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It’s Steve and Maggie. Wow English TV! Yeah! Ah… Oh, hello boys and girls! I’ve got a secret! Today is my birthday! But I don’t want a big party with all that
noise. Maggie and Bob are not here so I can drink
my tea and relax. Hey, can you hear something?Oh, come on Steve! Let’s party! Oh, Boby! No! Oh! Come on everyone, it’s Steve’s birthday! Let’s dance! Oh-oh! Hi Steve! Let’s dance! Oh-oh-oh! Okay, Bob. Little Blobs. Alright boys and girls. No time to relax. No! Let’s dance! Come on. Let’s dance! Yay! Say with me. Come on. Let’s dance! Louder! Let’s dance! Louder! Let’s dance! Louder! Let’s dance! Come on. Dance with me! Go Steve! Go! Oh-oh! Wow! Look at that dancing! Oh, amazing! Oh-oh! Oh, yeah! It’s a real party! Wow! Yeah! Oh, hey! Steve! What’s the matter? I can’t dance anymore. What? I’m so tired. Oh, but Steve you can’t stop. It’s your birthday, you have to dance! What? Bob, we don’t just dance at a birthday party. Sometimes we play party games. Oh, really? You play party games? Yeah! Let’s play party games! Let’s play party games! Let’s play party games! Oh-oh! Okay, okay. Let’s play party games. Yeah! Right. We could play Hide and Seek or Musical Chairs
or Catch. Oh, yeah! Let’s play Catch! Oh! Catch Steve, little Blobs! Whoa! Catch Steve! Yeah! Stop it! Put me down! Oh, Bob! Stop! Sorry, Steve. Oh-oh-oh, dear. Thank you! Oh, not like that Bob, little Blobs. Let’s do something different. Boys and girls, what can you do at a birthday
party? Oh, you can go bowling! Yeah! Hey, Bob. Let’s go bowling! To go bowling you need ten pins over there. Like this? Yeah! And you have to knock them all down! Okay! Let’s go! Oh-oh, wow! Not like this! Oh, strike! Oh-oh-oh! Steve! You’re great at this game! Oh-oh, wow! Bob, not like that! Let me show you. Bob, I need ten pins over there and a bowling
ball. Like this? Yeah, great! Okay. Right. Come on boys and girls. Let’s bowl! Hey, say with me. Come on. Let’s bowl! And again. Let’s bowl! One more time. Let’s bowl! Here we go. One. Two. Three! Yeah! Strike! Oh-oh! And I’ve got another idea. Let’s go skating! Oh! Good idea! Let’s go skating right now! Oh-oh! Oh! Whoa! Oh, Bob! This is a birthday surprise. Yeah! But yeah! Come on boys and girls, let’s skate! Yeah! Hey! Great! Come on. Let’s skate. Let’s skate. Say it with me. Are you ready? Let’s skate. Let’s skate. Let’s skate! Wow! This is great! Okay. Come on Bob. Whoa! Ha-ha. Let’s race! Okay. Let’s race go-karts! Oh-oh! Great idea Bob! Let’s race go-karts! Hey! Come on then. Let’s race! Let’s race! Say it with me. Let’s race! Let’s race! Let’s race! And faster. Let’s race! Let’s race! Let’s race! Yeah! Come on. Let’s race! Okay! Three. Two. One. Go! Oh! Wow! This is the best birthday ever! Oh! This is great! Oh-oh! Let’s race! Oh-oh-oh! Yay! Hey, did you like that? Yeah? Then please like it. If you love it, you can subscribe! Just touch here. Go on. If you want to watch another Steve and Maggie
clip, touch here. Yeah! Thank you!

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  1. Thanks Steve…love Bob and the little blobs. When I put you up for my daughter, she immediately yells: "It's Steve and Maggie WOW English TV!!". Thanks to you, she can now follow a lot of children's programming and knows when something is not up to par. High standards and expectations with her now!

  2. AWESOME VIDEO WELL DONE! LOVE IT! 😀 🐰 💜 💙 💛😘 💐💓💔💖💗💘💙💚💛💜💝💏 💑

  3. Hi, Steve! We love your activities and such amazing videos! They are very funny and great for children. My two little sisters just love your work. Keep up your amazing and wonderful ideas. Love from my sisters and me ❤

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  6. Hi Steve great job but Halloween should be removed it’s not good for kids and it’s not important for kids to learn about it.

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