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  1. Mmmmm hmmmm…. I’m glad Bette is being a part of this special, but why didn’t she actually partake in the special when they filmed it. Kathy Najimy is the only lead witch that was there in person. SJP did a pretaped thing, and it seems Bette just got added. She wasn’t in any of the promos.

  2. I love this movie. I’ve seen it every year around Halloween time since I was little. There are SO MANY people like me who do the same thing. It’s perfect.

  3. Uff da! I just got a soft-on. Why the long face, whinny? And her daughter is just as ugly – that horseface prefers snacks like peeled carrots, sun-dried hay and sugar cubes. She doesn't mind having her hooves checked and she likes to have her mane stroked.

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