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Okay, guys, well, obviously I’ve called you together because I haven’t forgotten it’s someone’s birthday So this person’s worked here for six years. I’d like to say big happy birthday to Byron Birthday to you. happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Byron birthday to you My man Umm look I just want to say mate on behalf of all of us here playtech that you are truly a valued member We all notice how hard you work. I see you on a daily basis Stocking up shelves. You never complain. You’re here dusk-to-dawn first arrive last to leave. Look I just want to say Yeah, thanks for Thanks for being there You know there’s been a couple of hard years that I’ve gone through and I came to you guys for help and it’s It’s really good to know that you guys were there for me you know I feel valued and I feel visible which is you know, key to a good family working environment, and I just want to say thanks For all your kind words who are you? I knew you’d do that. I told you. I told you he’d do that. Yeah. Yeah. No, I’m serious. I don’t know who you are. Who is this? Come on Alan it’s my birthday be nice. Come on man it is his birthday, jokes gone a bit too far I have never once seen this man before in my entire life Have you have you guys? yeah It’s Bryron… Brian, Byron No He’s never once been here For F**k sake Alan Its Byron, he’s worked here for six years seven years. Seven years You’ve said that I disagree Haven’t once seen him here. Alan think about it mate. Okay fine I’m gonna think about it Particularly there, there is some bad road works just be aware of it. Do you guys have any questions? Does anyone want a coffee? Alright I’ll show you how its done Flappy Bird? My brother just died… You guys I’m out for lunch What would you like to buy sir? Ahhhh crack up! Look I’m very sorry about that okay Alan stop turning the light off I’m trying to work Did he just like inappropriate kiss you on the cheek? Yeah. Ah fuck Wow… Byron! happy birthday, man. Thanks. Happy birthday me… Byron I’m so sorry Byron don’t go mate… mate Is that what you wanted are you happy no, no Now I’m going to have to go console him Unbelievable. Byron. Byron come back mate. Love it how we could experience your memories as well. That was the part that freaked me out Yeah, like we lived your memories for a little bit. I felt you inside my head. Yeah

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  1. Oh my god I just binged all these episodes in a couple of days. I love your work. You guys deserve way more subscribers.

  2. …wasnt funny when IT Crowd did it, isnt funny today…. everyone deserve theirs recognition!

    Original here:

  3. I worked it out: After the The New Menace Part 3, Alan murders Rowan and speaks to The Mediator about Rowan, assuming that The Mediator's own hatred for Rowan liking such a disgusting excuse of a movie meant that his actions were okay. Alan then started to feel guilty that he murdered his own best friend, and began to conjure up this fantasy and life story of his experiences working in Playtech that aimed to paint out Rowan to be a bit of a deck, as a way to try and justify the murder of his former best friend in his head and cope with the guilt. However, Rodney also likes A New Menace and knows what Alan did to Rowan, and is now in his head trying to jog his real memories that Alan has, trying to get him to understand that Alan is really just a bit of a deck.

  4. How did I MISS this… this actually maybe one of the greatest episodes ever.
    Not only did you reference like 100 earlier episodes, but you turned the narrative that Alan is sane and that Rowan is insane and flipped it on it's head.

  5. I binge watched the whole series and man you guys are good ! Still can't believe how your subscriber count isn't through the roof. Also it's gonna be super fun to get all the references now 😀

  6. Awwwww Alan I was thinking who is this guy I’ve never seen him before either 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  7. Oh fark…… I had never noticed Brian… Brad…. Um…. Byron? . Yeah, that dude,… before either. Cripes, I really should start paying attention more…. Wait a minute….. Something isn't right here… 😁 😜 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

  8. "I have never once seen this man before in my entire life" Nah he only murdered him with a golf club earlier on lmao

  9. Department blindness, if they're not in your department, and you don't want to bone them, they may aswell be..*looks about* an NPC.

  10. I don't get one thing , they are a real shop or they just make videos ? because it really looks real sometime

  11. -So, Byron, what do you want for your birthday?
    -I want a gaming MAC with a clear retina display…
    [Everyone's triggered, Allan gets a golf club]

  12. Im surprised how i didnt see him in the cookie video, i must have mia like Alan too
    PS: i just saw him in the delivery video, so amazing xDD

  13. These green screen effects are almost movie quality. At one point I was thinking, "Wait, i don`t remember him there…oh wait!"

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