“Birthday Game” (Ep. 5 & 6) – Bee and PuppyCat – Cartoon Hangover

Don’t be sad, I’m still your dad I’ll be there if I could I sure hope that you aren’t broke and everything’s been running good I’ll always be in your memory. But today I just want to say Way to go and keep it on going Have a happy birthday It’s my birthday I’m trying to get my birthday candy out of my dad box Well, it’s a box my dad made me See you check this out, “I love you bee” Puppy cat is cute Gross Yeah, so I wouldn’t be lonely on my birthday Every year on my birthday, dad box gives me candy I find something in my couch to eat and I nap until I get a headache Yeah Well, me and Dad had kind of a thing we did It involves leaving the apartment though Yeah, let me get my raincoat Here you go, rain boots This is where we used to go every year for my birthday It looks different Let’s go inside After you, milady Why are you walking like that? My dad made some of these games Hmm Sorry Let’s play some games I’m gonna kiss that hamster so hard You’re not gonna know what I’m gonna babysit these kids so good You’re not gonna know what I’m gonna fill up so many work space water coolers you’re not gonna know… This is the best game My dad came up with it when I got sick. It used to be in our apartment. I played it non-stop But he moved it out when I stopped going outside Let’s play Here Oh Maybe the rest of these are candy. Yeah, oh, they’re candy (Mmm) Well, let’s go home Well, yeah What? I don’t want to work on my birthday Can you say that more birthday- Wow, I didn’t think you’d do that this one Insert coin. Adventure awaits. Help me fill my dark heart the Stars Yeah Insert coin. This is one of my more fun birthday Yeah, even though I’m gonna go work Whoa, that was close. I feel kinda bad having so much fun on my birthday Incoming. Hi, Tempbot Puppy cat and the other one. You don’t look very happy today No, I’m fine. It’s just my birthday isn’t turning out like it usually does I’m supposed to be sleeping all day, but we tried to go play video games and- Oh, I have a video game job for you. Maybe there will be cake Open up! Open up! Open up! Let’s go. Clouds Hey! Wait for me You played this game? Wait, don’t help me. I want to beat this on my own Cloud World Our World For centuries, we lived a peaceful life. Our hope for getting back our peaceful life was almost gone When suddenly… A hero arrived There you are The prophecies were true Yeah they were and what is your name, great hero? What a beautiful name and what is your sidekick called? Let me choose puppycat, please It’s my birthday BARF! A true heroic name Elder, elder! What is it, young Tom It’s The Eye elder it’s staring again Yes, I know It’s been there for centuries The thing is, it really creepy makes my skin crawl (Shivering) Yeah, so I Gotta Fart. You have to destroy the eye. It’s your quest. This sounds like a really hard job. It’s like destroying a whole planet. I want to do something easy. It’s my birthday, you know Yeah side quests… Or whatever I have a side quest for you Could you hand me that shovel? I can try Whoa Side quest was perfect and I was good at it. Yeah, that was an a-plus ten out of ten Seriously, that was great Now about the main quest… Are there any more side quests? Sure, you can solve them first if you like Could you deliver this to my girlfriend? I need fiancée! I can do that. I can do that really well. You can trust me with your big meat. This meat has a bone in it check you that to her to cut meat. What kind of meat is this Here I go Yes, thank you~ Puppycat these people need me. I’m the only one that can help them Okay, see you soon The legendary BARF in my monkey Tom, would you like sugar How do you like my gear Um, well I’m gonna definitely do it Once I’m all done with all the side quests I just wanna make sure I’m so powerful that there’s no way I’ll fail Puppycat… Why is this happening to me? Dad, I know I’m adult now, but… Haven’t had a good birthday since you’ve been gone until today. I usually try to sleep to avoid thinking about it. I’m having fun now You know, I miss you Puppycat, your shoulders are so hard like stale bread Elder, The Eye is winking at me Whoa our hero did it! Everyone, cheer! Is on this game great and that’s just the tutorial Yeah, it’s great Now let’s go You’re meeting my parents today Okay, you ready? And now a special look at beam puppycat lazy in space coming in 2019

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  1. Thank you for watching! These are episodes 5 & 6, which were originally planned by the creator, Natasha Allegri, as running back-to-back. And guess what? A new series, Bee and PuppyCat: Lazy in Space, is coming in 2019! Watch the new teaser here: https://frdr.us/2q78UiM

  2. This is my fav episode
    Thanks frederator for putting it in together
    “My dad came up with it when I got sick”
    How? Is it, computer virus?

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