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A husband-wife in America. They are an awesome couple. They never have arguments, fights, ego clashes. There’s a little secret to it. That wife shared that secret I’m going to share that secret with you in this video Message for this week – Week 30 Karaikudi Sa Balakumar Long long ago, this couple was also like every other couple They would fight, argue, have ego clashes, resentment etc But one specific incident in their life changed everything. The same incident shook everyone in the world too. 9/11 – the day when twin tower was attacked. On 9/11 morning also, that couple had a fight, argument. The husband went to office later. Within few hours after he left, the twin towers were attacked Every TV channel was featuring the same news – Osama Bin Laden, Twin tower attack, terrorist group etc The wife switched on the TV, happened to watch the news, and was shell shocked Because her husband’s office was located in that same building She was breatheless She started crying The fight, arguement she had with her husband before he left for office was flashing before her eyes She started thinking, “I could have had sweet talk with my husband this morning” Wife [thinking]: “I don’t know if I’m ever going to see him again, hear his voice again…” She got a phone call. That was her husband She rushed to grab her phone and said in a weak voice, “Hellloooo” It was her husband on the other side The first three words from the husband’s mouth were “I LOVE YOU” Husband continued talking, “When the twin towers were attacked, I was away for some other work. I’m luckily alive now” The wife felt like she was born again Tears were rolling down her eyes. Tears of happiness. The wife asked her husband to come home asap She was extremely happy. She expressed affection, boundless affection, never-seen affection She decided at that moment, “I’m never going to fight or argue or have ego with my husband” Whenever the husband had an arguement or fight with the wife, she would just think of 9/11. If the husband had died during the 9/11 attack, she would have been alone, suffering in pain. But now she has her husband alive. She is alive. Let’s not fight and be happy for the rest of the life, she decided That’s the secret to strong bonding between husband and wife – Unstable life. You can’t say that the people who are alive today will be alive tomorrow too So, until someone is alive, don’t fight with them, don’t have ego. Be kind, affectionate, and united. Our chap – Whenever he argued with his wife, she would tell him, “Just recall the day when you were going to die” He would think about that for a moment and stop fighting with his wife I was curious and asked him which day was it? He told, “Oh! That! One day, my wife and I had a fight. And she grabbed a knife and was about to kill me. She’s just reminding me that day.” Share this video with everybody. Especially with someone with whom you’ve had a fight. Then just go unite with them.

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