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birthday surprise we have got you covered with birthday party ideas best of all that won’t break the bank because I owe you know sometimes for kids parties people just like to go all out and that can cost a small fortune in September my son’s birthday weeks but so yeah I would do something inspect ID to make a pinata and I do all this great stuff for his birthday and it got expensive so I had to make it a little cheaper it’s evil in September okay so we have a yummy cocktail we’re gonna start off with this is a Yolo rum okay and so I’m gonna kind of wing it here we’re gonna use our little cup we just created you’re just gonna do one ounce of the yellow room mm-hmm it’s a yummy fall cocktail yellow room is out of Colorado it’s you can get it here in Texas as well and then you want to put about three ounces of apple cider so that makes it kind of fall and you could make it warm or you could make it with that you could add ice to it if you like I was gonna say yeah put the little spices in there and you know and then a little bit of cranberry so about two ounces of cranberry and so I’ll let you taste that a rum infused cupcake it’s a chocolate cupcake with rum and then the icing has rum in it as well make sure you keep those cupcakes yeah and the recipes are all on the blog right now karmen site you creative lifestyle TV you can check that out and so it’s really easy you know they have tips that you can buy for the it’s good yeah [Music] and so to decorate these are just this is cardstock I just cut a bunch of circles I think I used the top of this or the bottom just to make the circle you don’t you don’t just spend a lot there’s some like puncher whatever get those yeah but this is as simple as get the kids doing this that’ll keep them busy right and this is just the deco art acrylic paint this one is a metallic or you can use just the regular one and then I can use the decoupage as well to do the glitter and so after you’ve got them all painted we’ll kind of set that there right and we have a bunch here and this is just twine or you could use yarn whatever you want to use and then we have the glue hot glue didn’t get too too hot yet so we’re gonna kind of pretend but you go stick that on like that good thing about not being hot don’t burn you use the band-aid chip remember put a bandaid on your finger before you do it then you won’t burn your finger and still put a bunch of different circles and then you go ahead and put a little gem at the bottom of the thing here and see if we can get some more hot glue out of here mm-hmm put that down there at the bottom and then you can take another one which we did have one somewhere it’s hot there it is and this will wait it for you so that it doesn’t fly away that give it enough little weight I don’t have enough glue around there but that will so that you can hang them on the wall you can put them on the 10 it’ll kind of help it hang a little straight you know and what would be fun too is if you have a lot of kids and maybe some of the siblings can help make the decorations for their brother or sister involved exactly another fun thing is you could do a little mini pinatas you know everybody loves the pinatas but it takes a lot of time to make those really big ones and so just take toilet paper rolls I’ve got this one done you just put some cardstock on the bottom and just tape it and then just take tissue paper which we have here me and my Ziploc size and you’re just gonna take some decoupage I’ll let you get that hmm and let’s go ahead and sprinkle that around and then just put the tissue paper on and just go all the way around and fill it with your favorite candy put another one on the bottom here and put a hole in it and then I’ll let you rip it and what happens instead of having to make the kids you know stand back so nobody gets wet the recipe is on the vlog you see use that means it’s a regular cupcake and then you put the rum in afterwards well it’s a buttercream cream-cheese icing with right yeah I don’t even care on the cup we did the glitter with the decoupage you could also do a hat like that and all you do is take a round look like I’m not a measuring girl so I kind of just when we estimate your eyes yeah so you just kind of go like this and then you can use some tape or staples and then you just take a Podge the bottom with some glitter and then you have a little hat add some ribbon mm-hmm that way if you have a color theme yes with yes you do have to tie it on so have you got a color if you have a color theme in there [Laughter] Jen’s losers off camera right now she’s dying but the point is you don’t have to spend a fortune I mean this stuff it cost nothing it’s a couple of dollars for everything you know and it’s just it adds something to a wig when you make it yourself it really does a stove and all of these ideas and more from Adina Anderson download our app on iPhone Android or Google Play and click on the as seen on si live tab

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