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– Hey guys, I’m back
this week with another real time recipe for you. If you are new to this format,
this is where I make dinner in 15 minutes or less in real time, so that you can see
just how quick and easy it can be to get dinner on the table. And today, I am going to share with you a recipe for when it’s
just too hot to cook, which is usually in the middle of summer. This is kind of my go to meal. It’s less of a recipe than really an idea. All we’re gonna do is
just lots of cutting, chopping and assembly, my kind
of summer week night meal. Okay, so the first thing we’re
gonna do is prep our melon. So I have a melon here
that I am just going to cut in half, just like this. And these are my favorite kinds of melons, the kinds where you can see right here with this green ribbing. This is actually a Golden Kiss melon, but also a Tuscan melon
would also be great. So I’m just gonna scoop out the seeds, and melons are at their height
of perfection right now. So you can just see how beautiful, the fragrance of this
melon is unbelievable. They’re so ripe and so beautiful, so we want to take advantage of what’s in season. That’s the best part of summer, right? Okay, so we’re gonna scoop those out. There we go. So I’m just gonna move this to the side. Now that our melons are
all seeded and ready to go, we are just gonna cut them in half, this, and then we’re gonna cut this one in half. And then we’re gonna
cut it again, quarters. There we go. Now this dinner is enough for like really two to three people or it
would make a great starter too for four or five people. So my husband and I will
make this for dinner a lot of the times, and
the girls love melons so it’s easy for them to eat
that with the prosciutto. Let’s see, but a lot of times
especially in the summer in France, my in-laws will
serve melon as a first course, which we really don’t do
that here in the States. Melon’s usually a dessert, but it’s great, they’ll serve it with just a little salt and pepper and
it’s just such a great way to start a meal. Alright, now we are going
to just remove the rind. Carefully. (chuckles) You don’t cut your fingers here. I think I better set
that down, there we go. Like that, see and then you
have this little melon boat. Then we’re gonna place our little boat on the platter. This, just like that. Usually get about eight or 10 boats here. Let’s see, this is also
a good one for a brunch because the sweet and
the savory of the melon and we’re gonna top it
with the prosciutto, it’s so good. Let’s see, gosh this
melon is like beautiful. Melons are also a great thing to grow if you have a garden going. They do take a lot of
space, so I will say that. You just put like a
few seeds in the ground and they will take off
because they’re one of those climbing vines like zucchini or squash, you need a lot of room for them. Okay, let’s see, enough here. This is probably the hardest
most time consuming part (chuckles) of the recipe
but the rest of it is gonna go pretty quick. Okay, let’s see. I better not over do it,
I’m going to save this melon for some breakfast and
we’ll just go with that. Oh, excuse me, okay. Now the other thing
we’re gonna do is just go take our prosciutto here and
when you get to the store, if you have the choice, I say always go with the imported prosciutto. I think the quality is
better than the domestic. It’s a little more expensive
but I find you’re not usually using that much of it. Usually about a quarter
of a pound to half a pound feeds two to four people. See, and then you want them
to slice it really thin. See how beautiful that is? Because it’s a pretty salty
meat, so if you had it thinly sliced it doesn’t end
up being as overpowering. And then we are just gonna
delicately drape our prosciutto over our melon. See how pretty that is? Okay, I usually will put one
to two pieces of prosciutto on the melon, just like that. There ya go. And then you could also just
serve a little prosciutto on the side, if you would like as well, because sometimes you want
to have a little bit more prosciutto than you have melon. There you go, first course ready to go. So now I’m just gonna set this aside. And I’m gonna get this other platter here and this is gonna be for our tomato salad. Let’s give ourselves some room here. Okay, I’m gonna keep our
prosciutto wrapped up. Okay, now see how easy that was? Now the next step is going to be this beautiful tomato salad. And in the summertime
I’ve got all my tomatoes that are just coming up and ripening and this is the perfect type of salad to serve with that. So, we’re gonna start with burrata cheese. Now if you’re not familiar with burrata it’s a type of mozzarella. And these are the kinds
that I think are best when they come in this
little pouch like this, ’cause you know it’s really fresh. And we’re gonna unwrap it, and they have these
beautiful curds inside. I’m actually gonna show
you what that looks like when we’re all said and done here. I’ll taste it and I’ll cut
into it and you can see. You see they come in these little pouches and I’m just going to
pop them in the center. See, look how beautiful that is. Like that, and this is where
you’re getting all the protein, so that’s why this is a meal
that actually will fill you up because between the prosciutto and the protein of the
cheese, you’re good. Alright. Yep, let’s get rid of
my messy papers here. Okay, now for the beautiful
