Birthday party ROBLOX goodie bag Roblox party treat bag glam loot bag DIY birthday favor bag

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Like and let’s get into it ok first ok this
is what um this is um a goodie bag today like what we’re gonna put our candy and stuff
anyways I’m making and goodie bag for my friend my birthday party is in
three days and today is a wacky wednesday look how i am dressed up wearing my pants inside out shirt is on backwards and let’s get
to it no this is rainbow bracelet messy what we got first actually these are all from Party City this is all from Party City but it’s up to adjust this is
tie for the goodie bags we have 30 bags and thankyou cards and this is all you really a colorful bracelet this is the one though oh ok I should
turn it the other way out eating this pixie sticks from here i should throw it away
and now time for the put this in this is all strawberry and did you try some?
yeah I tried some right over here it made a mess right here yeah
that’s good it’s kind of sour this is a fun thing really oh come on that’s what it does you will like it regardless we have slingy slingy my guys are thinking and you like
it would you like do it I’ve also do like it can hurt oh it’s also doing sorry I got this also from partycity as I
told you know this all from party city and next I love those white sixlets I love
sixlets my grandma always have sixlets whenever i go there and now for the
sweetheart if you never tried it before you should try it so good I kind of fell
okay airhead guess so if you guys like airheads give this a thumbs up and sourcandy I tried it
before and it’s really sour so my dad says put some sour candy in there okay next
this is strawberry lolipop what’s your birthday theme this year? Roblox I love roblox so much okay so you got everything in there all
right let’s tie it up your friends are gonna like this yeah
which one do you think they’re gonna like the best? maybe candy are you for
like the thing? actually we can just put them in a prize box over there and for
the games and stamps why are these and stamps here yeah you can just put random things
in the bags it’ll be a surprise are you okay okay okay I got a balloon pop let’s see okay so we’re gonna have white balloons with messages in them now
Kaylee are we gonna have a message in the balloon oh yeah everybody
liked it last year okay so you’re going to show them to do a second one on them
okay thank in here you’ll guys notice some A bracelet again haha bracelets this thing again it’s the same color again a stamp is a snowman did you put
the candies in right can i try this one uh-huh I’ll try this one and
one did you put one of each in there i watched someone eating candy in a video
is kind of weird not so healthy okay did I ignore my mama ? mama what did you say ?
hey I asked you if you finished putting the candies in the bag . Not all you just put some?that’s it yeah because i really like a 6-foot okay well
they need to get one of each right? we have to do each batch the same way I
think so the kids will be happy they get more candy right or they need to get the
toy and the candy so is that it for today yeah all right
thank you thank you for watching don’t forget to subscribe bye

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