Best Office Birthday Pranks

One of my coworkers is having a birthday.
What are some of best office birthday pranks? Give him or her cubicle as a gift. Cover it
with wrapping paper or a cloth cover that looks like a gift. I don’t think management would allow that. Turn the cubicle into a party zone. But a
plastic barrier across the door or use duct tape to turn the space into a barrier. Then
fill the cubicle with balloons. That prank has been over-played. Then fill it with styrene packing peanuts. Too much of a mess. Take a fourth wall off another cube and use
it to fill in his cube, so he can’t get in until it has been removed. The union won’t let anyone move a phone,
much less cubicle walls. Put police tape or caution tapes in front
of the cube. Then you don’t have to structurally change anything, but it still creates a funny
pause. I’ve heard about putting foil over everything
in someone’s office. Or papering the cubicle with Post It Notes or newspaper. That’s a lot of work. Then tell a joke that ends with the line,
“I quit”, and see if you can get the birthday person to say it. Would that really be funny? Empty everything out of his cube, setting
it up in another cube. Though you have to be careful so that the birthday boy doesn’t
think he’s been downsized and leave. Too dangerous, in case the person quits or
HR gets angry. Or if you can’t touch his cube, use a plastic
wrap roll to wrap his or her car. Not something to do on his expensive car.
I’d get his with an insurance claim. Put a simple post it note on the bottom of
the person’s mouse. The mouse won’t work because the mouse ball isn’t moving, but
it may take them a few minutes to figure out. Simple and easy to correct, sounds good. Or fill the person’s desk drawers with candy.
They’ll enjoy the free food, and you don’t get IT mad at you. That’s more a gift than a prank. If it works for a coworker, try it!

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