crown and glory, the tomatoes. So one of the reasons why I love to grow multicolored tomatoes is because of this. To have a beautiful salad
that is so colorful. So normally I’ll do like
purple tomatoes like this, like these look like Cherokee Purples, just some, you know, basic
red tomatoes are always good. And then of course, some yellow tomatoes. So here we get some of these. Now if you want to learn more about how to grow your own tomatoes, you can head on over to my garden channel and watch my tutorial all
about growing tomatoes. Okay, so let’s start
maybe with these big meaty purple tomatoes, so we’re
just gonna slice them, like this. Now tomatoes, you don’t want
to ever put them in the frig because it will really start
to affect their texture. The best place for a tomato
is right on your window sill or your countertop. Okay, we’re gonna place these all around. Now here’s what I do because, you know, I do like to be decorative. Even though it’s a quick and easy meal, it doesn’t take that much effort. We’re going to just get
the red and the yellow, get these going, and we are
going to alternate our colors. See that’s why this is gonna be so pretty. So we’re gonna do red,
then we’re gonna do yellow, oh that’s really the purple,
purple, sort of purple, yellow, red, and then we’re just gonna go all the way around here, like this, there. And this is just such a great way to use up all of these beautiful tomatoes that are suddenly starting to appear. There, see look how beautiful. It looks kinda strange
because you’ve got those green seeds in it, but
don’t let that fool you. There is a ton of flavor in
these Cherokee Purple tomatoes, and they are so delicious. And that’s the other thing that’s nice about a salad like this is each tomato kinda has a slightly different taste so it makes a simple
salad really interesting. Now, let’s see. Maybe we’ll put another, one like that. And then you can just kinda fill in where you want, this is
probably enough tomatoes. Let’s see. Put these back. Okay, these tomatoes also make a beautiful easy tomato sauce if you
threw them all in the oven and just roasted them. That’s another really easy meal that you can do with home grown tomatoes. Okay, there we go. Alright, so now we’re
going to just drizzle some of this gorgeous
extra virgin olive oil all over our salad. So when you get to the
store you’ll see lots of different types of olive oil and for salads I always like
to use extra virgin olive oil because that’s the oil that
has all the flavor in it. And that is because it is
the first press of the olive so it’s really dark green, it’s beautiful, it’s delicious, it’s great for a salad that is simple like
this ’cause there isn’t a lot of other things going on. So you just want the purest,
most beautiful olive oil. And then because the tomatoes
are pretty, you know, acidic, they sort of create their own juice, I don’t put any vinegar on it. You’ll see, the tomatoes are enough. Alright, and then we’re gonna take just some of this Fleur de sel sea salt. The reason why I like the Fleur de sel is because it’s salt
without being overly salty, if that makes sense. It’s a beautiful finishing
salt to put on salads or tomatoes like this. And then we’re just gonna
put a little pepper. Like that. And then the final step
is our gorgeous basil, which this is another
video, you can head over to the garden channel to learn
how to grow your own basil. But I do like to have a
combination of colors, because I think it’s so
pretty to use the green basil and the purple basil. You see, this is what you get
when you grow your own basil. It can be hard a lot of
times in the grocery store to find purple basil. But when it’s just outside
in a pot, easy peasy right? Okay, and then we’re just gonna
give this a chop like that. I think I need a better knife than that. I like to keep it kinda
rough because I think it just looks pretty good that way. There you go, and then
we’re gonna sprinkle it just on the cheese, like that. On the tomatoes, okay. So now we have our beautiful tomato salad and let’s not forget our
gorgeous prosciutto melon. There you have it, dinner
in 15 minutes or less. I love this idea because it’s
so beautiful, it’s so summery. The whole thing is at room temperature and if you don’t want to cook
in the hot summer months, this is the go to meal. Alright, now I did promise
I was gonna show you, hang on, what the burrata
cheese looked like. So let’s just dig in and
you’ll be able to take a look. Let’s see. See when you cut into it, you can see. You see that beautiful,
beautiful curds in there? My kids call it the chewing gum cheese ’cause it does sort of
look like chewing gum, but it’s so delicious, it’s
so good with the tomatoes. I gonna just try this. I’m gonna do small bites. So that I can talk after, okay. Yum, you see you take a
little tomato with the basil and the cheese, down the hatch, ready? Hmm. So delicious. So creamy, so fresh, so summery. I hope you guys give this one a try and let me know what you think. And I will see you back here next time for another delicious and easy recipe. Until then, bye. ♫ You know I could’ve been a painter ♫ Mix in some color to your life’s ♫ Create a disaster piece ♫ Named the man and he ♫ Is god of the wive ♫ Some day ♫ La la la la la la ♫ One way ♫ La la la la la la la ♫ Some day ♫ We can make it out of here

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