Big Show recalls when The Undertaker made fun of his ring gear: WWE Photo Shoot: Big Show

[MUSIC] Yep, there’s my mentor. There’s the guy that cussed me out
every time I did something wrong, he’d have that one long crooked finger and
he would do this. And I remember coming through the back and
trying to avoid Taker. So I would go to the right
instead of going up the ramp, and he’d be there waiting on me. It’s funny those trunks that I have with,
cuz I have my name on the trunks. I only had that pair of trunks one time,
him and a bunch of other guys made fun of me for putting my name on my ass
like nobody knows who the Big Show is. And he was one of the guys who was
chewing my ass about it, [LAUGH].

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  1. Big Show brother… Can't you sign a 3 yrs contract with WWE so that we can see the best of you… as WWE or Universal champion… Just asking…

  2. When Big show entertained all of you, you said please retire now you all are begging for him to come back, the man deserves better.

  3. These days Show is enjoying his time off and may very well retire. If he does retire expect him to be immediately inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame next year.

  4. The Undertaker is the Guy. He is still the OG Leader of the WWE's Locker Room. If you don't respect him, of you try to be the funny or the smart. YOU'RE DUMP & YOU'RE DONE. CM Punk, this was for you too.

  5. Why you guys force to putting him in hall of fame. He is giving a lot of year to WWE so hall of fame is already confirmed in future. He should wrestle instead of putting him hall of fame

  6. Will there be any man the size of Big Show and Andre The Giant in the WWE? If y'all say Braun Strowman, y'all are wrong. I mean, yes, Braun is big and tall but he's not exactly Big Show's size or Andre's size.

  7. It's funny when a twenty year semi-retired veteran refers to a man STILL on the roster as his "mentor." Undertaker's career really is other worldly. I mean think about it. When Taker beat Hulk Hogan for the WWF championship for the first time: Finn Balor was 10 years old, Bray Wyatt was 4, and nearly the entire woman's division hadn't even been born yet. Sharing a locker room with the guy must be INTENSE.

  8. The Unholy Alliance. To bad Taker got that groin injury that kept him out of action. It would of been sick to see Minstry Taker in the 2000. That storyline was going good until Vince ruin it.

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