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I love decorating cakes. So my inspiration is always… are usually
an invitation, the party decorations… And that usually inspires me to decide exactly
what I’m going to do for the cake. So, for example, if there were colors, I may
choose to decorate the cake in those particular colors is… if it’s a theme I’ll use that
as my inspiration to either create maybe what’s on the invitation or some little ornament
that goes with the party decorations. So, if it’s a ladybug theme, I’ll make a ladybug. If it’s going to be a princess theme then
I’ll make a princess doll or make a princess castle to maybe replicate the castle that
may be on our invitation. But for you at home, if you like to, you can
always google your inspiration. So, for example, if you’d like to make a cake
for a boy, let’s say a baseball cap, I’d simply google ‘baseball cap cakes’ and you’ll find
an array of pictures and you can get inspiration that way.”

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