Birthday 28

Well I’m 28 I missed ya sorry I’m late Work had me deep in debate Deciding whether we should celebrate My absence has been pestering me Festering inside With no engagements in sight An aptness to romanticize So I’ve been working quietly Taking baby sized steps Bulking up my defense claims I’m still trying Not shooting for stars Can barely aim at the clouds Crowds growing flurried and douse me With the sweetest eulogies Oh jeez take this with ease Life is but a breeze And I hope to appease I’m on my knees I’ve been working quietly Quench your thirst you’ll be nursed It’s anatomy It’s you and me There’s ought to be More

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  1. thank ya all for the sweet comments, i read them all, its one of the perks of being a MICRO INFLUENCER! This channel might have an update video or two in the near future, so remain patient my babes.

  2. Hey Yotam, still love your stuff. Love the relatable birthday songs, I myself am slowly learning the hard way that I'm a drone. Tried to get things in my workplace to change and all I was met with was, "not gonna happen" and, "I don't care." Struggling to accept that this is just what I'm destined to be, but whether it's once a year or once a decade I don't think I'll ever not watch your videos. Good luck with whatever you've been doin

  3. we share the same birthday and every year I forget your existence until i celebrate mine. happy birthday, and did you know we share the same birthday as Anne Frank?

  4. Late happy birthday Yotam! I'm a huge fan, and these birthday videos have been my favorite content of yours. Looking forward to the new series! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. And with this, I am the 666th commenter. A bit late, but as always, happy birthday Yotam. Keep up the good workโค

  6. I love you Yotam. For years. Many years <3 and I will love you my whole life.
    Everything about you is amazing.
    Especially your big dick energy.

  7. Ive been following you for a few years now and its making me feel like im getting older, HAPPY BIRTHDAY THO!

  8. always excited to see one of these videos come out. but then i remember oh shit it's not just yotam getting older it's me too ahhhhhhh!

  9. I love the tradition you do every year for your birthday. I think itโ€™s fun and clever, so keep it up! And try not to stress yourself if you need a break from animating, your work is great ๐ŸŽ‰

  10. We're the same age and every year my birthday comes a couple months before yours, but I always look forward to watching OUR birthday videos. lol

  11. well fuck. thanks for reminding me i'm turning 28 in a month. has it really already been another year? god damn. ๐Ÿ˜

  12. I've been a huge fan of these for over 4 years now! I perceive you more optimistic in this one, personally I still relate to #24 the most haha

  13. Yotam you are so good I avoid watching these videos because it reminds me that time is passing for my own self. I love to see you continue the creative output of your life. Please make more t-shirts.

  14. Yotam you dont know how much these videos mean to me. Alone youve managened to inspire me to pursue animation and cartooning. Your dedication and presevrance has become one of my main motivations. Every year these come out is a wake up call that life goes on and you have to do something with it. Thank you Yotam lets hope you have a other 28 birthdays and more to come ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Its crazy seeing your videos. I remember your 18th Birthday on Glad you're keeping these Birthday vids up. Love your vids/ love your music.

  16. Ive been watching every birthday video since the 18th one
    (Im 16)
    When I was a kid like 6 or 7. I thought these songs were just fun to watch. But as time passes by, each time I watch one if his birthday videos
    Im afraid to grow old
    To have responsibilities
    And the inevitable death of me and my relatives

  17. I haven't seen your videos since Newgrounds. I'm surprised you continued to do this. Especially since Youtube Story Time Animators are just the trends.

    I consider you the original cause your music and animation every each year gives off that spiritual journey of growing up. I'm already in my early 20s. It's insane. Time sure flies by does it?

    Also, these birthday videos make me cry every year when a new one comes out. You really give that emotion. Plus your talent with your guitar has never failed to amaze me.

    I've come back here to get my mind straight with a hint of nostalgia to be reminded that time goes by so fast each and every birthday.

    Stay cool, man. You deserve more recognition for your animation. You got nonstop skill than any other in animating. Hope to see what's your new animations are gonna be.

  18. I sometimes forget how amazing these songs are. Like i really enjoy these. I think 21,27 and this one are the best ones. Yotam youre such a talented boi

  19. Ive been watching these since i was 11 (im 20 now lol) and they use to scare me but now i relate to them and appreciate ur wise words every year. Thanks for continuing to create

  20. Yo Yotam, this hit me hard man. This is exactly where I'm at in my life struggling to do what i love because of work and life in general. Love your content.

  21. ืžื–ืœ ื˜ื•ื‘ ื™ื•ืชื ื”ืื ื™ืžื˜ื•ืจ ื”ื›ื™ ื˜ื•ื‘ ืฉืื ื™ ืžื›ื™ืจ!!

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