Here’s a tip for you
One way to make your kids feel special is to find a little bag and put in some inexpensive
little toys. Some that you can find at cheap shops or get
online from Koorong such as erasers, or rubber balls or pencils. So you put them in the bag and when it comes
close to their birthday they get to come up infront of the class and pick something special
out of the bag and you get to wish them a happy birthday. Now, you may not start your lessons until
the end of February or beginning of March And January and February birthdays have already
passed. What I do my very first lesson, is I get those
January and February kids up and I let them pick out of the bag and wish them a happy
birthday. It’s a great way to start my year by remembering
them. I also make sure that I don’t forget the
kids that have birthdays in December when they no longer have class, so I make sure
I let them pick out of the bag before my last lesson and wish them a happy birthday too. It’s a simple idea, it’s very inexpensive
and I think it goes a long way in making the kids feel special.

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