Birthday cake. Birthday party

[Cow voiced by Moosya ] Welcome to Moosya Movies!
Let’s play together! [Ukrainain]
Moosya: Today is my birthday! Andrew [a guest]: Birthday? A good girl! Moosya, look!
Daddy: And how old are you?
Andrew: Show the fingers! Moosya: I have…
Andrew: Show! this way, show! Moosya: I have maybe … One, two, three, four!
Andrew: Good job! Animator: Look, like this! Animator: Hold! We shall build the second floor… More. Animator: One by one! One by one, my dear! Guests: Hooray!!! Guests: Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! [Guests laughing]
Animator: Class! Beauty? Tasty?… All right. [Guests talking] [Guests laughing] Animator: Oho! Ouch! Twoo, three! Guests: Wow! Animator: What is this? Animator: Stroke it! Caress, don’t be scared! Caress it, Moosya, it is so cute! Ok, not scraed? [Animator speaking to kids] Animator: Quickly, sit on the chairs, quickly! [The kids are squeaking] Daddy: What do you have on your arm? Moosya: A butterfly.
Daddy: A butterfluy, super! [disco music] Cow [Voiced by Moosya]: Subscribe to my channel!

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