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– Hey guys, today I’m gonna share with you one of my favorite cold
weather comfort foods, Chicken and Biscuits. This dish is like wrapping yourself up in a warm, cozy blanket, especially if you’re stuck in cold weather where it’s snowy, rainy,
or just plain gray, this is the dish for you. It’s also a great one for
a Sunday night dinner, because there is nothing
that will bring a family to the table quicker than
Chicken and Biscuits. Let me show you how to make it. So, the first thing we’re gonna do is make the base of our sauce. So in a large stock pot, you
wanna melt two tablespoons of butter, then to that you’re gonna add a combination of diced
onion, diced celery, and diced carrots. Then you also wanna
season with a little salt and pepper to taste. And then, you can turn your flame down, put on the lid, and let
them cook for about five to seven minutes, just until they’re nice and fork tender. We’re then gonna add 1/3
cup of dry white wine, now if you don’t drink you
could totally leave it out, you’re not gonna ruin the
dish, and 1/4 teaspoon of dried thyme. And you just wanna cook
the vegetables in that wine until it reduces by about half. And at that point, you’re
gonna add four cups of chicken broth, bring
that up to a simmer, and meanwhile in a small
glass you’re gonna add two tablespoons of corn
starch and two tablespoons of cold water. Mix that up with a fork,
and basically we’re creating what’s known as a slurry,
and we’re gonna add the slurry to the simmering broth. And, this is gonna help
thicken up our mixture. And then we’re gonna add
1/4 cup of heavy cream. So yes, this is comfort food,
but if you didn’t wanna add heavy cream, you could
swap it out for milk. And then we’re also gonna
add one to two dashes of Worcestershire Sauce,
just to give it a nice depth, a 1/2 cup of frozen peas, and
a tablespoon of fresh thyme. And at this stage, your
sauce is ready to go and we’re ready for our chicken. Now for this, I am just
using two chicken breasts that I have roasted at 425
degrees for about 30 minutes. So you can go ahead and remove the chicken from the bone and just
shred it with two forks. And, you can throw that in the pot. Then you can take this
mixture and transfer it into an oven-safe casserole. Now if you were serving
this dish for a party, at this stage you could stop right here and put some foil on it
and pop it in your fridge. Then when you’re ready to
serve, all you have to do is make the biscuits, put
it on top and bake it, and that would be a great time saver. Now to make the biscuits,
it’s a really simple process, they’re just gonna be drop
biscuits, so there’s no rolling or cutting necessary. In a large bowl, you’re
just gonna add two cups of flour, a tablespoon of baking powder, now that sounds like a
lot but you do need it in order for them to
rise up and really expand to cover the casserole. A 1/4 teaspoon of baking
soda and a teaspoon of salt, so go ahead and whisk that up until everything is combined. And then we are going
to add four tablespoons of very cold butter. Then you can go ahead
and combine the butter with the flour just by using your hands until you get a nice coarse mixture. Then you’re gonna add 2/3
cup of grated Gruyere cheese, a tablespoon of fresh
parsley that’s been chopped, and a tablespoon of minced dill. It’s really nice to add the
fresh herbs to the biscuits, because it does balance out the heaviness of the dish and gives it a nice freshness. So you can mix that all up with a fork, and then we’re gonna add a cup of milk. And just stir that all up until
you get a really nice dough, and then you wanna allow this to rest for about five minutes, just
to give the baking powder and soda a chance to activate. Then, you’re gonna take an ice cream scoop and you’re gonna scoop out the dough and pop it right on top of your casserole. Give them enough room to spread out because they will rise up and expand. Now once everything’s nice and positioned, you can then pop this in a 425 degree oven for about 35 to 40 minutes. And you’ll notice, you wanna check on it every 10 minutes or so,
because as those biscuits start to bake, they will
expand and you can go in there with your hand and just
gently kind of reposition them to make sure that they’re
actually covering the casserole. So that’s okay, you’re not
gonna hurt it by doing that. And once those biscuits
are nice and golden brown and that sauce is bubbling
underneath, you are ready to take it out and
present it to the table. And you will see, everybody
will just dig right in. It is the perfect cold
weather dish, that will take the chill off your bones. You will be craving
this the morning after, I’m telling you. Every time we make it, we
wake up the next morning and say, “Is it wrong to
have it for breakfast?” It’s that good. And remember, for all of the
recipes in printable format, you can now head over to my
blog, and you can find this recipe there. All right you guys, I’ll
see you back here next week for another easy and delicious recipe. Until then, bye! (banjo music)

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  1. Hey Beth…….oh yeah, I would definitely eat this for breakfast ! Thank you so much for this delicious looking recipe, what could be more tastier than chicken and biscuits 🙂

  2. +entertainingwithbeth Will you do some recipes on meals for two? Maybe a date night series? or a video on how to scale down a recipe, if it's possible? I love your recipes but there's only two of us in my house and we're not great on finishing leftovers 😉

  3. The lazy girl in me would just drop my biscuits right into my Dutch oven and shove the whole thing in the oven-no casserole pan needed. 😉

  4. Oh yes! A warm comforting dish to look forward to after all my exhausting midterms. 😀 Thanks Beth! Always love your videos.

  5. I've always wanted to know what biscuits taste like. Living in the UK this is something i've seen on cooking channels, but never tasted them. Some people say it's like scones in the UK but ours are sweet, are biscuits sweet?

