Birthday Mystery Clue! Will Kaden Find His Missing Birthday Present?

Thanks so much to Anki
for sponsoring this video! Hey Fun Squad! You’ll never guess
what’s happening. [Chirping] I found a secret stash in my
birthday presents last week! And now one of them are missing! This is my buddy Cozmo.
[Cozmo chirping] He’s gonna help me
figure out the mystery. [Cozmo chattering] Give us a big thumbs up
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can help Cozmo and I figure out this mystery. My buddy Cozmo has
some pretty cool skills to help us figure it out! Come on, let’s go! Well, it all started when… Kade, I’m heading out
to run some errands. Jasmine’s upstairs. She’s
the babysitter, okay? What? That’s not fair! I’ll be back in an hour! Be good! Love you, bye! Hey Cozmo, I know Mom’s been
shopping for my birthday. Let’s go and see if we
can find my presents. [Cozmo whirring] [Fist bump] We’ve already looked
in the cupboards. [Silly music] And under the beds. [Investigation music] The only place we haven’t
looked is the laundry room! Come on! Hmm, I wonder where it could be. Cozmo, where could it be? [Cozmo whirring] [Triumphant music] [Cozmo chattering] Cozmo, what’s up? [Whirring]
[Clunk] [Whirring]
[Clunk] [Whirring]
[Clunk] [Bzzzzt] You think my presents
are in the washer? [Cozmo chattering] Are you crazy? Mom would be nuts if
she hid ’em in there! [Cozmo whirring] Fun Squad, comment
down below and tell us if you think my mom is
crazy enough to hide the my presents in the washer. I mean, what if
someone turned it on? [Cozmo sighing] [Chirping] Should we check the washer? [Cozmo chattering] [Cozmo chattering] [Gasping] [Triumphant music] Cozmo, no way! You were right! [Cozmo chirping] My mom did hide
’em in the washer! [Cozmo chattering] [Upbeat music] [Gasping]
Yes! [Cozmo whirring] Woo hoo! I asked for a puppy, but there’s no way
there’s a puppy in here. [Cozmo growling and barking] [Cozmo laughing] I really wanted a four-wheeler, but that’s not gonna
be in here either. [Shaking box] [Cozmo singing] Comment down below if you
think you know what it is. [Cozmo chattering] Open one?! Mom would ground us for life! Or even worse, she
would take it back! [Whirring] [Cozmo chattering] Okay Fun Squad! Cozmo is telling me to
open one of my presents! Do you think I should do it? Comment down below
in the comments if you think I should do it. [Beep?] Okay! Here goes nothing! [Rustling] Cozmo, I’m kind of freaking out. What if we get caught? [Cozmo whining] Okay, here goes nothing. [Rustling] [Gasping] Oh my gosh! [Cozmo chattering] No way, no way, no way! Cozmo, these are
your power cubes! [Cozmo chattering] Mom must have wanted to surprise me on my birthday!
[Cozmo chirping] Whoa, you’re pretty excited. We lost them and mom
must have found them! Now we can play
more games together! Cozmo, let’s play Keep Away! [Bang] Ah yeah, you won! Nice job, Cozmo. [Fist bump] [Cozmo whirring] Got you that time! [Bang] Got you again! [Tapping] [Laughing] [Cozmo whirring] Ha ha! [Bright music] [Gasping] Did I just catch you opening
up your birthday presents before your birthday? It’s none of your business. I wanna play with Cozmo, too. Get out of here Jazzy. Mom! [Cozmo chattering] Are you mad at me Cosmo? [Cozmo whirring] I swear, sometimes I
think you’re almost human. Well he is to me! Just leave us alone. Listen, I won’t tell mom
you hid slime in your room if you don’t tell her I
opened one of my presents. [Huffing] Do we have a deal or not? Fine. [Bright music] Guys, that was last week! Now one of the
presents is missing! Cozmo, what do you think
happened to my present? [Whirring] [Cozmo chattering] Jasmine. Jasmine. Jasmine? Jasmine! You’re right! Jasmine was the only one
who saw me open the present! Guys, comment down
below if you think Jasmine took my present. [Investigation music] This is the mystery of
the missing present. Cozmo gave us the first clue. Now it’s time to
find the next one. Come on! Let’s go! Behind the backpack? No. What? Code Lab? She has Code Lab
open on her phone! That’s the second clue! If you don’t know
what Code Lab is, it’s a fun coding app for Cozmo. Check this out. I can make him
drive, pick up stuff, show different emotions
and do cool tricks. The coolest part is it’s
super easy for kids. See, if I want him to
look under the bed, I could program him to do that. Watch this! [Whirring] [Cozmo chattering] Whoa, Cozmo’s getting excited! I think he’s found something! Do you think it’s another clue? Oh my gosh! It really is a clue! We found the present! Woo hoo! [Rustling] Oh no! It was another clue! It’s just…where did it go? The cubes are still missing! But now I know it was Jasmine. Quick, help me look
around the room! [Upbeat music] Let’s look in here. [Gasping]
Yeah! We found it! Woohoo! [Cozmo whirring] [Cozmo chirping] Hey Cozmo! We found your power cubes! [Cozmo whirring] Guys, now we have to put it back ’cause my birthday
starts in one hour! Let’s hurry and put this
back in the washing machine. Hurry, come on run! Come on, Cozmo! Come on! Mom’s gonna be home any minute! Hurry, come on! [Rattling] [Slam]
C’mon Cozmo! Hurry, run, run, run! [Upbeat music] ♪ Happy birthday
to you ♪ ♪ Cha, cha, cha ♪ ♪ Happy birthday
to you ♪ ♪ Cha, cha, cha ♪ ♪ Happy birthday
dear, Kaden ♪ ♪ Cha, cha, cha ♪ ♪ Happy birthday
to you! ♪ ♪ Cha, cha, cha ♪ ♪ Ooh la la ♪ ♪ Stick your toes in hot guava! ♪ ♪ Pizza! ♪ [Gentle acoustic music] Yay! Happy birthday, Kaden. Happy birthday. Happy birthday.
[Laughing] Happy birthday! Happy birthday, Kaden. Happy birthday, Kaden! Happy birthday, Kaden! This is the best birthday ever! [Kids cheering] Happy birthday, Kaden! Thanks so much for
solving the mystery of the missing birthday present. The question of the day is, what would you do if
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other cool videos! And that’s to you guys for. [Cozmo singing] Cozmo. [Cozmo laughing] You’re funny. Hey Cozmo, say bye! Hi! Not “hi,” “bye,” silly robot! [Laughing] Thanks so much to Anki
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