Billy and Gabo cross paths at the party | Make It With You (With Eng Subs)

Happy birthday, sir! Yes! Oh, my god! By the way, the boss wants
to talk to you. Okay? Excuse us, we have to go.
Let’s go, guys. – See you later.
– Alright. Happy birthday, boss! Yes! Keep on… Billy… You are so good at this! I told you so. I was born for this. I’ll just talk to
my boss real quick. There must be some
last-minute changes. – Will you be fine on your own?
– Yeah, go ahead. Okay. – Hi!
– Glad to see you! – Nice to see you.
– Hi, sir! – You look really great.
– Thank you. Excuse me. Water, please. Thank you. Hi! I’m Belinda Dimagiba. – Cheers!
– Yeah! Well, what kind of answer
do you want? She’s still hoping
they’d get back together. Hi, babe! What are you doing here? My grandpa is a client of
Atty. Vergara’s. And because he’s away,
he sent me to represent him. Well, my dad is a new client
of Vergara & Vergara. So that’s why. I guess this is destiny.

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  1. Naku heart attack naman itong scene! Pero ganda ni Billy. As usual si Gabo, bagay sa kanyang role na mayaman at bagay sa kanya naka suit. Gwapo talaga.

  2. One of the hardest things in life is watching the person you love, loving someone else. #ButBillyGaboLovesYou😍

  3. Wow ! In fairness ang ganda ni Rio bagay naman talaga sila at isa pa childhood sweethearts pa at sana tuloy na ang kasal nila.

  4. “I guess this is destiny” Eeek cringe! 😂 I hope consistent ang editing & camera movements ng serye nato because so far I am enjoying it.. and I love it when they do a slo-mo and finally better party music 😂 Yung sa killer bride na mga party and club scenes naloka ako hahaha

  5. This Cassandra girl I’ve never seen before is a better actress than Liza who’s been given a red carpet welcome into showbiz. Go figure!

  6. Oooopppsss crapppp …this is awful…heartbreaking heartaches heartbreaks…😓😢😭😥😪

  7. Ang Ganda ni Liza🥰 Lalo na ang hairstyle nya nakaka sosyal lao at nakalaganda lalo sa kanya😘😘😘

  8. I'm not a LizQuen Fan, but here I feel kilig,,wahaha…especially when the viewers found out that all the good things happened to Billy and her friends are all because of Gabo…

  9. Yong ang sarap ng ngiti ,tapos akala mo nakangiti at nakatingin sayo pero di pala,, ouch ouch ouch ang sakit…ang ganda talag ni billy

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