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– [Both] Happy birthday! (children yelling) (kissing) – Hi everyone.
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– [Both] Birthdays! – All about birthdays today. I have, half of my kids
have birthdays back to back in the next couple of months. – Yeah we have I think
a birthday every month until Summer time now. – Yeah, well and it’s like, it seems like it’s birthday season. You know, it’s Spring,
things are warming up and babies are born
– Babies are born in the Spring.
in the Spring. – And so there are literally
invitations coming home from my kids school like… – I get all those e-vites all the time. My email is full of digital invitations. – It’s crazy, it’s crazy. Well and so it got us thinking about how much of an effort it is
to plan a birthday party. So much so that parents
are renting out venues, they’re forking over so much money to do these crazy birthday parties and going places and themes.
– With themes. – We honestly, we don’t even celebrate or we celebrate but we don’t have a party except for on even
birthdays in our family. – And we do the odd
birthdays, so every other year our kid gets to have a party. And now it’s even changing a little bit. Now because my kids are
getting older, they can choose to have a party with like
many friends at the house or they can choose to select
a few and then we’ll go and do something fun with their friends, it costs a little bit more. We have come up with six different ideas to help you eliminate the cost
of planning birthday parties. – Cater them to your family,
they’re free for us because we already had a lot of these resources. – Right.
– So look at what you have in your home that can be used. For instance we’ll be doing a pool party. We happen to have a pool. Maybe you have a friend who has a pool if you don’t have one who would let you, like we’ve had other people’s
birthdays at our home to have a pool party.
– Right. So take a look at these ideas. Leave comments below
on things that you like or maybe ideas that you’ve had for fun, inexpensive birthday parties
and let’s check them out. – One thing I love about pool
parties is we can cook food on the barbecue outside,
keep the mess outside, let everyone play. The kids love it. It wears them out and it’s
just a happy, happy day. Couple hours and you’re good. – One thing that has
been super, super popular this year is slime and the
ingredients to make slime are relatively inexpensive. You probably have most of the ingredients in your cupboards at home. Make a slime factory. Find different ways, different
colors, different items to add into the slime and
have your child’s friend make their own slime. You can send them home in their individual little tupperwares and
it’s just a party favor and it’s a party all in one. It’s the perfect combination. – And my kids are constantly
asking to make slime and I’m constantly saying no. So they would love the
opportunity to make it themselves and I love the opportunity
that they’re making it at someone else’s house. (laughing) Another fun party idea
is to do a party parade. You can put streamers on
bikes, scooters, even just dress the kids a little bit
and parade down the street. If your street’s busy,
parade down the sidewalk. But kids love getting dressed up. They love just being together. They love going outside for walks. They’re actually pretty easily – [Eden] Entertained.
– Entertained, yeah. – You can also add little
musical instruments, you know, little drums, little shakers. So you put on party hats,
blow up some balloons. It’s a really fun way
to get everybody outside and walking and they get to decorate their own bike or scooter. Pull a wagon with the small
ones if they get tired. Just walk up and down the street. – If you have a park near
by, like we have a park in our neighborhood that’s not too far, we could take the parade to the park, let them play for awhile,
and parade back home. – And don’t forget to
video tape your parade. That would be super cute
to see all their creations. Okay, your next idea is
a camping themed party. Now it’s getting warmer. You can make this a sleepover. If not, you can just have
the kids hang outside but put up a tent in your backyard. I tell you what, kids go nuts over tents.
