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Welcome to How to Cook, I’m Ann Reardon.
For a printable copy of the recipes, including quantities and ingredients, simply go to the
website, Today we’re looking at how to make a princess
cake, using buttercream and vanilla cake. To start with, to make your cake, put all
the ingredients in the mixing bowl, and set it on high and leave it for about 2 or 3 minutes,
until it is light and creamy. While that is mixing, you need to take a bowl that’s about
the size that you want the skirt to be and spray it with some cooking oil, and also you
need one tin that also needs to be sprayed with cooking oil. Take some baking paper.
We’re going to line the tin with baking paper. Fold it in half, and fold it in half again.
Using one hand here, because I’ve got my baby on my hip. Then once you’ve folded it in half
4 times, simply cut one corner around, in the shape of your tin. And then when you unfold
it, you’ve got your circle ready to go in the base of your tin. And that is ready for
your cake. Check your mixture, it should be looking like this light, fluffy and white-ish
in colour. You need to half fill your tin. If you put anymore than that in there it’s
going to overflow when it rises in the oven. Then when I’m making my cakes that I want
to layer, I like to push more mixture towards the edge and away from the middle. Even though
when you put it in the oven it’s going to flow back into the middle, this seems to stop
the large doming effect and the sides being too low. Put the rest of the mixture into
the oven-proof bowl and then push that towards the edge again. Bake in a moderate oven for about 20 minutes
and then move both of them down to a lower shelf in the oven and then put a baking tray
over the top, so they don’t burn on top. The bowl in particular is going to take a while
to cook. You just need to keep checking it by placing a knife in the middle to see if
it’s done. If the knife comes out clean, it’s done. Once it’s cooked, tip it out and allow it
to cool completely. And then we want to trim around the top edge of the bowl. Cause we
want it to be the shape of a skirt, not the shape of a bowl turned upside down. So you
need to take a sharp knife and trim off around the top. Start doing little by little. You
can always take off more. And then we’re gonna cut this into 3 layers. Being careful not
to cut your hand. There’s one, and then there’s two and three. So you’re doing two cuts through
which gives you the three layers. Then take your cake, which I don’t need to
level the top, because as I said, the way of moving it away from the middle has meant
that we’ve got a flat cake on top. So we’re just cutting it into 2 layers for our base
layer. There we go. And then using a cookie cutter for each of those layers in the middle,
take out a centre circle. This is to allow room to put the legs of the doll down the
middle of the cake. Then you can eat those bits. Then we’re going to take some simple syrup.
The recipe for that is on the website. If you click on the link in the description below
the video you’ll get all the quantities for the cake and the Simple syrup and everything.
The purpose for the simple syrup is it keeps the cake moist. Often if you have an ice cake,
it can come out quite dry, but by adding some simple syrup, which you can flavour how you
like, it helps keep the cake moist and it doesn’t make the cake soggy at all. Put a layer of butter cream. Again the butter
cream recipe is also on the website, just link in the description below this video.
Then spread it. It doesn’t matter if it’s overlapping on the outside because we’re going
to put a layer of butter cream on the outside. We don’t want too much overlapping into the
middle, because that’s just going to be wasted. On your next layer, just repeat what we’ve
already done. So another squirt of your simple syrup, then add your butter cream, spread
it out and repeat this, all the way, with all your layers, up to the top. And you’re
just doing the same thing. As I said, don’t worry about butter cream sticking out on the
outside edge. Because we’re gonna use that to help cover the outside of the cake anyway.
And it’s easier if you’ve actually got it overlapping to the outside because then you
don’t have lots of gaps and holes that you need to fill. So there’s our final layer. Then using a large knife or spatular if you’ve
got one, spread out that butter cream that we had overlapping. If you need to get extra,
just get some extra out of the bowl and spread that around. So we’re trying to get a really
thin, what’s called a “crumb coat” over the whole cake. And the purpose for that with
this cake, is it’s gonna help us when we’re piping on pretty frills, to not get crumbs
in our icing. And also it’ll help the icing stick to the cake. Now take your doll, put its hair up, and wrap
the body in plastic wrap to protect it. Then take a zip-lock bag and make a cut as shown.
Just a small cut, not too big. And then take the very tip off your bag, just a tiny bit,
not a lot for taking that off. And you want to do that twice cause we want two bags, one
for white butter cream and one for our pink. I’ll just show you on an envelope in case
you couldn’t see that. Make a small cut into the bag. And take the very tip off the end.
Then fill your bag with your butter cream and put one layer of white butter cream around
the bottom. Then this is your pink. Just showing you the direction that you hold the bag. And
put a, just above the white layer, just overlaping slightly. Go around, just slightly going in
and out with your pink icing. And continue to do that all the way around. To make it
easy to turn, if you put the base on a bowl, you can then get your hand underneath to turn
easily. Now you’ve got a few choices of bodice types.
For this particular one, bend your dolls legs and pop the doll into the cake. Then get a
zip-lock bag. Make a very small cut off the corner and a small cut in. Start with your
straps, over the shoulder and around the back. This is your classic sort of bodice that you
see on these cakes. I have given you a couple more options of different ones after this,
if you prefer a different sort of a style. So follow around the line of the top of the
dress with your butter cream, giving a line. And then just do little spots of butter cream.
Just push it in, give a little squeeze, and pull back and move along. Repeat this all
over the the whole bodice. And you’ve got your classic butter cream bodice for your
cake. Then take your bag that you had your frill butter cream in, and just put a frill
the whole way around to fill any gap between the doll and the cake and finish it off. And
then finally, we’ll take some silver decorations and just pop those at the neck line of the
cake. And that’s one bodice option. Your other option, you need to do this before
you put the doll into the cake. Just make an outline of your dress, and some stripes
going downwards. Make it go further down the body than you think you need, so that way
you don’t have to come back and top it up if you’ve missed some. All the way around.
Then what we’re going to do is, hold the doll over a bowl, and cover it in sprinkles of
your choice. I’ve used pink here, but you can use multi-coloured or whatever you’d like.
Shake off any excess, do the back and the sides. And then take your butter cream again,
and fill in the holes that you left the lines. So it gives us a striped bodice effect to
your cake. Which can look pretty. It give a bit of variation to it. Once you’ve finished
doing that, again bend the doll’s legs to get it to the right height. And because you’ve
already covered the body, you hold it by the head, and push it in. And then do the frill
around the top. The last one, which is my favourite one. Again
do your outline, going around the doll. Then placing it over a bowl, using some white,
longer style spinkles, so it looks a bit like white fur, cover over the icing that you’ve
already done, and shake off any excess. And then take your butter cream, and just following
straight down, doing lines all the way down, finish off your bodice, and do that all the
way round and on the other side. And then put your doll into your cake, and do the frill
around to finish any gap. I’ve also done a tutorial on how to do a princess
doll using fondant which you can click on, or the easy butter cream rose cupcakes for
you there as well. Thanks to all my subscribers. If you’d like
to subscribe, just click on the link shown and then you’ll be notified of any new videos
that have been posted.

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