Birthday Cake Idea! CHOCOLATE CAKE for Dogs

Chocolate cake Hi kiddo Kiddo you want chocolate cake? But you can’t have chocolate cake You can’t have chocolate Ok I’ll stop eating Go down go down Ok I’ll make you one
Yay! Chocolate cake! I’ll make you one Hi this is Joey! Today I’ll be making a chocolate cake for
dogs! First, let’s make the cake sheet. Get a sweet pumpkin. You can also use sweet potato if you’d like. I will cut them in four pieces so that it
takes less time to cook. I will steam these for about 30 minutes. And here we go. Just checking if they are done. Now, I need to peel off the skins. You can use the skin if you want to. I mashed it, but I think I should have put
it in my blender to completely blend it because I got little lumps in my cake. The total amount of sweet pumpkin was 500
grams, but I divided it into half and only used 250 grams for the first batter because I didn’t’ want to mess up the whole thing. Two egg yolks in the 250 grams of sweet pumpkin. Two table spoons of carob powder Half table spoon of olive oil. You can also use coconut oil
And 100 ml of milk. Lactose free one or pet milk is recommended. I will beat two egg whites and add them to
my batter to get a fluffier cake. I saw this tip in other youtube videos and
am trying it myself. I needed three sheets of round parchment paper
so I got three sheets of parchment paper and kept folding them like this. I roughly measured the radius of my baking
pan and cut about here to get three nice round sheets of paper. I put on some oil inside the pan so that later
my cake falls off nice and easy. Oww… my batter is kind of thick. I think I’m going to make a waterier batter
with the leftover sweet pumpkin. Bake this for 30 minutes at 170 degrees Celsius. Cool it down
and then you can easily take it out from the pan Now let’s add more into my batter. I’m only going to add 125grams of sweet
pumpkin instead of 250. Two more egg yolks. 100ml of milk, one more spoon of carob powder Actually that was a big spoon two more egg whites. See how watery this is? I only have one baking pan, so I have to bake
one, take it out, bake another and so on. I’m cooling them down. It took me almost two hours to bake the whole thing. They actually look like chocolate cake. While those are cooling down, let’s make the frosting. First, drain a tofu and mash it up. I’m putting it in a blender with 150ml of
milk in total. Actually, don’t just put 150ml of milk right
away because some tofus are waterier and some are not maybe the time you drained it can differ. So make sure to check the thickness by adding
milk little by little. Mine got too watery and it was hard to apply
on the cake. 2 tbsp of peanut butter. I think you can add more if you want to. 3 tbsp of carob powder. I’m adding two here and one later. And a tbsp of honey. Ohh I shouldn’t have put more milk but I
did.. You don’t have to add honey, or you can
add more if you want to. I let it chill in the fridge for a while so
that it thickens a bit. Now let’s get started! This is my first time making a cake and decorating
it. I was quite excited about this. I have never used a spatula to apply frosting
before so it’s not going to be that good. I had three layers of cake and I think I should
have made them thinner. And the frosting was too watery, so the cake sheets didn’t stay together that well. Yea I love this part. Since there were many difficulties in applying
the frosting evenly due to the thickness of the cake, the wateriness of the frosting and
my lack of ability, I decided to make a sort of a design that
didn’t require that much skill. Voila! Remove the parchment paper. Thank god I put them underneath my cake. If I hadn’t done it I must have had frosting
all over the place. I heated up my knife to get a clean slice and cut out a piece. Well… do you remember what I told you about
blending the batter nicely? I didn’t so I got some lumps of sweet pumpkin. Well… it’ still looks like a piece of
chocolate cake, right? Thanks for watching this video! Feel free to visit my channel to check out
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