Birthday Party Gone Wrong! -in- “Cake It Or Break It” Pencilmation Cartoons

Hey … AHHH!!! here is how it all happened… (sketches with pencil) With a delicious cake and a light up candle. Lucky he didnt drown!! Yo relax Uhhh… I told you and that is how it all happened *sob sob* There you go!! Huh? Ahh! Guh! *table scrapes against floor* Oh? Oh No… and that is how it all happened and that is how it all happened Hi bud All RIGHT!!! here. have this. uh-oh DONT Worry!!! that match did not work… Nor didnt that one… BAD IDEA oh well… he might be hungry He Will HUNT MARSHMALLOWS!! the last match, here we go! i should’ve erased that cloud drive this car! his body parts are in the wrong place i’ll show him take 2 this is one of the painter videos that’s a wrap folks! slow-mo OK. enough messing around. oof ouch ow pencil mate, are you OK? B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-BALL TIME !! fin welcome to the robot factory! ouch staff credits director: Holden and Ross Belcher artwork by Ross Belcher cast: pencil mate, little blue boy, Mario, Mr. cloud and more special thanks to YouTube, pencilmation, and you for watching end of episode 403 now enjoy the show

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