA. No, dude. Literally, I could not sleep There like I’m like though I’m like Did your outfit is no oh my god, I literally don’t know how I feel about this though actually like these are like space whatever I need some deodorant For brunch now, I still cannot believe um, I Surprisingly feel amazing for only getting four hours of sleep because I was tweaking last night Like I could not go to bed because like Ava and I like we’re sleeping here and this room is right next to the pool like the pools right there and the pools making like gurgling noises and like the whole house is like surrounded by windows and like screen doors and stuff and we were just like making sure that they were all locked and like I had to put a sound machine thing on YouTube and I woke up and it only set like four hours and 50 minutes. So no sleep, but like I feel great so What this is cheese Yeah That’s what cream. Well, then why is it chunky and it was? Really wise it’s like di wide Okay, so summer and I were like checking out at Urban Outfitters and I like turn behind me and I just see like this girl And I was like bro. I scoffs nice lips Yeah and she did very nice lips and I like like recognized her but I didn’t like know her and then really glance out early like It’s how Angelina Jolie that’s it. Just like a joke is when we walked into the store There’s like paparazzi all outside of the store and people like lippy. Now this happen like everywhere she goes That’s like insane but like she’s going around the rotors. I guess. That’s true You got to get their content somehow I wanted to come out there’s like a bunch of paparazzi of it, you know, you know some people like call the pops on themselves Why am I doing this why am I doing this what is going on? Why is a girl like video in here so close? Oh my god. No, dude. We’re gonna be in back of all these Papa Jolie like Urban Outfitters trip, it’s like summer and I will be in the back Escorted car things We’re at Drybar now, I have to take my barrette Other girls are on their way you guys think of this barrette look Joe. Thank you so much for setting this up Seriously, it’s not the most fun day. We just got back from shopping at Melrose. I just like you guys updated brat driver We’re all gonna get blowout go back to the place Get ready for dinner take pictures go to dinner and I don’t ever know but this is such a fun day We’re going to catch la it’s my favorite place Accidentally said we’re going to catch Already found out it’s fine. I’m so excited Wait, I’ve never seen your hair so curly comment down below that she looks good Absolutely Yeah, how are you doing over there I need to work whoa Oh Summer can’t find a phone but there’s a party bus that’s taking us to do and like no one’s ready Guys, we gotta go summer. Did you find your phone? Go girl He’s always on the right we’re back at the house um, and don’t hide this little present for me I know sorry it was one Anyway don’t gave me like a dinner outfit to wear but like we were actually at work today No, I didn’t wear just a nurse. Oh Yeah, the material that’s like hurts my fingers I don’t know how they got their own dope wrapping What is that? I got got this adorable. I don’t know, It’s a rose, You did? Oh Oh this a dress, right? Oh wait, and these are probably shoes. Yeah. I just looked like you just like you did dressing room I look like a mess literally look at me Ya We all look like a No I could not walk in these but like I’ll try oh my god, these are adorable. Those are rough like the other strap Thank you dote! This is so awkward everyone is watching me and like I’m trying to talk on camera at the same time, but its ok! Thanks dote love you, we love you we really want bread Okay, guys, oh yeah, should I be an exact hi guys summer got me a gift yiewwwww i’m kinda nervous wait wait what yeet you got me this purple fluffy jacket Yeah, I thought it’ll look really good with your brown hair, oh my god, this is perfect do you like it yee im gon wear it on the airplane tomorrow thanks momma your welcome there’s more in there omg what i kinda went off So I was like, oh my god. Wait, I wanted gonna share them all I looked at your Instagram to see what color of jewelry you wear and I think it’s gold. Yeah Okay, bingo bingo was his name. That’s why he is so goodness. So good. Oh summated coffee. Oh, Ellie Thumann My god you gonna open your presents coming in Michigan? Yes. I was I needed to give this to you last night because I also got you this, nooooo thats so cute The reason I got it and there’s one more thing in there hooho that was so cute There’s one more thing in there, what if i talked like that all the time You guys would still love me, right? Yeah. Yeah where’s my scrunchieee Dude I lost mine too World of scrunchies. There’s a scrunchie. Oh hhahah u look so cutee aww Its a water bottle? Yeah, I don’t have any I don’t know. That was a good good side to it for knowledge and like it’s cute. And I thought you good for school Oh my god. Yeah for school like actually need that. Yeah, we’re like no, we really like the only ones who still do public school im feeling personally targeted over here i need a date to senior prom My turn So yeah My reasoning behind this is because I know you love Hawaii and I want you to have something that’s like real Hawaiian Like jewelry because you always like the fake shells Oh, so the reason behind this so these are called sunrise shells you can only find them like 300 feet down so let’s go diving what and back in ancient Hawaiian times only royalty like Wait Ava is like going off right now im like thank god im like did ava dove into the water to get them thats so prettty has like a pearl inside it ava really out here just like outdoing my present like ava like scubadiving to get this im from oregon i couldve gotten you like a pine leaf or something made with Aloha made with love may with high So they would thank you next. Yeah. Yeah, we’re doing where you’re such a cute little plank north roll Preiser the most remote air being via the other experience in my entire life Oh my gosh Yeah, these ava . These are so good Ladies, like perfect. You should like zoom in guys. Should we like go up and like go up. We like act like fans No, no, I mean like should we act like we’re like meeting her and be like finally what took you so long in there My girl Angelina I’m in love with someone

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