good morning its clara’s birthday of course come we gotta wake her up okay mom happy birthday dear Clara
happy birthday too there’s so many presents this one’s so
big I love it we’re when I starved I’m gonna start
with this box I love the purple it’s one of my favorite colors the harbour Beauty Bar oh I love it
and it’s a limited edition frog snares I love Claire it’s our generation to love I’ve been
dying to get this for ages I mean look at the dress and supply and that’s a
great great great you can put your ticket in your scroll it’s a class look at that little cat hat
but the Pope is on time Polaroid’s movies I have the school on my wish list
what if I get it I’m not just on your bye I love it
even’s been around in it before it’s so cool that was so oh wow look how she movies just like a real
bunny and yes twitch that’s so cute since I came in
the room I’ve been dying to open this huge box
I mean it’s ginormous I feel so excited so much detail food pencil kitchen
markers all the things on the table even sanity
I mean sellotape it even says a hard science I mean I do hard science and
there’s even a place to hang your coat and bag I’ve been doing for the awesome
Academy for so long the Duncan fine I’m so happy oh I love it
amazing the leg French house oh look at all the room and there’s a balcony for
ages tarah they both have I love it so brilliant you can put the cake inside and even the
bathroom thank you so much you can’t have a doll house with that dolls right Cinderella been one of my favorite
characters so what Tiana and Merida from brave and
the last proposal she is my favorite character is
beautiful I love her I think your wings have so much fun with Disney princess
dolls in your oh my goodness it’s a unicorn here and a
uniform bag equals it’s gel you back that looks so fun and this is what you
put inside they are unicorns and it says judo Wow look at this notebook and it’s
sequins look Wow it says dancer bow up that is so
adorable and it says bow amazing oh I love this
Jojo Syrah things there’s hair bang there’s a choker they’re full and if you
have necklaces they are so cool these are bats balls
it’s the hairbrush my favorite that’s the inside it looks
amazing and I never going to have so much fun with this I love these and there’s so many cute
characters a blind eye we love opening these Clara I love toys Oh mega would
get it I’ve always wanted one of these flower you’re gonna love that
now keep digging and surprise is worth the fight I’ve never had it and I can’t
wait to open this it’s going to be so much fun I know there this is her sword and her tiara they
look awesome and that’s my necklace this is her as a
knight and this is her as a princess I always wanted these figures cheesy
enchanted princess oh she’s the starry fairy my god batter opposer Rosa she has
beautiful glitter detail and that elf with the water lily it’s a queen of the
fairies with princess Chloe and her white cat and these two beautiful
unicorns look at the detail on this one there’s sparkles and she’s got a very
own fairy and she could even sit down on her I am going to worry a treasure these baby this is and she comes we’ll put I
can’t wait to read that salad and grill with hot tables is
amazing thank you so much for day three of our generation set I just love them the rest of the Disney Princesses
there’s Mulan Pocahontas area jasmine and Aurora these are perfect for my
dollhouse this is my little Minnie Mouse I love
her sunglasses it’s Walker face expressions over so this is your science
surprises as we know mirror our science car go for it the inventor dog but we thought well you
can have a doll without science things so maybe you ought to check the other
box came all the way from America is the ark kicked way and you can buy all kinds
of city buildings and different building to designer all things these are really
exciting these are made in Ireland and these are so much fun you’re going to be
able to make all kinds of architectural structures have fun pretty cool but it’s
not awesome I love this mom oh this is heavy go to this live action get them slow
that’s also a stem case that’s so exciting gels this is up sweet factory clara build up everything you need even
a stair the trendy perfect for the invention of and my science fellow
absolutely I think it would be very busy in your
lab YouTube it’s called super rainbow under manager
able to almost is unicorn all is so cuddly fluffy and beautiful thank you
it’s always wanted evidence and a car going to the beach these are the most beautiful or adult is
full of ballerina and this one the horse riding top pickup let me you can put
your dogs in here thank you for everything you have had an amazing
presence and a soldier that we’re so happy such a lot of different toys lots
of things that you’d be looking at for quite some time it’s done birthday our generation and you can watch this oh
there’s three little compartments of your horse room your birthday last year
put in there you’ve got two free spaces oh you just love it now my ventricle and
Jenny can go on horses beautiful you know our traditions Elena and we get to
present on the birthdays how did you plot all this for me I like sweet and juicy with a pompom
headband oh it’s so sweet GJ IQ beanie boos and look at this pie it’s so sweet
it kind of got this shiny effect we thought that it had a face scrub oak
flower thank you so much this is so sweet there’s a little hatch of my leg a
pushing blind box the boob my books cutest dog’ another pick me pop cloud
this is amazing thank you so much you’re welcome Elena Clara now for your final
surprise your unicorn birthday cake I hope you have a wonderful 8th birthday
Tyra we are so proud of you and we love you so much
you want so hard on your channel and your schoolwork and your music and all
your activities and you’re just such a wonderful daughter and a great sister
and a great example to everyone around you so congratulations and you deserve
all these wonderful surprises today thank you everyone for the best birthday hit the like button if you want to see
more of these videos don’t forget to subscribe it’s free here’s some more fun

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