Birthday Party Places – Best place for kids birthday parties in Long Island – #1 Party Place

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pardpardeftab720 f0fs24 cf2 Not all Birthday Party Places
are alike.
At White Post Farms, we pride ourselves on our uniqueness.
Where else can you enjoy the best of both
A stunning birthday party room that is super kid-friendly and
accommodating plus a menu with choices for both adults and children.
On the other hand, step outside into a spacious
wonderland of activities’85
Watch as your child and all of their friends ride their very own pony’85
smile as the children delight in hand and
bottle feeding our friendly farm animals.
There are also other opportunities for the
kids to hold birds in our aviary
or cuddle with the sweetest little bunnies.
White Post Farms offers the most unique experience
in Birthday Party Places.
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