Billie Eilish – “When the party’s over” LIVE at GRAMMYs (VIDEO REACTION) [SUB ENG/ES]

The next artist we’re going to do the reaction for, is Billie Eilish, who got a lot of awards last night, I think she won practically all the categories for which it was nominated and personally I also think deservedly, you it’s the real revelation of these grammy and I think she was the protagonist undisputed of the evening last night, she performed with when the party’s over which is my favorite song, his, a song that I like very much I was enchanted and completely enraptured by the video which has a very very essential, very concept very simple, the song is truly pure magic so we’re going to see this live of when the party’s over by billie eilish to grammy 2020 Play Okay, on the piano, I think there’s his brother Who is the producer, the writer of most of his songs Guys this singer, this artist She manages to truly create an incredible magic around herself This song is beautiful chills, chills, chills I personally love the essential pieces accompanied by a simple piano and where at the center there is the artist’s vocality, his soul, his essence and billie eilish really manages to come out powerful He has a beautiful world inside this girl, the eye, however, cannot fail to fall on its green nails she has a very particular look, also dressed in white beautiful also this image, this photograph, with these people behind in profile I don’t want to make a gaffe, but is she dressed in chanel? Gucci? I’m not very well versed in brands Sorry guys if I speak above the video This is one of those songs so even if you do the video reaction you should remain in total silence and let yourself be kidnapped But we are just doing a video reaction yeaaaah Brava What to say? We have we have another artist, another revelation Billie eilish, what do you mean? has everything, the charisma the voice, it has incredible productions, it has incredible styling, music videos I’m Crazy, they are studied, they are sought she is a very young artist who started to get talked about, and I think she will get talked about still for some time Chapeau good billie eilish I loved it, the live of when the party’s over is a song that I love, I love, I love what else to say congratulations congratulations indeed, I thank you for having me kept company in this video reaction, I hope you enjoyed it I always remind you that you can follow me on my channels, as I always leave my instagram contact here and thank you if you want other reactions of this type maybe with an artist that you like in particular and that maybe we also want to comment together write it below in the comments I thank you again for following me in this video reaction, see you next time See you soon I’m an idiot

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  1. As always, a nice reaction, you beautiful and slaying Italian ideal pride-fratello. So, creditz and keep it up, slay-boy✌️👌👍💪💎🌈🏳️‍🌈😌😉😁😎

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