Billie Eilish – bury a friend

I’m just me why do you care for me when
we all follow this thing where do we go come here spit it out what is it exactly
a plane is the amount cleaning you out and my satisfactory today I’m thinking
about the things that are deadly the way I’m drinking you don’t like I want a job
like I wanna dance me step on the glass staple your tongue bury your friend try
to wake up there your friend I want to end where do we go
listen keep you in the dark without you expected me to make my heart like it was
star and get you connected me too very a friend try to wake up I wanna end why don’t you run for me why
do you care for me when we all fall asleep or do we go

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  1. "This" swept the Grammies because it continues the Dark™ line of Programming which stretches back approx 30 years:
    Dark™, Depressed, Possessed…Give it 4 or 5 trophies and let it all roll downhill for another year.
    This is the face 'they' want young people in the West to wear.
    Reject it! Find Joy where you can, while you can, instead…and kill. your. television!

  2. Great, as if kids nowadays were not already mixed up enough, cutting themselves because their friends do or because they read about doing it somewhere, wondering if they have selected the right gender for themselves etc. Now they have some possessed psycho as a role model. I don't doubt this Billie Eilish has a lot of talent, but is she using it for good? Or is she just dancing around her money piles and professing to worry about beef cows while not giving a damn about all the teenage girls who swallow a bottle of pills thanks to her helpful inspiration?

  3. Extremely artistic and aesthetically pleasing. Billie definitely hit the nail on the head when it came to accurately portraying the song's lyrics in the video. I think the disturbing imagery is a good fit and is super great! So much artistry in a young performer!

  4. This girl doesn’t even know what she is singing about! She was bought up with wealthy family in the business industry. Self entitled. Her look to the way she act is phoney!!!!! 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  5. the hatred of these people for Billie just for not liking the songs or because they are angry because she won 5 GRAMMYS is ridiculous

  6. thinking about the Oscar she will win at 18 for the 007 soundtrack!
    pensando no Oscar que ela vai ganhar aos 18 anos pela trilha sonora de 007!

  7. Never heard of this person until all of the Grammy's, which I don't watch but I heard she won most of them. Had to see what she was all about. Apparently, I'm never going to know. I just don't get it, plain and simple. I guess demonism is pretty popular though.

  8. Such a positive message she puts out for young people. Parents must just love her. Yea right.
    "…… And they exchange good for bad and bad for good….." With deadly consequences. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!

  9. Dont even think about ending your self teenager lady you got such a good brother much money many fans such a beautiful voice and eyes and that imagination like am all of us want to be like you Billie you die we die 🙂

    Your fan from Lithuania

  10. Somebody save this little girl because she's going to hell, she sold the soul to the devil and she runs her songs. 😕😭😕😭😕😭🙏

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