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  1. I watched your video before and I made the card. Now again,I wanted to make this birthday card for my mom,and I remembered your video and came across it again. Am for sure downloading the video. Thanks! I have it a like too.💖

  2. M Se Bana nahi sorry mujhse Bana nahi lekin bahut achha hai very nice and good very very good bahut bahut achha hai agar aap aisa hai video Ek Ghar Banayenge heart shape Mein Tum ko bahut Khushi Milegi please aap kaise banaye Haath wala please please take care bye bye entertain see you hello hello

  3. Sorry recommend thoda Socha Nahi Tha Main kuch aur bolna chahti thi lekin usme kuch aur hi aa gaya main kuch aur apne shabdo se likhna chahti thi lekin Maine Kuch likh diya kuch aur likh diya aapka video please please please please thank you have a nice day thank you so much

  4. Sorry main kuch aur Bhul Na chahti thi lekin yeh wala Aa Gaya Hai Nazar Aati Thi Ek Aisa video bhejiye heart shaped main Jisko Hum Tumko Nikle 1 Mother's Day Mother's Day card bhej dijiyega accha Sa

  5. when you finish the measurement part and realize you need to fold the paper NOOOOOO I SPENT 30 MINUTES WORKING ON THAT AND I HAVE TO DO IT AGAIN!!!
    when you realize you have to color when your finished with everything NOOOOOOOOOOO I WORKED EVEN LONGER ON THIS TRY AND I HAVE TO DO IT AGAIN

  6. VERY EASY MOTHERS DAY CARD ► http://bit.ly/mother-day-card

    Please SHARE my videos with your all friends … Thanks in advance.

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