Beth’s Easiest Easter Dinner Ever!

– Hey guys, if you are
stressing about what to serve for Easter dinner, I have
got just the thing for you. It is my slow roasted lamb
with a mustard tarragon sauce, caramelized shallots, and
a Provencal style tomato. It is as easy as it gets, I promise. Let me show you how
quick it comes together. So we’re gonna be working
with a full rack of lamb, which typically will include eight chops, but it’s good to double-check, because I’ve seen some
that sometimes have seven. I don’t know why. So if you’re feeding four
people, it’s really best to have two chops per
person, so double-check. You also wanna make sure that your butcher can trim your lamb for you. So what you’re looking for is
a French trim or French cut, and what that will do is trim back the fat to also expose the little bones, and that will just make
it easier to roast, cause you won’t have a
lot of fat to deal with, and it just looks prettier on the plate. So the day before, you can
season your lamb on all sides with salt and pepper and
some minced rosemary, and I find around the holiday time fridge space can really be at a premium, so with something like
this I will just pop it in a resealable plastic
bag, and it takes up so much less space in your fridge. Then about an hour or so before
you plan to serve your meal, you wanna brush off the rosemary, because it’s already really
well seasoned at this point, and if you try to sear the
lamb with the rosemary, it’ll just burn and
create not a good look. So it’s good to just brush that part off. Then in a large skillet,
you wanna add a tablespoon of olive oil, and once
that gets nice and hot and shimmering, you’re
going to place your lamb in, and just sear it quickly on all sides. So you wanna get the
meaty side, the fat side, even the ends, and this should really only take three to four minutes. You’re really just
looking to sear the meat. We don’t wanna actually
wanna cook it this way. We’re going to slow roast it in the oven, which is going to make it super tender, but the searing just
helps lock in the flavor, and will create a really nice exterior. Then once your lamb is all
seared off, you can transfer that to a plate, and
don’t rinse out the pan, because there’s a ton of
flavor in that pan between all of the lamb drippings, and the olive oil, and we’re going to use this
to caramelize our shallots in. So you’re gonna be working
with three whole shallots, so when you buy a shallot,
there’s actually two bulbs in there, so it’s really like six bulbs. It may feel like a ton of shallots, but I tell you the crispy,
caramelized shallots are the best part, and
there’s never enough. (laughs) People always
fight over the shallots, so you definitely wanna use
at least three whole shallots. And then you wanna quarter them, so that you have a nice flat cut side. And this is something you totally could get done the day before. You could peel your
shallots, have them all cut, pop in a bowl, and have them ready to go. Then you’re gonna place
your shallots cut side down in the hot oil, and
just let them sit there. Don’t even touch them for at
least two to three minutes, and then when you lift them
up, you’ll see they’ll be a beautiful caramelized
brown, and then just flip them looking for another
cut side, and then once all your cut sides are
caramelized, you can put them on their backs, and then add a
teaspoon of balsamic vinegar. And then you can stir that all up, and it’ll create a really
delicious, flavorful shallot that is going to continue to caramelize when we put it in the oven with the lamb. Now to prep the tomatoes, you
wanna just slice off the tops, and then drizzle each one with
a little bit of olive oil, and then in a small bowl we’re going to create a really delicious
breadcrumb mixture. So I like to do three tablespoons
of just plain breadcrumbs and one tablespoon of panko breadcrumbs. I think the panko gives
it a little extra crunch and adds another interesting texture, and then you’re also
gonna add half a teaspoon of Herbs de Provence, a little
salt and pepper to taste, and a tablespoon of
freshly minced parsley. And then you can whisk that all up until everything’s combined,
and then you also wanna add two tablespoons of melted butter. And you can whisk that up, and you’ll see you have a nice, wet crumb. Then we’re gonna place our
tomatoes also on the sheet pan and top them with the breadcrumbs. Now we have our whole
meal on this sheet pan. This is why I love this recipe so much. It is all ready to go,
and you’re gonna place it in a 325 degree Fahrenheit oven
for about 20 to 25 minutes. So the real indication
of when it’s done is that the lamb has reached
160 degrees Fahrenheit. For me that’s the perfect
temperature to serve lamb, because it’ll be just
medium, so just pink inside, and it’s also the perfect amount of time to soften those tomatoes, so
that they’re nice and roasted, and caramelize the shallots. See it all works out perfectly. Now the trick with lamb
is really to let it rest at least 15 to 20 minutes,
because it is so juicy that all those juices
will just spill right out. You really wanna make sure
that it is perfectly intact, so I think 15 to 20
minutes is the way to go, but during that time we
can make our mustard sauce. So for the sauce, this
is the decadent part, so a little goes a long
way, but it is so good. We’re gonna use a cup of heavy cream, two tablespoons of Dijon mustard, two tablespoons of whole grain mustard, cause it’s really nice to
have the combination of both. They both have slightly different flavors, and obviously different
textures, so I like to use both. And three to five dashes
of Worcestershire sauce, and then after it starts to thicken a bit, you can then add your two tablespoons of freshly minced tarragon,
which is a wonderful flavor combination against the mustards. Then you can leave your
sauce just like this on a low flame while you carve the lamb. So to carve your lamb, you
wanna take it by the bones, and place it upright, and
then going in between each rib take a sharp chef’s knife, and just slice it down the middle. And then you’ll end up with all
these beautiful little chops and I say serve two to a plate, nestle in those caramelized shallots, and then one of those
delicious looking tomatoes, and you will see you
will have one fantastic and easy Easter dinner. Now for an easy dessert
to pair with this meal, you can click this playlist
here, and that will take you to my five easy Easter desserts, and I’ll see you over there. Until then, bye.