– Tents, yes. – They love tents. You can do this one a little
bit later on in the evening so that you can start a little camp fire, roast some s’mores, get creative
with those types of things, tell ghost stories around the camp fire. It’s such an easy way to
please a lot of people. If you’d like, you can
turn it into a sleepover, everyone brings their
stuff, puts it in the tent, they stay outside, it’s a win, win. – And even if you do a
sleepover, like sometimes other families like to
come and like families stay in their own tents during the night, if their kids may be a little
scared to sleep outside by themselves like you
could invite the parents to come be involved. – Yeah and in the morning
you have breakfast and you go home or not. (laughing) – Stay all day. – Set up camp and
– Set up camp in make yourself at home.
their backyard. (laughing) – Let’s be a squatter now. (laughing) – Tent city in my backyard. (laughing) – So for this idea, you
may want to wait til it gets a little warmer
outside or you’ll probably want to bundle up because you’ll
need it to be dark outside to do a movie night in your backyard. So for this, we happen to
have a projector screen that we haven’t mounted to our wall yet. It’s kind of portable so
we could bring it outside but if you don’t have that
you could hang a white sheet over your fence. – [Eden] Or a tablecloth. – Or a tablecloth, shower curtain, like there’s all kinds of ways you can get a pretty inexpensive white background. And bring your projector outside. Some people, if you don’t
have a real projector, some phones have options
where you can project them now. Like there’s all kinds of ways
that you can get an image. You may have a friend who has
a projector you could borrow. But it’s just fun. You’ll need some extension
cords to run everything outside. – And some good speakers. – Yeah, so you can hear what’s happening. But a lot of people
already have those things or have friends who have them that you could potentially borrow. But get a movie your
kid’s been wanting to see. Something family friendly
that everyone would enjoy. – Pop some popcorn, get some snacks. Cupcakes are great. – Yeah, it’s like your
own little drive in. You could even make it a
drive in, like let the kids ride their bike up to it
or scooters or whatever. Let them feel like it’s really cool. I’ve seen really adventurous parents make like cardboard cars. – That’s not for me.
– That’s not for me but if it’s for you, it’s an
idea, could be really cute. (laughing) – Definitely, they could
even make their own cars or decorate their own
cars for their drive in. The ideas are endless. This last idea, I have been
waiting to do for a long time. I don’t know where this idea came from but somewhere along the lines
I came up with a thought of having a huge table long
ice cream sundae at a party. And the way that we can do that where you can accomplish this
is by taking a rain gutter, an old plastic rain
gutter, or maybe not old. – Or new, I would go with
new plastic rain gutter. – Yeah, take a new rain gutter
and you can cut it in half and it becomes a long tray. You can have people bring their own or bring contributing toppings. You fill up the tray with
a whole bunch of ice cream and toppings and sprinkles
and whipped cream, and it’s this huge trough
style ice cream sundae and it is such a fun idea. You can even take it up
a notch by giving people different utensils to try
and eat the ice cream with. Like you could have a ladle. You could have a beater or a whisk, something just to make
it a little complicated. – [Alisha] You can have
like a little shovel like for a sand bucket. – Totally you can just, you
can go crazy with this idea. This is an idea that I
have been gearing up to use and now that my kids are
older and they can handle I think mess a little bit better, I feel like this is the
perfect time to introduce. I think teenagers will love this, I think tweens will love this, even older kids nine, 10, 11, I think they would really love
it and get a kick out of it. – My husband would love it. – Yeah, let’s be honest, I’m
gonna be front and center, eating this ice cream sundae. So that’s just another
idea that you can use in lou of a cake, puts some
candles in it, happy birthday, blow it out and everyone
create, cam create together this huge rain gutter ice cream sundae. (laughing) So there you have it.
– Yes. – Six awesome, relatively inexpensive, cost effective birthday party ideas. – Yeah, tell us in the comments
below what some of your inexpensive or free birthday ideas are because we’re always
looking to save a buck. – With as many kids as
we have, there’s always, we’re always looking
for ways to save money. – And still have fun, like
we want it to be memorable, we want them to have a good time. We don’t want them to
be like, this is lame. – Especially since our kids
only get birthday party – [Both] Every other year. – It’s a lot of pressure. (laughing) – It doesn’t have to be much. It’s the thought that counts. It’s the effort that you
put into it for your child, that they know that they’re
loved and they’re thought of, their friends are there and
that’s all that really matters. So don’t worry about
spending a ton of money. Be creative and your kids will love it. – Thank you guys so much
for joining us today. We hope you enjoyed our
little party together and hopefully got some
fun ideas for parties coming up in your life. For more videos from us
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