Birthday Party & A Reunion

Good morning. Good morning Gonna set you guys down there I’ve got to wrap some gifts today. We’re celebrating a birthday so I booked us a table at this afternoon tea restaurant actually the one Hassan took me for my birthday last year and I thought that would be a good idea because Knowing Natalie. Her favorite thing in the world is sweet if you had a day to do anything, what would you do? So she would definitely rather wake up later and start work later and worked to later in the evening rather than start earlier so It kind of thought Something in the afternoon would be better than lunch and then as much as I like to think I’m good companies No one wants to spend after working hours with their boss. So I thought afternoon tea would be better than lunch or dinner, basically So that’s what I did. I booked that and now I got her a few gifts The wrapping paper is actually little twin stars, which I don’t even know she Let’s just hope she likes these characters cuz that’s all this particular store, huh? I’m gonna show you guys what I got hurt. Natalie really loves photography or anything photography related and We’re very similar in that. We like to spend a lot of time at home. We like our alone time She loves reading watching TV series on her her laptop Or anything to do with art, so I got her things that I think would Be cozy, I guess home home home stuff a notebook to write in because I think having notebooks around It’s always a good idea whenever I have something pop into my head is always at the weirdest It’s too like when I’m in the shower or something I always need to get out and immediately write it down whether that be a video idea or anything else I always fill up one of these every two months or so I have a lot laying around so I think these are we good with that. I found these adorable pens that Are the same colors they definitely go thick together somebody grab these And then I also saw this milk and honey Book it’s a book of poetry. I hope she doesn’t have it But when I started reading some of them I was like, oh this screams Natalie. I gotta get it for her Oh, I saw these and I thought they’re so cute. They’re reading socks and they have they have the coziest Softest warmest material inside and then they have these cute cat faces and they’re just long cozy socks Also got her a little Candle that smells like mold cider and cinnamon Basically fall smells like fall. I haven’t seen a lot of candle shops here And I haven’t smelled a lot of fall scented candles here Especially like I said before I don’t really see many full things. We don’t really have fall in Hong Kong. It’s still hot lighting this Jotting down thoughts reading poems snuggling up with a socks would be a perfect little evening And then I also have a card somewhere which I got a right I Have to say wrapping these gifts reminds me of Christmas and that makes me happy I also grabbed her a couple souvenirs from Canada I saw this mug and I couldn’t resist it has all the great Historically important things in Canada on it So nice You take the company see, okay What what is going on Nice – wanna add it feel like my craziness is rubbing off on you somehow do you want to put in your oh I could make you a flower vase for She wants to add it to her hair With your first reaction Today no, I always get that you want the red lip. I think it’s just pale skin Instrument is this how you’re writing Russians right now? Oh, no, I just did that like I know because people know for my vlog no, like today But I even before I dye my hair I got Russian all the time, but I never got it again Yeah, but I mean, I’m okay with my nationality, you know, like I’m not having identity crisis the news that I sent you today, they actually I’m just part of the world Good morning everybody. It’s a rainy day in Tokyo, and I’m running a bit late So I’m taking a quick taxi over to Harajuku where I’m meeting Venus for lunch And then we’re gonna do a bit of shopping in that area And then after that I meeting up with Laura because she just moved back to Japan and possibly came down because she’s here It’s so weird. A lot of my friends are in Tokyo at the same time. So we’re having like a big reunion for lunch We’re going to Neal’s Yard remedies cafe here. It’s called Brown Rose cafe I think I’ve never been before but it looks really nice and healthy and fresh So I’m really excited to try it and I’m really excited to see all my friends today. I’m trying to keep quiet Here at Brown Ray’s cafe How you did it Wow Wow This is our lunch we got the same set. It’s steamed Winchester veggies. Here’s about ten Pines. Look how good that looks some brown rice and Pickled vegetables miso soup in the cutest little coffee with some granola on the side Yay, look how cute and how everything matches You’re so adorable When it’s raining Pouring and it’s windy, but we’re heading to Just across the street basically So if you’re shopping and how to do co multi Sandow that place is perfect because it was just down there And now we’re going shopping in there if it’s raining and you need a convenient way to carry your bags. Just hook it on here Venus brought me some candy from Sweden. I’m excited to try it. She said it’s really weird Salty going to edible chalk Interesting venus dyed her hair to its purple. You can see here we both kind of did it at the same time cuz we uploaded the same night that Our hair video within people. I saw people’s comments like well your muse do that Same time moves like tiger and miss fat. They must have a lot of cute Halloween stuff soon But we’re at mora on the lookout for fall winter clothes Yesterday was still hot. Yeah But I welcome this weather Hong Kong is still crazy hot, so I’m happy for cooler rainy weather I Didn’t know you owned a lash bar My favorite vintage store you think I do you’re gonna love it By Here is Kim and Laura kiss, I haven’t seen your guide I seen Kim Was it really a year? Oh, yeah, when I first moved to Hong Kong November. Oh, I can’t believe it’s almost been a year Oh my god, and Laura moved to Mexico and back and she’s yeah, but so much happened in our lives Big changes, we just finished up with their coffee and Hawking and Laura left a bit earlier, but We’re both splitting up now, so he’s going to meet Sophie Sophie and I’m gonna head back So say bye to care And back in my hotel room now, sorry, it’s kind of dark and shadowy but this is as bright as this room gets at night Dinners here Venus so kindly brought me back all this candy from Sweden and I want to try it with you guys but I think I’m gonna eat my dinner first and then I Go for this goal a clean guessing that means chalk cuz it looks like it’ll talk Black licorice inside I’m sure I don’t necessarily hate but I don’t think I could eat like a couple but not the whole bag at once sir Stop Fred Hmm do you like a George bear Stang? Mmm delicious It’s like a sweeter form of licorice so far, this one’s the best this reminds me of a can now, you still have to get Hong Kong has these little malls that have all kinds of shops and then they have little candy shops inside and I used to go and make my own bag of candy and then Walk around with it and just look around And I used to get like a big bag of bees. They’re kind of broken up though, but they taste delicious This is like another version of a yellow with black ice. It was not black licorice inside I think is what men with black licorice inside This is a sea salt my soft licorice toffee Why do you guys like black licorice so much? I Really like this one in this one Thank You Venus red bringing me back from me and thinking of me on your trip That was so sweet of you I’ve never been to Sweden. I’d love to go. I’m so now I am going to We’re gonna go to the gym I’m gonna shower and go to bed So I’m gonna leave this blog here and I will see you guys tomorrow I’m meeting Sharla tomorrow so you can look forward to that but I will see you guys very soon

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  1. Taylor, you said you didn't know what you are. Maybe you could do one of those DNA kits and see what your ancestry is and let us know. I think it would interesting! 🙂

  2. At 12:09 Skolekridt (skolekridt is danish for chalk) but the brand Fazer is from Finland… At 12:39 jordbær stang(It is Danish and means strawberry stick) by Toms Pingvin from Denmark – and At 13:07 Kokos Drøm (It is Danish and means coconut dream) by Toms Pingvin from Denmark…. and the rest of the candy – well the brand Malaco actually began in Denmark!! The candy is BOUGHT in Sweden but the candy is Scandinavian:-)

  3. Great video fun of glamour, cosmopolitan places & adventurous travel, beautiful friends, and good food. But what was that ⁉️ A belching 🐢⁉️ hahaha

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  5. I always get so happy watching your videos. Even after probably 3 years of watching your videos, you are still my favourite youtuber. Your personality is just so beautiful ♡

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  11. Being Danish, I love seeing people trying salty loqoriche 😂😂 no one likes it except us. Its Black. Like our souls.

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