  6. I made this for dinner right after watching this yesterday and it was fantastic!!
    And, I'm having left overs for breakfast! lol

  7. Hello Beth! I am a absolute superfan of ur channel and have been watching since the first week! This recipe looks great!😀😀😄I would like to request something. My favorite dessert is three berry pie, or and fruit cheesecake such as strawberry, blueberry, etc. Can you please make one of these? Thank you so much for teaching me how to cook!!


  8. That was so easyyyy!!! I loved it! I think I'll try a vegetarian version with some mushrooms instead of the chicken :9

  9. This is such a yummy, hearty, homestyle meal that's perfect for any gloomy day like you said! I'd try this in my dorm 🙂

  10. Beth, i just made this … it's cooling now, hoping it will turn own absolutely delicious!! you made it sounds just heavenly. thank you for always making your recipes so easy… i love that! ( :

  11. Haven't tasted it yet, but it was fun to make.  Love your videos.  Keep  coming especially for Passover.

  12. Hi Beth I'm a new subscriber and I absolutely love your videos! They are so inspirational and look delicious I just wanted to let you know your videos are so amazing I really think you should have 1,000,000,000 subscribers you deserve it! Hopefully you will respond

  13. Family tasted your recipe and it turned a grumpy husband into a happy one.  The family gave thumbs up.  I will make this again!  I will add we eat kosher style.  I replaced all dairy items with pareve  butter and instead of milk, I used pareve sour cream.

  14. I've been watching your chanel for a couple of weeks now. I was angry a while ago so I decided to come and watch some of your videos. I love seeing how passionate you are about what you do. Thank you so much for creating these videos. This is my escape place. 💕💕

  15. Beth great recipe I can't wait to try it!! Could you make a video on seafood chowder please?? I'm dying to learn how to make it but I only trust you haha 🙂

  16. +Entertaining With Beth No problem your the only you tuber I've seen work so hard in a really long time !

  17. Made this tonight for my family. It was really delicious! I added spinach to it, only because I had it, and used milk and no wine. Can't wait to have leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Thank you for this great recipe.

  18. What a fantastic dish, simple, satisfying and healthy dish (changed cream to coconut cream). Winter is upon us in New Zealand here, a great week night family dish! Have you thought to make a cookbook, I will definitely buy it 🙂

  19. The weather declined so much b/c of the heavy rain today. I knew I had to make this for dinner. My son's reaction was: "Wow mom, you are becoming fancy! " The whole family agreed on the taste: It was super delicious AND I couldn't believe I had made biscuits from scratch. Thanks Beth.

  20. I don't know how I stumbled on your channel Beth, but I am so thankful I did. I literally want to make everything in your videos they all look soo good!

  21. I didnt have peas this time makin this dish but used green beans .pretty good I like peas better!!! thanks beth this is a wonderful recipe!! 🙂

  22. Rosemary would also be AMAZING with this!!! Rosemary tastes WONDERFUL with chicken, as well as roast beaf, IMO.Sadly, I am the only one in my family who likes herbs. My Mom has such a strong sense of smell that everything tastes "bitter" to her.

  23. hi beth! I was wondering that if its OK to leave out the wine since I dont want my younger cousins to drink wine.

  24. I forgot to put the butter in the dough! I pushed a square of refrigerator hard butter into each of the biscuits before putting them on the top, I hope it works!

  25. I only added more thickener, a bit of sage! First time I had these, got invited to dinner by a lady many years ago. They were so awful that I had to eat many hot peppers in order to eat them. I didn’t want to be disrespectful! I had no peas or white wine, but made them for dinner anyway! They were delicious! This being comfort food can’t compare, to more sophisticated dishes, but put them on a buffet table, and everyone would share my opinion! Thank you for sharing your recipe!

  26. I followed the recipe and made this tonight. The whole family loved it! My 5 year old son even did a "yummy" dance. Thanks for your time and work making these videos!

  27. I made this and it was delicious but not enough sauce and came out too dry for my personal taste so I will definitely double it next time! I like smothering the biscuits with the sauce!

  28. Just made this dish. Not the quickest thing to make, but well worth the time. Plus the biscuits taste great and make the dish look pretty too 🙂
    Thanks Beth for posting ..

  29. Hi Beth, I made your chicken & Biscuit casserole for dinner tonight, our friends were so impressed as my husband & I were. So delicious, we all ate more than we should have, but couldn’t help ourselves😂 Thank you so much for the recipe. ❤️👏🏻👏🏻👍

  30. Just finished making this and eating it for dinner and it was SOOO amazing. I tweaked the chicken filling part a bit to my taste but used the exact ingredients (minus dill) and used habanero pepper jack cheese. The biscuits were so good! I will be making the biscuits again just to eat with other things. 10/10!

  31. Mmmmmm yesssss!!!! Made this a few weeks ago and want to make it again for dinner tonight. But I have a question, how do you keep your leftovers?? Freeze or just refrigerate.

  32. Hi Beth, love this and 👍 from me. Can I substitute the cheese you used with cheddar cheese as its the one we have here. Will it change the consistency of biscuits? Xx

  33. I made your recipe this evening! It was delicious! I got lazy and bought a box of the red lobster biscuit mix instead of making my own. Haha. Thanks for the recipe! ☺️

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