Best Hotel in Las Vegas – Cosmopolitan Hotel Review & Pool Party

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  2. Paolo, in the amazing steve wonderland movie, james guadafino says; 'at our hotel we have an iron in every room, so you can iron your clothes and a hairdryer to.' where's the iron and hairdryer? never mind, the cosmopolitan is my next hotel stay in Las Vegas.

  3. This guy sounds like a 2am get rich quick infomercial. I was there last year and was disappointed for how things are falling apart in that hotel. The elevator was broken for three days. The pool? Looks nice but to sit there cost money!!! Wicked spoon use to be good when I was there in 2015. But last year, IT SUCKS!!! Less food to choose from and not worth the price. Starbuck coffee? Sure if you're will to wait in line for an hour. Not the best Hotel!!!

  4. Stayed there a few times. As recently as 3 weeks ago. Had the same view you had from the big tower on the 57th floor. I love that hotel.

  5. just got back from vegas,, was there at the bellagio,, after watching this, next year Cosmopolitan!!! please let me know if the room has a name?? I want to have that same view??? how should i request it??

  6. This is the room I want, going for my 50th birthday in may 2020, been 3 times stayed in mgm, bellagio and Excalibur, saw this being built then went in a few years later, looking forward to going back to stay

  7. Wish everyone was this positive and happy in thier reviews of this nice hotel.Great video btw which tower do u recommend?i booked a one bedroom strip view

  8. You are freaking awesome for making this video. My husband and I were thinking about staying at the Cosmopolitan for our 20-year anniversary and thanks to your video our decision is made. Thank you so much for making this video.😊

  9. This reminds me of my vacation to las vegas. Gosh i wish i could go back to the past and do it all over again. I love modurn stuff

  10. I've been to the Aria, Bellagio, but I really want to see the Cosmo. The way it lights up at night keeps me attracted.

  11. Well the cosmopolitan has 2 brothers the mandarin oriental and the aria hey why don’t you check those both hotels out they are great and also my hotel was the palazzo

  12. Thanks for the great video man. I'm hoping to stay at The Cosmo or ARIA this summer. You definitely looked like you enjoyed your stay.

  13. 8:08 is so disgusting. i'm also not liking your fake amazement at everything. take it down a notch.

  14. Excellent superb review! Great editing also! Initially, I was turned off by the Croc shoes. (Huge no-no). But your enthusiasm and solid review made me want to watch another one of your video. Great Job, Thanks!

  15. If u ain't black or Spanish it's definitely a nice hotel and casino other than that who ever runs that place is a fucking racist !

  16. Not a cool place if your black……security hates black people at this establishment even kids get the ruff treatment from these so called Christian's….

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  18. the Venetian hotel is actually more impressive. And the buffet at Caesar's is also very good from what I hear. The line was long when I went though. If you go in Vegas def check out the volcano show at the Mirage. It is free!

  19. As General Contractor, our company build this same time as next door CityCenter. it opened by end of 2010. I was working here for last 6 months before grand opening after transferred from Citycenter project. i managed three pools and Gym/Salon furniture installation. that was such a fun time to go around many times in the building each every day, we ate at all restaurants and buffet free at first two days of grand opening just shown our badge. their buffet is still the best in town. Old days, the hotel rooms in Vegas has NO balconies designed like you are sitting on but this one does.

  20. I just uploaded my own Crazy Vegas Story!! My buddy got drunk and made out with a guy lol Check it out on my Channel!!! Thanks!

  21. I work for The Cosmopolitan and I am your subscriber! I'm glad that you enjoyed staying with us! Btw, I'm going to Tokyo in November and all your Japan videos are so helpful for us to prepare our trip!!!! Sending hugs from Vegas!

  22. man this video is amazing, i was trying to figure out which hotels to book for a xmas trip. Now I definitely will book the cosmo!!

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