Birthday Party Ice Cream Cake in Minutes with Jill

Welcome to Sweet Art Made Simple, I’m Jill I design cake YOU can make If I don’t think you can make it, I won’t put it on this channel I love making things quick and simple So you can get out of the kitchen and enjoy the party Today it’s a birthday party cake We are using ice cream cones and colorful candy Let me show you the ingredients You need colorful candy, bubble gum, ice cream cones I am using two colors of buttercream, green and blue And rainbow cones I found at the grocery store You can cut them easily with a sharp knife If it cracks alittle, you will be able to cover it up with frosting Once needs to be cut across to place on the top I am using a number 18 decorating tip I have buttercream frosting recipe below. I frosted in blue First place four cones around the cake Press lightly so they stick into frosting Now fill in with a swirl like a soft ice cream cone Using red gumballs, you place on top of frosting to create cherries Now fill top cone with frosting Now add colorful candy so everyone gets a piece of candy when you cut the cake Now add a border to the top of the cake. Now finish with colorful candy

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  1. Want a colorful and fun cake in minutes!! I loved making this Birthday party Ice Cream cone cake for YOU!!

  2. I'll be have excellent ideas.
    I have just start baking.making cake is easy but to decorate it .don't know how to do it.your videos are very helpful. thank you for replying

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