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  1. Hi, Beth. Your Easter dinner look simply beautiful, and you look so pretty in that outfit. What's your best tip for making the best pancakes? Take care of yourself, cutie pie. I'm looking forward to my 30th birthday on April 19. <3

  2. I have been waiting for you to upload the video Yum looks delicious tell george i love him soooooooooo much and i say hi to him love dogs love your videos making me hungry Thanks Ramya

  3. It’s Saturday and 10am on the east coast and haven’t had breakfast yet… and I am watching Lamb Chops 😋

  4. Hi Beth! What if I like my meat well done. Would it be best to remove the tomatoes and shallots and continue cooking the lamb or can the temperature be adjusted so they all still cook together? Thanks!!

  5. 🤗🤩😍💛🌼THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!🌼💛😍🤩🤗 I've been meaning to search your videos and haven't. Now here it is! YOU'RE AWESOME!🤗 💛🌼💛God bless you!💛🌼💛

  6. I think I'll also make a risotto ro go with his meal. I'm betting my two teen boys will not be fighting over the tomatoes but I'll make them at least eat half to taste it. Sometimes they realize they enjoy the veggies I force them to try!😉😄🤣

  7. I am always amazed that you can make the most difficult dishes look possible to master.  Thank you for sharing.

  8. Good morning Beth! ☀️
    This Easter dinner option is FABULOUS!!
    Talk about a "fancy dinner" that's really simple to make, YAY ME!!
    As always, I like how you explain your recipe step-by-step.
    How you show us it's really not that difficult to cook. 😊
    Major kudos to you Beth!!
    Have a nice day! 🌷

  9. Got to agree with the other commentators, was eagerly awaiting for your Easter menu. I always served smoked ham chops with dried fruit glaze, ginger rice and roasted asparagus. I am ready for a change and your menu looks delish!!

  10. This looks fantastic. Beth, do you let the lamb rest on the hot baking sheet? Or on a cutting board? Covered, or uncovered?

  11. Oh too bad my fiancé is a vegetarian 😱 love this video though 😉 where did you get this long small whisk?

  12. I loved this so so much! It’s sort of like a call back to your full menu videos which I absolutely loved 💙

    I’m always really scared to cook lamb but you make it look so easy! And this recipe looks amazing so I can’t wait to try it!

    Question though; when you rest the lamb doesn’t it go cold? I find my lamb always gets lukewarm and it’s not as appetising! I think London is just super cold… can you rest lamb in a warming drawer? Xxx

  13. Lamb is exactly what I'm making for Easter this year, but I'm doing your kind of lamb. Thanks Beth!♥️♥️😋

  14. This looks amazing! Do you think there’d be any way to make the sauce non-dairy? I’m allergic, but this meal looks SO amazing. The heavy cream is the only thing in the meal I’d need to substitute.

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