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  1. He was a great athlete but also a rapist, this is the people that then lectures us about believing all victims and tells who we have to vote for. Yes I know I shouldn’t say that here but that’s why you get when you mix these entertainers with politics.

  2. She looks pregnant. Or am I reachin lol regardless this was a sweet tribute. I only hope she didn't get paid for it ….. Awkwarddd

  3. 800 thumbs down!??? You people the 800+ shame on you. This is a tribute for a very special man and his daughter. Rip Coby

  4. She also changes “you kill me boy” to “just kiss me boy”, so hard to listen to it and think of what happened.

  5. Great tribute to Kobe thru the friendship they had!! Beyoncé pulled it off thru emotions she was feeling. Would of loved P Diddy performing “ I’ll be missing You”.

  6. You see and hear soo much love and maturity in Beyoncé voice and appearance I love this Beyoncé to life ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. Why do people come and dislike this ??!?! Even if she was badly singing ,she is paying tribute to a friend ,I don’t understand ,I’m really trying to understand

  8. It feels like FOREVER since I've seen Bey perform and it sucks it had to be for this reason. God bless the Bryant Family and friends. Heartbreaking tragedy R. I. H.

  9. don’t really listen to beyoncé like that, of course I know her og’s but this is has always been my favourite song from her, beautiful vibes.

  10. This was an interesting choice for a memorial service 🤔 I would have preferred a Gospel song. Nevertheless, she sang beautifully.

  11. This a very classic performance but very emotional. I wonder what the wife will be going through as Beyoncé sing😢❤️❤️😘

  12. Those who doesn't respect the dead should go to hell like some of yall are crazy and she just said this is he's fave song of all. But i'm sure you guys aren't into these kind of music you want someone like 6 nine to do it or some young rapper or heck nicki minaj which i don't think she can do this kind of style of music. But you guys are probably the ones to send so much dislikes.

  13. As soon as she started singing I tried not to cry. She doesn’t sound her usual self, she sounds so broken. I’m so sorry to his family too 😔😕

  14. This is what set off the tears!!! I just let it out today. I didn’t even want to hold back and hide it even from my kids. It really hit me today….💔

  15. Welp let me agree with the few ….. Ummmmm Usher sung Amazing Grace horrible idea …. Beyonce is to iconic for this setting and i mean to be honest she's not the greatest singer live . no hate but Jennifer Hudson, Fantasia , H.E.R, a pure vocalist it's a memorial not a concert BAD choice !!

  16. RIP
    John Altobelli
    Keri Altobelli
    Alyssa Altobelli
    Sarah Chester
    Payton Chester
    Ara Zobayan
    Christina Mauser💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝

  17. i knew for a fact beyonce would be singing for the service cause honestly what better person to do this for kobe and gigi and for vanessa n the kids 💕

  18. This is one of my favorites too. I'm glad Kobe had good taste and is enjoying the melody in heaven. I hope his family and friends find peace.

  19. My little son mistakingly turned town my YouTube videos many time, this has made me realize that some thumbs down might not have been done deliberately.
    I don't know this so though, but I love it.

  20. This still feels so unreal, I cannot even fathom what Vanessa and her family is going through. To have lost one just the love of her life but her baby too.

  21. Why can’t she cover up? Someone give Beyonce a tank top to cover up her cleavage … like ugh it’s a funeral. Why do I have to see your boobs?

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