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Hi everyone welcome to my channel party decorations,
recently i celebrated my baby boys first birthday and this simple birthday decoration turned
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i ordered this cute birthday decoration set for amazon the link is in the description
box , which contains a crown, birthday banner, cake top and a card. you can use any banner of any color. then here have different kinds of latex balloons,
balloon strings bundle, i am going to use white and blue balloons , but you can choose
any color according to your birthday theme. i have blown 10 mix and match balloons and
secured them with the balloon strings by tying 2 knots each. after that i am arranging the balloons pattern
on the floor first in order to avoid any confusion while sticking them on the wall..
then lets see how to stick balloons on the wall, i am going to use scotch tape but you
can also use balloon stick dots or double sided tape. check out the links in description box.
to stick balloons on the wall first i am sticking both the ends of piece of tape overlapping
on each other as shown it will act like a double sided tape.. then stick one side of
the tape firmly on the wall as shown and press balloon on it and walaaa the ballon will stick
to the wall. overlap balloons in the same way , tie the
strings and a balloon bouquet is ready. stick banner and foil balloons on the wall. after that i am just arranging loose balloons
on the floor, put a cake and the first birthday party decoration is ready. please subscribe to my channel for more simple
party decoration ideas. thanks for watching.

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