Billie Eilish & Finneas Celebrate Early Grammy Wins | E! Red Carpet & Award Shows

-So you guys just must have bounced down the carpet. You´ve
just won Best Pop Vocal Album. -So crazy. -Can I talk about these insane Gucci looks that you are both
wearing? In your words, “They´re sick.” -They are. They are sick, come on, this is — look at this.
Glamour. -Glamour. Okay, tell me, who gives most style advice? Are
you telling him or are you telling her? -Are you kidding? It´s 180% Billie dictating all the time
because she has the best sense of style of anyone I´ve ever met. -Shush. -You know what´s interesting, you guys have started this
whole new genre of music, but you´ve also started a whole new genre in style. Like, kids tomorrow up and down
the line are gonna be dressed like this. Like, how does that feel? -Dude, I mean, I´ve got to give credit to all the people —
oh, no — I grew up — -Is that a Gucci nail? -Yeah. That was a Gucci nail.
Look at this, Gucci nails. But I gotta give credit to all the people I grew up, you
know, admiring and gaining inspiration from. -Who are your favorites? -Who? Bro, Tyler the Creator, Bloody Osiris, Rihanna, Kanye,
everybody. -Everybody. Okay, beauty trends, we have to talk about this
and also for you, Finneas. The green. The people demand to know, what´s after the
green? -Honestly, I don´t know. I don´t know. -We cannot wait for your tour. It starts in March and we´re
in Miami on the 9th, and I´m gonna get my ticket right now. -Oh, amazing. Amazing. Yeah, we can´t wait. I can´t wait to
play these songs in these venues. This is — these are the venues that we dreamed of playing
these songs in. It´s their home, so that´s why we´re so excited for it. -You´re incredible. You guys deserve every success tonight.
I hope we see you up there. -Thank you. -Thank you so much. Congrats, guys, congrats.

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  1. Dude, March 9th is my birthday and I want to go see Billie sooooo bad oh my godddd!!! I’ve been a fan of hers for like 3 years and still haven’t gone to see her😂

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