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Auyanna: Good morning everyone. It is go time for me this morning. It is Zaiden’s fourth birthday party. And I am on my way first before we start to
prep and load to get my famous chai tea latte, hot, no water from Starbucks. I really gotta cut down on that a little bit. But anyway, I wanted to come on the camera
this morning and introduce myself because I am always behind the camera. But my name is Auyanna, AUYANNA. And sometimes that can be a tongue twister. So if you want to call me Anna, that is fine
too. But it’s Auyanna and we are just getting ready
to prep for Zaiden’s birthday. It is a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle theme. It is super cute. I have worked on this party since about the
end of June, first of July so I know it’s going to be over the top. I know it is. But anyway, when I come back, before we actually
load everything up, I just want to show you a few highlights of some of the things that
we’ll have at the party today. But anyway, thanks so much you guys and it
is really something coming on camera for the first time because a lot of times I am very
camera shy. But I appreciate you guys and I appreciate
you watching me so I have to come on camera and just introduce myself. So stay tuned. I’ll be back with some of the highlights then
we’ll prep and we’ll get loaded. Now, I probably won’t be able to show you
the whole process because it’s going to be super busy. It’s so beautiful this morning. So they said it’s supposed to rain from 2:00
to 6:00 and the party is 2:00 to 5:00 so keep your fingers crossed that it does not. It won’t. It won’t. I know it won’t. But anyway, if so we’ll take it inside. That’s fine. Because it’ll still be so cute. But anyway, let me go get this chai tea latte
and then we are going to get started and get everything loaded. Okay, so I don’t want to spoil everything
for you guys. I know you’re waiting for the end. These are just a few highlights. We have our poster boards here that is going
to go on the food table. This is our Instagram prop here for pictures. And then this is some of the things that are
going on the sweets table. They are personalized cookies and chips and
fruit snacks. We also have the personalized coloring books
here with the crayons, the personalized water bottles and Capri Sun. And we will just save the rest for the end. Chris: Good morning. I’m coming live to you guys. Down in the southern entertaining booth. I’ve dedicated my time and efforts into this
last little function. I also want to say that I’m trying to record
myself today and today I just found out that there’s an awful lot of damn Ninja Turtle
stuff going on around here without my consent. But I’m going to get to the bottom of it and
I’m going to do, check the inventory and check the expenses report because I am the bookkeeper
around here. And without me, there should be nothing available
to be [crosstalk]. Auyanna: You are done. Okay, so my husband Chris thinks that I am
not going to put him in this YouTube video but I am going to put him in there just for
that. This is how he plays all the time and he knows
that today we are supposed to be in beast mode. But this is what he does so I’m going to put
him in there just to show him. Okay, so we’re getting set up here and some
of the things that we did was to make a personalized back drop so here is the initial setup of
the treat table with the back drop and the table cloth already to get started for the
party. And then thank you to my aunt Cassandra because
she knew I was doing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle party and she told me about these turtle
shells at the Dollar True. Okay, so we’re getting everything set up but
I wanted to take this part because I don’t know if you can see these little bugs flying
around. They are love bugs and they come every spring
and every fall. But they are such a nuisance. And it’s like two bugs that fly together. That’s why they call them love bugs. They were supposed to be to control the mosquitoes
but they are so irritating. So in the last clip I forgot to make room
for the cake but this is where the cake will go front and center. And thank you so much to Baking Sweets Academy. I literally showed her a picture and she delivered. You guys stick around to the end of the video
because this is just pure talent. Okay, so since the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
love pizza, what do you think was on the menu? You got it. It was pizza. And with these pizza boxes I ordered off Amazon
and I’ll make sure I link it below. But I ordered the labels off Etsy. These are personalized and they definitely
added a very special touch to the birthday party. So our Instagram photo props was definitely
a big hit at the party. You take a picture with the birthday boy and
you can also post it to Instagram. So this definitely got everyone at the party
interacting with each other and it was really a big hit. So here is everything all set up and again,
thank you so much to Baking Sweets Academy because this cake was literally the showstopper. And like I said, when I went there, she scribbled
something on a piece of paper and when I picked up the cake she over delivered. She didn’t have to save a picture of the cake
or anything like that. But the kids enjoyed themselves and at the
end of the party we have these favor boxes here and they were able to fill them up with
all the personalized treats like the personalized chip bags, the cookies, the fruit snacks. So it was just an amazing time for us. And thank you so much again to my aunt Cassandra
who we talk many evenings about this party. And she is like the best event designer/decorator
in the Atlanta area and what I love about her so much is she is very cost conscious
and unlike me, she is not a procrastinator. She gets it done and she gets it done well
ahead of time. But these shells were definitely a big hit
at the party because the kids were able to take them off the back of the chairs and they
were able to play with them along with the pops that we used on the sweets table. As always, thank you so much for watching
this video and I hope you share this video with your family and your friends and also
share this video with someone who’s planning an upcoming birthday party because I hope
that it will be able to offer them some great ideas for their party. And if you’re not a subscriber we would love
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until the next video bye bye.

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