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Oh he shows you things that you can do too! It’s craft time, craft time, craft time… with Alan! Fall Edition! It’s craft time again here at Big Dot of Happiness. My name is Alan and we’re going to take a look at some of our themes that would be perfect your fall birthday party and other events. Some of our themes are Owl – Look Whooo’s Having A Birthday, Little Pumpkin Caucasian, Owl Girl – Look Whooo’s Having A Birthday, & Little Pumpkin African American. The products we’re using today are round birthday sticker labels, birthday mini candy bar wrappers, birthday party return address labels, birthday die cut card stock tags. Over here we have our Smore Bar. Next to that we have some bamboo skures that were decorated with our circle labels. These are your roasting sticks but I would recommend soaking them in water before putting them anywhere near fire. Probably for half hour – hour. You take a marshmallow or like a bunch of marshmallows cause I like a lot of marshmallows on my smores. Hold those over preferably small fire. I’d say these marshmallows look perfectly roasted so I’m going to build my smore. What I do is grab a graham cracker, snap it in half and then grab one of these lovely little mini candy bars that are decorated. That’s probably enough chocolate for one smore so throw that on there. Probably want to take the wrapper off first. Throw however many marshmallows on there that you want. Get it all smooched together. It goes like this kind of but melty and delicious. Another great way to do smores is to take a little cello bag and fill it with everything you need. We have a couple mini candy bar wrappers that are decorated, a few graham crackers, a few marshmallows, and then we put one of our circle labels on it. The only thing that they really need to provide is the fire and then the eating. But you’ve done most of the work. Over here we have some treats that we’ve decorated with our do it yourself birthday party supplies. For example, We have a cereal bar made with cereal of the puffed rice variety. We’ve wrapped it in cellophane, put a ribbon around it and added one of our square tags. It looks neat and delicious. Next to those we have a little brownie, muffin, cupcake thing, and we’ve created a little food flag with a tooth pick and one of our blank address labels. They look delicious but I would probably take the tooth pick out before you try to eat them. Next we’ve taken one of our spiral chrome stands available at and wrapped a piece of craft paper into a cone and glued a bow to the front. Then we just added some popped corn. I believe this caramel, yeah it’s caramel. I’m going to pour myself a little of that cause it’s delicious. That’s enough, I think that will be good. Lastly we have some items that we’ve decorated with our pumpkin theme. First we have little candy bags. These I believe are pumpkins, and we’ve taken one of our blank address labels so you can write the guest names right on the top there so everyone who’s candy bag is who’s. Below the candy bags, we have some wonderful jams and jellies witch we’ve decorated with a pieces of fabric and some ribbon and one of our pumpkin themed square tags. They’re a nice homemade treat. Next to the jams and jellys we’ve made some corn husk candy pouches. To do that we took a corn husk available at your local grocer. Soaked them for about 30 min per the directions on the package and took some of our candies, put those in the corn husk, fold it over. So you get your pouch. Took a piece of ribbon and one of our pumpkin square tags. Tied the ribbon around there. Get that straightened out and you have a wonderful candy corn husk pouch. Over here we have some hot cocoa pouches that we’ve decorated with our water bottle labels. Most people take, hot water, hot milk and add this to it. I prefer to just eat it plain, it’s kind of an acquired taste but you just kind of put a little bit in there. Mmm so good! We’ll this has been Craft Time with Alan. I hope something we’ve done has helped you with your fall events. Thanks for watching.

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  1. The corn husks can really be used for a ton of different things! We’re so glad that you found some inspiration! Have a Big Dot Day!

  2. One question, the corn husk, how old is it? If it's not real could I get away with using real ones, and any thoughts on how long they would keep? Thanks again!

  3. Hey Denise – We did use real corn husks that we purchased in the produce section of our local grocery store. We simply followed the directions for use which did included soaking them to make them easy to bend and move. I'm sure they would keep as long as anything that you would wrap in them. I hope that answers your question. Have a great party and a Big Dot day!

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