Birthday Cake Ice Cream

Hi guys, I’m Laura Vitale and on this episode
of Laura in the Kitchen, I’m going to do our first ice cream of the season and I have a
sous chef, it’s a two person job, but it’s really easy. It’s no-churn – we’ll get it – we’re going
to make a cake batter ice cream. I’m going to take some help from the store
and I’ll show you why in a minute, and it is amazing there’s no churning involved, there’s
no ice cream machine involved, it’s really easy and simple, but if you love like a confetti
cake or a traditional birthday cake then this is the ice cream for you. Are you ready to cook with me? The ingredients you’ll need are not many,
but they’re all the right ones and do not skip any of these because if you skip one
then everything else will not taste the same. You’ll need heavy cream. It’s my mic! You’ll need heavy cream, what I have here
is a confetti cake mix and you’ll need – excuse me! We’re going to cook, are you ready? You need confetti cake mix, I know it sounds
crazy but you’ve gotta just trust me. Sweetened condensed milk, you’ll need vanilla
bean paste, you’ll need some confetti sprinkles, put that down baby, we’re not ready for that
yet, not yet we’re going to mix. And then you’ll need a few frosted cupcakes,
here put this in there, a few frosted cupcakes that you’re going to cut into small pieces
and put them in the freezer and I’ll show you that in just a second, they’re back here,
but for now what I’m going to do is I’m going to have to do this off camera because it’s
going to get really loud, I’m going to ship the heavy cream to semi stiff peeks, and then
in this bowl, we’re going to add the mix. Go ahead, put this in here. No, you’re doing it backwards, can you pick
this up? Mia, hold this, put it in here, very good! Okay, now put this in here, go ahead, use
your spoon. Pick up your spoon. Come on. Very good. Good job. Get all of the condensed milk out of there. Now can you mix all of this together? Good! She’s going to mix that, I’m going to whip
this up with the vanilla bean paste. And then we unite everything in just a minute,
she’s very busy. You need an apron with a hashtag, very busy. Good job! Look at you! I’m about to be out of a job! Go ahead! That looks good, you don’t want it too stiff,
alright may I take this please? Then you’re going to take this mixture, and
you’re just going to add it in and you’re going to fold it all together. And this is going to give you that really
buttery cake-like flavor. Dada’s there too! Going to mix this all up, don’t worry if it’s
not perfect – excuse me! – don’t be kicking. You kicking it? You want to stir it? Alright so, what I have here are three vanilla
birthday cake frosted cupcakes. You’re going to take the cupcake with the
frosting included, you’re going to dice them up really small, like bite size pieces, and
you’re going to throw them into the freezer. This is going to sound crazy, but this is
what takes this recipe completely over the top because as you’re eating this, very much
like a cookie dough ice cream, as you’re eating it, you’ll have actual bites of birthday cake
throughout your birthday cake ice cream and it is not something that you want to skip
because it will change this whole thing completely, I know it’s an extra step, you can bake the
cupcakes if you want to, but every local grocery store or any bakery they’ll sell you a few
cupcakes. So go ahead and do it because it is not, you
just can’t skip it. Go ahead, mix it in. Good! Can Mommy take over for a second? Oh sorry. Alright you’re just going to mix these in,
and then you’re going to pour the whole thing into a container with a tight fitting lid
and you’re going to pop this into the freezer for a minimum – dada is behind the camera!
– you’re going to pop this into the freezer for a minimum of – come here we’re going to
put sprinkles on it wait we’re not done! We’re not done! Impatient. I know where you get that from! Come here. This needs to set for a few hours, but we’re
going to put a few sprinkles on there first. You ready for the sprinkles? Sprinkles. Hold on! Hold on cookie! Anyone know why I call you cookie? Because you’re so sweet! Mmm. Want to try? No? It tastes like birthday cake. Sprinkle that on top. Mmm! Oh very nice! Right there. Then I’m just going to cover this and pop
it into the freezer for a few hours or overnight, depending on how we’re feeling. And then we’re going to serve it right? Very focused. Good job! Right there, you’re missing some right there. We are ready! We’ve been ready! It’s been setting for like seven hours, it’s
now after dinner, so we are ready for a treat. You want mommy to help? Mommy help? Okay. This is going to be amazing. It’s soft and delicious, I want you to look
at this. Come close really quickly. Do you see the cake in here? Do you see, do you understand the delight
that this is? What what? Oh hold it, you want to eat your ice cream? No, you want to pile it on? Mommy will eat it. You haven’t lived. You haven’t lived. Put it in there, daddy will have it. That may very well be the best ice cream you
will ever eat, if you are a fan – daddy will eat a broken one. If you are a fan of a funfetti/confetti classic
birthday cake, this is the ice cream for you. And I promise once you make this you will
be making it all Summer. Don’t leave out the cupcakes, don’t leave
out anything in this recipe because it is perfection times a thousand. Let your kid come in the kitchen with you,
they break an ice cream cone, they break an ice cream cone. They make a mess, they make a mess. Nothing gives her more excitement and joy
than being in this kitchen. So I like to include her in as many things
as I possibly can, because if she’s happy, I’m happy and having her in the kitchen with
me will make her very long lasting memories that her and I will both cherish. But enough of that! Eat your ice cream. You’re a strange bird, you want to try mamma’s? Excuse me! Go to for the written
recipe, I hope you have enjoyed spending time with us today. Say bye bye to the friends! Say love you! Can you say love you!? She’s like okay whatever. Bye friends, we’ll see you next time. Bye. It’s not a wedding. That’s really loud! Here you go mama. Thanks baby! Okay you want to cook with me? Okay look at daddy.

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