Birthday Lily Drunk | Squading up with my friends | Life Goals by Michael Reeves in response to Lily

No Wonder and what age did you miss the ability to form full sentence? Would the c-word I feel like we don’t use the C word like ever Yeah, you too Thank you for joining me have to go play League of Legends like girlfriends are waiting for me Oh, yeah, so we’re gonna take a you know, that sunrise the Sun has not fully risen. We Wow, we shall wait Where is your sippy cup for this game, honestly, yeah, I’m probably gonna shit myself soon if this game is as scary Is it you guys make it out to be so? Well now I can’t see anything cuz it’s like One and a half Oh are you feeling okay? That’s an amazing feeling not as much the same Nice jacket cute, where’d you get that sweater? That’s nice You’re very good saving no, no It’s okay. I’ll be able to joke about it. Eventually, I think maybe not now though. Yeah, not when you’re drunk You’re right. Yeah, cuz then I can hear it sober Lily Michael mind. Would you let me do that dumb shit on stream I’m so angry at you. And I’m so angry at all the dumb mom. I wasn’t blaming you. I Not the take out with that not the tayka and on a shirt Maybe I Want to show you guys our new vid, okay We don’t talk about that video new that’s not a cute Blog when I die on my deathbed I want to pull from Kung Fu Panda cosplayer to come in and seduce that play Universal yesterday with my mom and sister So, yeah, I get all my like fuck pictures from our slash and make me suffer It’s really you do I have to bring something to be appreciative of it What if you don’t like it? What do you do? Not even actually check it with the fudge. You’re like 13 careful Actually Lily you get banned if I were 13 Yeah, that would be against TOS right so so, okay so I must not Instruct man Dude he could’ve easily made a patreon for this. What is he doing? He just lost thousands of dollars But yeah, thank you for sending that to me I really I needed that And I like showing you guys things it’s I think it’s fun and I think it’s a good way to like get involved in content and Like, you know keep up with things Also streaming IRL outside is really scary some people I’m looking you chap not looking at the game. Look at you guys Hello again, hello from Seattle Um, Kimmy what does your shirt say it says lg ultra gear It’s it’s really cool that I get so that’s like Don’t really know what that service because I’m a fake Korean but my Winner of last video. Hello Thank you Huh Which is me last place of last video which I know okay, close your eyes, okay? About your hands don’t keep rumor Cutting like something like like not this No Control car my kid has one of those two wheels look making sure everything is okay Nothing is will be leaked, right? Okay So here’s the monitor well, here’s like my desk and this is what the monitor looks like It’s like really nice I like it it’s like a very like skinny like the monitor is an area like flat and the Like the quality is Okay, you have all the balls in the world Right now so I could take a breather right? Let’s talk about here Let’s talk right here. I can’t hear you. How about We call it a 75% Embarrassing your kid is the best part of being a parent We stray further from God every day They don’t care. No, I like get this video of my mom and dad sitting on the couch and they’re like, oh whoa Nezha wuzzle blush and I’m like Okay, that’s already fucking cringe for me to do it right and then to see your parents to do it. You’re like, oh that hurts Never played fetch with me before So this is like the first time he’s like playing fetch with me. So I think it’s like super cute I Like say you I just think you know, I Don’t do it as an accident. I kill like I Kind of like it though Like it could be worse at least. I don’t sail it. Okay, I don’t sail it under on eclis. I Lubob, isn’t you? Living I don’t say ye I say going Bring great honor to the CA the family But Ryan if he could use Yvonne that and more often and my culture we often say I know Nakano college it I kind of Means a frog in the wall Well, never know so fast what the fuck Sean, you meet people lives oceans both in adventures and death. I hope That’s this is the most this is the most Shawn thing I have ever read in my entire life, uh I mean maybe a babysitting Or like I don’t think I didn’t kill anyone in red dead Literally, the only thing that okay, I have fallen on my like a horn cook of horses But like I never know good kids. I Mean in Skyrim Mike Hilton Woods wife on accident, but we ended up putting her in a river because Robbie Do you want to play one more? Yeah, we play one. Yeah and oh, No, I haven’t heard this in a while I Have not heard. No, I swear though. I I feel warmed up. I haven’t missed an ulti since that one blunder I’m good You know on the bright side at least Somebody threw up that what I have tick-tock song stuck in my head Why is it light here What’s the biggest fish I Don’t know why that scared me. I don’t know what scares just shut up. Don’t even talk about it I don’t want to talk about it. I want to talk about it didn’t happen Oh wheels are pretty Michael gives Lily a present, Life Goals by Michael Reeves in response to Lily, Michael’s Boomer Impression – Clip of LilyPichu – Twitch Clips, Lily gives alcohol to a minor, Birthday Lily Drunk, Sean is an amazing writer, jetlag is rekting me, 2 Chromosomes over average Jodi?, just trying to jam out and get spooked, hello fellow gamers, first time playing, killing kids huh?, Squading up with my friends | !LG UltraGear

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  1. I know Micheal is being there for lily after what had happened to her but, if by freak of nature chance, if they have something going on, I would be happy for her.

  2. Literally dude, some of these are garbage again. Please actually watch your own videos and see if you laugh or react to it.

    Edit: Some of them are actually good, like the Lily & Michael clips.

  3. I fucking lost my shit when Michael made that skadoosh joke, man is memeing at the same wavelengths as filthy frank. Otv doesn’t deserve him or toast

  4. i understand that lily has just gotten out of a relationship but in due time, her and michael would be perfect for each other in my opinion…..

  5. Honestly skipping all of the Kimi clips and most of the Jodi clips… I could do with a higher criteria for clips, even if it means shorter vids.

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