Birthday Party Supplies on a Budget with the Dollar Tree Dilemma Diva

Unless this is a party of one it doesn’t
look like you’ve got enough snacks here honey. I was hoping no one would notice. Payday
isn’t until next week and I don’t have the extra cash for expensive
snacks and fancy party supplies for my husband’s birthday party. It’s so embarrassing. Birthdays are a
breeze and they don’t have to be a budget buster. The Dollar Tree Dilemma Diva will show
you how to throw a big bash on a small budget. Look at all this stuff. Dollar Tree has everything you need to throw a great
party. Party favors, centerpieces, napkins cups, plates. Everything’s a dollar and don’t forget
the balloons. Come on. Plus create a fantastic snack spread with a wide variety of chips, pretzels, cookies, nuts, soda and more. When everything’s a
dollar you can party all day without breaking the bank. Honey our friends are here. I’ll get the door. Who is this? This is the Dollar Tree Dilemma Diva. She’s our budgets new best friend and
the reason you won’t be embarrassed by lame snacks and party decorations on
your big day. Your welcome birthday boy. I bet didn’t
think you find all of this at Dollar Tree right? Dollar Tree. What will you find?

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