Bill and George celebrate 50 years

I started September 2nd 1969. I enjoyed
working in the mill since the seventies, My dad actually worked there and he’s the
one that got me started. The first day, the second hour I worked
there 1969 the man landed on the moon and we had a drop a little moon man in
each box of hot cereal. I’d pop a couple two men moving in a box what I did know
is when the box went down the conveyor it went over scale so pretty
soon the whole line shut down. The second hour I was on secret double probation. Another thing I liked about the mill is this challenging job is something
different every day. One of my favorites is probably Grape Nuts because the
ingredients, plus I helped make the ingredients. Sugar Puffs. I got to run
the line and it was a huge success. We used to really have some good some good
dinners. You know the memories of some of the guy is just you know the way we got
along like more like family. It was the perfect place for me to work. They gave me what I
needed to learn, they trained me when we made mistakes, we went over it and
learned it the right way and and kept going. Well I really didn’t plan on being
here 50 years but I enjoy my job for one thing I like the mill. You know, like the
challenges it brings. To be here as long as it is amazing. For me it was
unbelievable. One heck of a run.

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